Olympus DAO Clone Script

To launch your DeFi based Exchange Platform like Olympus DAO Instantly with advanced features and Functionalities.

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Olympus DAO Clone Script

Olympus DAO Clone Script


Olympus DAO Clone Script is a DeFi-based Exchange script that is programmed to work exactly like Olympus DAO. With this well-crafted clone script, one may quickly create a DeFi that adheres to strict security requirements. Developcoins, as the most experienced DeFi Exchange Development Company in the field, offers top-notch DeFi Development Services on any Blockchain network.


Significance of Olympus DAO Clone Development 


Olympus DAO is a DeFi-based blockchain initiative founded by Zeus in 2021.

It has a significant strategy for its native token, OHM. Although the majority of stable coins are backed by the US dollar, the dollar is controlled by US territory. Olympus DAO seeks to break free from all constraints and create a token value that supports its own treasury.


Olympus DAO adds a new dimension to decentralized finance and stable currency. There is no difference if you consider it solely as a Platform. However, the factors that influence Olympus DAO's operation have a significant impact on the DeFi ecosystem.


Specifications of Olympus DAO Clone


  • Script Type - Decentralized finance clone script

  • Blockchain Network - Any preferred Network

  • Issuance blockchain - Ethereum

  • Version - Version 1.0

  • Additional APIs - All Prime APIs (custom)

OHM - Tokenomics


  • The Price of one OHM - $214.91 (At the time of writing)

  • Total supply - 6.90 million OHM

  • The Circulating supply - 6.86 million OHM

Essential Information of OHM 


OHM is not a stable cryptocurrency backed by a digital asset's algorithmic reserve currency.

The value of OHM might fluctuate like gold; it is constructed in such a way that the crypto market determines the token's value.


Many people desire to establish their own DeFi-based exchange like Olympus DAO, and Developcoins, as the top crypto solutions supplier, offers a well-developed Olympus DAO Clone Script that allows them to do so quickly.


Exclusive Features of Olympus DAO Clone Script 


  • Staking

  • Voting

  • IFO

  • Lottery

  • Bonding

  • Crypto Wallet Integration 

  • Switching

  • Farming

  • Liquidity Pools


Olympus DAO Fork Development


OlympusDAO's protocol-owned liquidity model has been an impetus for the DeFi 2.0 development, and its prosperity is rousing copycats. OlympusDAO's Success Inspires Dozens of Forks. A large number of forks of the OlympusDAO codebase have arisen. To the extent that the Olympus codes are open-sourced, anybody can clone the git repository and it is easy to build or duplicated and modified a comparative blockchain network. Wonderland is a fork of OlympusDAO (OHM) that uses the same bonding mechanism & key liquidity pairs like TIME-AVAX and TIME-MIM.

Here below list out,


Eight Trending Forks Of Olympus DAO


  • Snowbank (SB)

  • Hector DAO (HEC)

  • Spartacus (SPA)

  • Invictus (IN)

  • TaiChi DAO (TAC)Wonderland (TIME)

  • Klima DAO (KLIMA)

  • Rome DAO (ROME)


Let's Know How Olympus DAO Influences DeFi Ecosystem


Business professionals believe Olympus DAO's innovative strategy will have a significant impact on the DeFi ecosystem, and there are two compelling grounds for this belief.


The OHM Token has its own liquidity


Olympus DAO's native token is OHM Token, which they have acknowledged is not a stable coin supported by their liquidity mechanism. The price of the token rises in lockstep with the platform's increased liquidity. The platform owns the liquidity, which functions as a free token whose value is determined by the market.


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Liquidity is owned rather than Rented


Other Defi Platforms, such as Pancakeswap, Uniswap, and others, rely on their users to fund liquidity pools, and therefore must reward users more than they provide in order to keep them on the site. There is no guarantee of steady sustained liquidity there, but with Olympus DAO, the platform owns, rather than renting, all of the assets in the liquidity protocol. They give all investors with a collateral amount of OHM tokens, ensuring that the platform is not reliant on their traders in any way and that liquidity is guaranteed.


How Launching a Platform like Olympus DAO Benefits You?


Olympus DAO has established a new standard and adopted a new philosophy. Obviously, many more cryptopreneurs would have drawn up business plans to launch a platform like Olympus DAO, and the structure of OHM token is quite appealing and more likely to attract investors, so by launching a DeFi-based exchange like Olympus DAO, you will attract a diverse range of traders and investors, with a promising ROI. You will not be sorry for launching a platform like this at any point.


Why Choose Developcoins for Olympus DAO Clone Development


Developcoins is the exclusive DeFi Development Company that helps to launch your clone platforms like Olympus DAO with advanced features & functionality. Our significant experience in providing clients with business-specific solutions. We investigated Olympus DAO and created ready-to-use Olympus DAO Clone Script software to help you create an incredible Defi platform. We deliver your project On Time at an affordable cost. So Don’t wait create your Olympus DAO clone Instantly!


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