Top 5 Compelling Use Cases of Tokenization

While launching any token-related business, there are a few things to consider. Use cases of Tokenization are one of them. However, as an entrepreneur, you'll need to grasp the benefits of your business as well as the workflow before implementing it.

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Top 5 Compelling Use Cases of Tokenization


While launching any token-related business, there are a few things to consider. Use cases of Tokenization are one of them. However, as an entrepreneur, you'll need to grasp the benefits of your business as well as the workflow before implementing it. 

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What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of transforming sensitive data into nonsensitive "tokens" that can be used in a database or internal system without exposing it to the public.

Although the tokens are unrelated values, they retain certain properties of the original data, such as length and format, allowing them to be used without interruption in business operations. After then, the original sensitive data is safely stored outside of the company's systems.

How Does The Tokenization Process Work?

The process of tokenization involves the following: Merchants, card networks, issuers, acquirers, customers, and token requestors are all involved in 

The actual customer credit card details are replaced with an alphanumeric code or tokens using an algorithm throughout the tokenization process. You will not be able to access the original data using the generated code.

From making a credit card purchase through the end of the payment procedure, just follow the below steps,

  • The customer uses the credit card information to make a card purchase.

  • The tokenization system receives sensitive card information.

  • Where the tokens (random codes) are generated and the actual card data is changed.

  • The correlation is safely kept in a separate data vault on the cloud.

  • Payments are processed using the produced tokens, which reflect the actual card in the system. These tokens are also utilized for recurring transactions in the future.

Benefits of Tokenization

Listed below are the benefits of Tokenization,

1. Aids In The Development Of Customer Trust

One of the most essential advantages of payment tokenization, as previously said, is security, which aids companies in establishing trust with their consumers. By not storing any of your clients' actual financial information, tokenization allows them to trust that you're protecting their data.

2. Enhanced Internal Security

Improved internal security is another advantage of tokenization. Companies secure both external and internal protection, including employees and other people related to their company, as the token is nearly unreadable by anybody save the payment processor.

3. Allows For Recurring Payments

For businesses, one of the most significant advantages of tokenization is that it allows them to accept recurring payments and alternative payment methods in a secure manner.

4. Maintain Compliance

PCI DSS compliance is necessary if your business keeps and accepts credit card information. While it may appear simple, most businesses find that achieving these data security requirements takes time and money. Because a payment tokenization provider should already be compliant, you can shift a lot of this continuing obligation to them.

5. Reduced Risk

If your business experiences a data breach and is in possession of customer financial information, you could be held liable and face legal action. Tokenization enables you to keep customer information in a secure manner for both you and your customers.

Use cases of Tokenization

Here comes a brief explanation of the use cases of Tokenization, 

1. Tokenization of Real Estate Assets

In order to make a sale easier, people have started to tokenize their assets in recent years. Real estate tokenization is the best example of asset tokenization. Real Estate Tokenization is the act of establishing tokens on the blockchain and assigning them to users to represent the user's ownership of an existing real estate property. This approach eliminates the need for paper documentation in property transactions and allows buyers and sellers to conduct deals using digital tokens. This shortens the time it takes to complete a real estate deal.

2. Tokenization for Art and Music

Tokens have become more popular among digital content makers and artists. The act of tokenizing artwork or music can help the original artist in obtaining effective confirmation of ownership over the item, as well as allowing them to promote their work online rather than pursuing a lengthy traditional approach. Along with art and music, NFT tokens can also be used to tokenize gaming assets, resulting in high demand for NFT token development services from a variety of digital content providers and artists.

3. Crowdfunding Tokenization

The ICO is a great illustration of how Tokenization can be used in crowdfunding. Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are a popular way for bitcoin entrepreneurs to generate funds. The fundamental advantage of ICOs is that they allow for direct communication between companies and investors, with no middlemen involved in the capital-raising process.

4. Tokenization of Precious Metals

Gold has maintained its status as a desirable asset and investment vehicle for many decades. Moving and storing gold, on the other hand, would present many challenges. Furthermore, national banks as reserve assets or brokers functioning as representatives of the only parties who can sell gold directly to average investors possess a large portion of the global supply of gold.

Because of the unusually liquid nature of the precious metals market, use cases for tokenization for precious metals such as gold are valid. Larger corporate companies could explore resolving bilateral agreements in liquid markets while fostering information asymmetries and price discovery limits.

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