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OTC Exchange Platform

We Offer secure, seamless, private and instant Exchange Platform For Cryptocurrency Trading across countries.


OTC Exchange Platform

In a decentralized market, there are various communication modes like email, telephone and proprietary electronic trading in which using it market participants trade and transact with one another. To organize the financial markets, there are two basic ways like an over-the-counter (OTC) market and an exchange market. In an OTC market, dealers by quoting prices act as market-makers and they will buy and sell a currency, security and other financial products. In general, a trade happens between two participants in an OTC market without by making others unaware of the quoting price in which transaction was completed. In general, OTC markets are less transparent than exchanges that subject to fewer regulations.


OTC Exchange Development Company

Developcoins is a capital market infrastructure company practicing proprietary blockchain technology for eliminating the traditional intermediaries need, risk reducing, friction, trading cost and trust between trading counter parties, and so on. Our solution provides chief brokerage services where they don’t exist, or where credit limits are restrictive. Trades take place as exchange of transparent and provable asset ledger atomically, permitting for settlements and instant clearing. We enhance and regenerate financial market trading infrastructure to deliver the P2P institutional-grade trading platform. Trading entities profit from pooled liquidity to multiple exchanges and liquidity providers, as well as the absolute tools suite to cover the complete life cycle of trade-to-settlement that comes with several required essentials of the OTC exchange platform.

Key Features of OTC Exchange Platform

Preferring OTC exchange platform may let the following benefits:



The scalability in nature is because of its modular architecture, highly scalable to handle multiple altcoins, simple integration of API layer with third parties, customizable specific features, regular upgrades and so on.


Ease for business

The OTC exchange platform makes business ease with its numerous beneficial that comes with automatic IP detection to display local crypto ads, know your customer (KYC) users, tracing funds, transaction reports, MIS reports and so on.



The usability with high flexible and reliable features that comes with responsive and clean user interface with intuitive dashboard, market depth chart and trade charts, user friendly navigation and trading process, and also custom themes by the UI/UX professionals.



The security trait in the OTC exchange platform comes with provision of secure transaction, two factor authentication, automating provisional wallet, dedicated wallet, and also decentralized ledger for the added security.



It is highly configurable for the sake of its astounding perks. It comes with granular user access control, managing platforms with admin console, configuration of multiple cryptocurrencies provision, configured and utilized commission with the smart contracts.


User Friendly Mining

The most facilitating feature of the stablecoin development is user friendly mining. Cloud-based mining ascertain that, miners do not demanding for the refined instrumentation to mine the gold backed or currency backed cryptos.

Benefits of Pro-OTC

Advantages of Pro-OTC designed by our expertise, to offers seamless and secure crypto trading


Crypto Coins in OTC Trading

We are expertise in integrating the following coin or any other cryptocurrency as per your choice

Why Choose Developcoins for OTC Exchange ?

As the technology itself is updating every day, it is important for entrepreneurs and enterprises to be updated with new business techniques, to sustain in this competitive world.

What Make Us Unique?

Developcoins has its unique pride for OTC exchange platform with futurist developers to provide you an absolute Cryptocoin and Altcoin development services, powered by blockchain technology. We offer an unconquerable and huge amount of much needed OTC exchange platform development services that build your own business for the protection of every transaction and to create a high efficient workflow. We have a dedicated team with skilled and adroit professionals who are well experienced to create and manage the flawless OTC exchange and render custom development service that comes with infinite benefits of the stablecoin that include creating, accessing, developing, managing and so on. Our experience in OTC exchange platform services enables us to provide you the best service services with groundbreaking traits, at the defined time.

Blockchain Application Development
Hire Us

We offer two types of hiring models for your stablecoin development project.

Hire ODC Team for Stablecoin Development
Hire ODC Team for Stablecoin Development

Strengthen your idea with our OTC exchange platform idea, as you hire a dedicated ODC team, enriched with in-depth knowledge on the futuristic tools and technologies. We will be a reliable partner in providing stablecoin development solutions for your business needs, by simplifying the stablecoin development process. Hire ODC team from us on the hourly/full-time basis, to stay ahead of your industry.

  • Direct access to Technical Resources
  • Permanent Hire Till the Project is Over
  • Flexible Office Hours Based On Timezone
  • Project-based long term outsourcing
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Daily / Weekly/Monthly Reporting Via Email
Hire Dedicated Stablecoin Developers
Hire Dedicated Stablecoin Developers

Our seasoned OTC exchange platform deploy your projects and provide reliable support for the entire process. We help all types of industry from start-ups to large enterprises, to achieve their business requirements by providing required OTC exchange platforms with attitude, skill & knowledge for hire.

  • Direct access to Technical Resources
  • Permanent Hire Till the Project is Over
  • Flexible Office Hours Based On Timezone
  • Project-based long term outsourcing
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Daily / Weekly/Monthly Reporting Via Email