Cointool App Clone Script - To Create Token Generator Platform Like Cointool

Developcoins provides the best Cointool app clone script that let you create your BEP20 tokens without any coding language.

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Cointool App Clone Script - To Create Token Generator Platform Like Cointool

Cointool App Clone Script

Cointool App Clone Script - is a ready-to-launch token generator platform clone script for generating ERC20 and BEP20 crypto tokens that let anyone to launch next-gen token generator platform like Cointool app. This cointool app clone script can assist the end-users to create ERC20 tokens and create BEP20 tokens in less than a minute. The cointool app clone script of Developcoins comes with the individual dashboard to maintain tokens, Gas price calculation, develop tokens locker and more. 

Our Cointool App Clone Script is 100% customizable and comprises all the precise features and functionalities of as like cointoolapp. Wanna experience the highest ROI for your crypto business? 

Overview Of Cointool App

Cointool.App is a token generator platform that is utilized to create a BEP20 token as well as an ERC20 token. The tempting feature of this Cointool.App is, it let to create Initial DEX Offering (IDO) token. Besides, the Token Locker feature is used, where token or liquidity is locked, to ensure and encourage the investors.  Thus, its beneficial feature and advantage tempts the entrepreneurs to seek the best  Cointool.App clone script solutions provider.

Benefits of Cointool App Clone Script

The benefits of cointool app clone are as follows

  • Not requires any programming skills

  • Complete ownership of generated crypto tokens

  • Ease, fast and convenient

  • Custom token name, symbol, and initial supply

  • Role-based access

  • Availability of token recovery option

  • Instant verification on published contract source code

It is evident that launching a BEP20 token generator platform is no more complex with us. The easiest way to grab more about the cryptocurrency development process is to create your own virtual coin. Besides, it is quiet simple to launch your own BEP20 token generator platform instantly.

Well, let us discuss more in detail on how to create tokens on the cointool app like token geneator platform.

How To Create Tokens On The Cointool App Like Token Generator Platform?

In this topic, you can grab in detail on how the tokens are created in the token generator platform. As well, the tokens created in this platform along with the smart contract and it can be easily deployed, Capped, Mintable and Burnable.

Before stepping into the token creation process, let us discuss the above-mentioned things.

What is Capped?

You will not have the option to generate a greater number of tokens than the defined token cap. This guarantees individuals that you will not generate a bigger number of tokens than declared.

What is Mintable?

You will actually want to generate tokens by minting them. The token owner will be able to mint. You can likewise disable minting in the event that you would prefer not to generate tokens any longer.

What is Burnable?

Your Token can be burnt. It implies that you can decide to reduce the circulating supply by destroying a portion of your tokens.

The token creation steps are as follows. 

1)  Install MetaMask Wallet

Initially install the metamask wallet or any other wallets like,

  • Trust Wallet

  • imToken

  • Coinbase Wallet

  • Tokenpocket

  • WalletConnect

and create an account in the wallet then connect with it.

2)  Enter Token Below Details

Select the Token which you desire to create and start to provide the details,

  • Choose a name for your token.

  • Choose a symbol for your token

  • Insert the decimal precision of your token.

  • Insert the initial number of tokens(Initial Supply)

  • Insert the maximum number of tokens(Total Supply)

  • Choose your Token config like Burn, Mint, Pause, Blacklist, Deflation.

3) Deploy the Token

Once fill out the form then put confirm and Verify your transaction using MetaMask wallet. Once delivered your Crypto Token is ready to use.
Finally, your token will be generated as well as your requirements. You can use the BEP20, ERC20 token and Wallet worldwide.

4) IDO/ICO Token

After Token creation, the tokens can also be used for ICO or IDO purposes if the platform user wishes to have one along with the created token.

5) Token Locker

This is one of the upcoming famous features, it aid to keep the token or liquidity lock, just to ensure the token safety as well as to encourage the investors.

Stunning Features Of Our Cointool App Clone Script

Through availing our cointool app clone solutions, one can avail the below-mentioned benefits. 

  • Market Insights

  • Gas price list

  • DeFi Apps

  • Batch Balance

  • Easy Token Presale

  • Generated Vanity Addresses

  • Multilingual

  • Token MultiSender

Proceed further to grab the features included in our cointool app clone script for various token categories.

For Ethereum

ETH Token MultiSender
ETH Bulk Collect
Create ERC20 Token
ETH Batch Wallet Generate
ETH Batch Balance
ETH chain record
Eth Unit Converter
Vanity Eth
Gas Prcie Last
ETH Token Allowance Checker
ERC20 Token Holder Scan


BTC Batch Balance
BTC Unit Converter
BTC Address Generator

For BNB 

BNB Batch Wallet Generate
BNB Batch Balance
BSC Batch Wallet Generate
BSC Batch Balance
Create BEP20 Token
BSC Token MultiSender
BSC Bulk Collect
BSC Token Allowance Checker


Create TRC20 Token
TRX Batch Wallet Generate
TRX Batch Balance
TRX Token MultiSender
TRX Bulk Collect
TRON Token Allowance Checker

Why Choose Develpcoins for Token Generator Platform like cointool app?

Developcoins, a leading Token Development company offers end-to-end token creation services on any blockchain platform as per the client’s requirement and crossed thousands of happy client throughout the world. This has tempted us to extend our service to provide Token Generator Platform services too.

For Startups and entrepreneurs who are wishing to start a token creation platform like cointool app, We provide the best Cointool App Clone Script that lets you start your token creation platform instantly. Have a look  below for our service highlights

  • 24/7 Technical support

  • Skillful blockchain developers

  • Multiple token standards

  • Increased security

  • Quality assessment

  • Advanced features

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