Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Forks | Hard Fork Vs Soft Fork

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Forks | Hard Fork Vs Soft Fork | Developcoins - Forking is a tech concept and crypto users are going wild for it. The fork is a software update which held to bring the new technologies in blockchain and when fork process in blockchain then its blockchain fork. The fork can also be done in cryptocurrency like bitcoin fork, coin fork, etc. Developcoins provide the best forking services with the aid of industry experts.


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Forks | Hard Fork Vs Soft Fork

Forking is one of the tech concept related to crypto and blockchain platform. For held when there is a split of chain in the same network. Most of the crypto users don’t have a clear idea about this forking concept and it is much better to hear it from industry experts.

So, this forking concept blog is explained by one of the well-experienced people from Developcoins, which is a Foremost Cryptocurrency Development Company.

Lets we can enter to topic…

Table of the Content

  •  What is Fork?
  •  Types of Fork?
  •  Hard Fork
  •  Soft Fork
  •  Hard fork vs Soft Fork
  •  Cryptocurrency Soft Fork & Hard Fork Explained
  •  Blockchain Soft Fork & Hard Fork Explained
  •  Why us?

What is Fork?

Fork can simply be referred to as upgradation, to overcome the existing drawbacks and add some beneficial attributes. Well, in the blockchain world fork occurs when there is a separation of the chain from the same network or same blockchain platform. To say a more clearly, when in a blockchain some blocks are upgraded and where some are not ready to follow the new rules then splits are occur. These Forks are held to revert the blockchain history, prevent from hackers and bugs plus so on.

On the fork, some blocks follow the old rules and some follow the new upgraded one. And this forking concept has two types with itself, lookout below…

Types of Fork

Fork concept is used to improve some of the traits like scalability, privacy and much more. While partition of blocks the forks can happen in two different types based on the willingness of blocks. They are,

  • Hard Fork
  • Soft Fork

These two types have their own methodology and it is explained deeply in upcoming concepts.

Hark Fork

Hard Forking occurs when there are permanent splits between them, in this, the old nodes does not accept the transaction, which happens with the new nodes. This leads to the creation of two different blockchain platforms, while one of them following the same old methodology and other is upgraded to a new version and follows the new rules.

The best example of this concept is the splitation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This concept is explained briefly under the topic of Cryptocurrency soft fork and a hard fork explained.

Soft Fork

When in the hard fork the nodes are separated and form into two different blockchain platforms in soft fork it doesn’t split meanwhile it also upgraded to the new code.

In a soft fork, the nodes are upgraded to a new version and yet the transaction of the new block is also approved by the old nodes. This point enhances the advantage of the soft fork by transaction history unaffected and remains the same, until the fork. These above statements prevent the split and the formation of two different blockchain platforms.

Hard fork vs Soft Fork

In a hard fork, the old block nodes do not approve new nodes transaction and result in a split of that blockchain. After that, new blocks remain in a new blockchain platform and follow newly made rules and old blockchain still follows the old rule without accepting updation codes.

In the soft fork, all nodes of blocks are updated with new software codes. The old nodes approve the new nodes transaction and there is no need for old blocks compulsory updation. The transaction history remains the same.

Cryptocurrency Soft Fork & Hard Fork Explained

When the blockchain splits, it reflects in the transaction and here comes cryptocurrency. During the time of forking, the transaction fee will be higher than optimal and not approve on time. And they propose increasing the block size to support the transaction which can reflect in the transaction and leads to result in hard folk.

To make it much more clear, lets we can go through an example of,

Real World Cryptocurrency Fork, Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

As said before at starting, the fork is means updation. In bitcoin there some drawbacks and lets we can discuss about one among them, that is blocksize. For example, when bitcoin blocksize is 1MB and can support only limited transactions. If we need to improve the transaction count then it obviously means that the blocksize needed to be improved.

During the improvement process, some nodes accept to increase the blocksize and some or not. At this clash, blockchain cash is formed in an upgraded format.

                                                                                                Image Reference:

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Blockchain Soft Fork & Hard Fork Explained

Forking mainly affects the blockchain by splitting the one blockchain platform into two. That is because, when some nodes are ready to follow the new rules and remaining nodes do not want to then it results in the formation of a new blockchain platform from it is parent one. The willing person, who likes to follow a new rule will become a new blockchain user and others remain with the old blockchain. 

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