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Zed Run Clone Script - Create A Digital Horse Racing Game Based On NFT like Zed Run!

Zed Run Clone Script is a ready-made & 100% bug-free NFT Marketplace website Script that allows you to create a Digital Horse Racing Platform like Zed Run on various blockchain platforms.

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Zed Run Clone Script - Create A Digital Horse Racing Game Based On NFT like Zed Run!

Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone Script is a ready-made NFT game clone script that assists in the development of a Digital Horse Racing Platform in which each horse is an NFT that you can purchase. The platform lets you breed, buy, and sell digital racehorses known as "Breathing NFTs," which each have their unique DNA.

Our ready-built solutions, such as the Zed Run Clone Script, have made launching your own blockchain-powered NFT game platform like ZedRun a breeze. As a top NFT game development company, Developcoins provides a unique Zed Run Clone Script that allows you to build a Digital Horse Racing Betting Game similar to Zed Run.

White label Zed Run Clone Software

White label Zed Run Clone software, you may create your own NFT Marketplace like Zed Run, where your NFTs (horses) compete for high returns. All of the features and advantages of the original Zed Run NFT game are included in this White Label Zed Run Marketplace Clone. Our White label Zed Run Clone Software is now market-ready, saving you time and money, and can be customized on-demand to meet your specific needs.

What Special in Zed Run Clone Script?

  • Having a lot of game components
  • A large rewards list of around 38000 Genesis Horses active reward slot holders is available on a long-run platform.
  • Approximately 900 horses are available for purchase.

Features of Zed Run Clone Script:

  • Making a Horse Mint
  • Mint must be paid for (Wallet connectivity)
  • Logic of Racing
  • Slot machines with racing themes
  • Reproduction
  • Metadata | Metaverse connectivity | Rarible | Resale in Opensea
  • NFTs' performance (The Horses)
  • NFT color variation

Primary Components of Zed Run Platform:

Attributes of zed run clone script:

The attribute contains information about the availability and rarity of horses, as well as the scarcity of their bloodlines and the zed environment.

Market place:

The marketplace is a location where in-game purchases can be listed for transactions.


It is the process of developing a new horse breed. Breeding is a method of improving a horse's performance so that it can win races.


After going through the breeding process, the digital horses will be ready to race other horses, and the racing components will save the horses' and races' data.

How To Create A Blockchain-Powered NFT Game Platform Like Zed.Run?

A leading NFT game development company, Developcoins is renowned for having the greatest professional team of NFT game developers who create world-class Blockchain Gaming Solutions. We've worked on a number of successful Blockchain gaming projects, demonstrating our expertise in blockchain and clone app creation.

We build NFT-based marketplace platforms and NFT-based clone games as the NFT craze increases and expands fast.

Similarly, we've created a Zed Run clone that will have similar features and functionality. We've added all of the latest features to the platform, making it more enticing to your users. We provide you with the possibility to personalize the Zed Run clone, taking into account shifting market trends and customer expectations.

Why Choose Developcoins For Zed Run Clone Script Development?

According to the search, the next year will be the most intensive in terms of the launch & development of NFT, compared with previous years. Many small to large industries are interesting to start their own NFT marketplace. There are many options for hiring a well-experienced team, but not all of them have an important skill set to implement a full-fledged NFT marketplace. This is where Developcoins will help you.

We are experts in the implementation and creation of NFT marketplaces like Rarible, Foundation, SuperRare, Decentraland, Binance NFT Marketplace, ZedRun, and more in various blockchain platforms. Our NFT game development team consists of a wide variety of talented designers, developers, and experts, all of them are well-knowledgeable in their field. We develop reliable NFT solutions to meet all customer needs in games, real estate, finance, e-commerce, exchange, personal branding, and more

Our experts have well-experience and know how to create a blockchain-powered NFT marketplace that meets the needs of your business. Our pool of experts who developing in NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts & NFT gaming platforms like Cryptokitties, Sorare, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Zed Run. We build your own NFT game platform on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, EOS, BSC, Tron, and Solana. 

Want to know more about Zed Run Clone Script? Or looking for a Zed Run Clone Script working process? Feel Free to Consult our experts via Telegram - Developcoins   Whatsapp - +91 9843555651

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