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Build A Blockchain-Powered NFT Gaming Platform Like Zed.Run

Zed Run, a virtual horse race platform, is built by Australia-based Virtually Human Studio. It is also referred to as "breathing NFTs" after its launch in early 2019. Being one of the first utility-based non-fungible token projects, Zed Run has grown naturally since its origin. Right today, horse racing is the most costly game on earth. Have you ever dreamed of owning a digital horse racing platform? If yes, then you now have an opportunity and tools to live that dream! And also this will bring a handful amount as profits.


Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone Script allows you to build a digital horse racing game platform instantly. Zed Run Clone Script helps you to launch your blockchain-based NFT game platform like ZedRun.


White Label Solutions

White Label Solutions for building a NFT gaming platform like Zed Run involves customization. The platform is 100% customizable according to your business needs.

What Is Zed Run Clone Script

ZED RUN Clone Script is a replication of the blockchain-powered digital horse racing platform ZED RUN. Our ZED RUN clone script encompasses all the features and functionalities of the exemplary ZED RUN platform. Our ZED RUN clone will help you instantly launch your own NFT Horse Racing Game just like Zed Run, where the users can breed, race, and sell their digital horses known as "Breathing NFTs," which each have their unique DNA.

Inbuilt Modules Of A Virtual Horse Racing NFT Platform Like Zed Run

Raise a stable of horses, bread the horse, and race against other horses in the race to win


The marketplace is one of the internal spaces of an NFT platform. It is a location where in-game properties can be purchased. Also, unique and different types of breeds can be listed for transactions.


It is the process of developing a new horse breed using other two horses to breed. The user can breed horses with their own stable and also can breed with horses available in the marketplace.


After going through the breeding process, the digital horses will be ready to race with other horses. Golden Race is the name for the horse's first race. Right after every win, the horses are upgraded to the next level.


The attribute contains information about the availability and rarity of horses, as well as the scarcity of their bloodlines, the zed environment, breed type, and many more.


Take Advantage Of The Splendid Features In Our Zed Run Clone Script











Take Horse Racing Virtual With Our Zed Run Clone

White Label Zed Run Clone Software Development

White label Zed Run Clone software, you may create your own NFT Marketplace like Zed Run, where your NFTs (horses) compete for high returns. All of the features and advantages of the original Zed Run NFT game are included in this White Label Zed Run Marketplace Clone. Our White label Zed Run Clone Software is now market-ready, saving you time and money, and can be customized on-demand to meet your specific needs. It powers cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3 technologies to bring out the same advantages similar to owning an original breed of horse in real life. Smart contracts are used to monitor the activities in the race. Join hands with us to launch a white-label zed run clone software.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Zed Run Clone Software?

A huge number of rewards are offered

A stable and lasting platform

Stuffed and rich gaming elements

1000+ horses for sale in our clone script

More than 30,000 unique horses are listed

Zed Run Clone Wallet - Modernized Digital Wallet For Lightening Fast Transaction

The ZED RUN wallet is your brand new partner that permits you to enter any race, breed, and buy racehorses at a super quick speed, without the gas or exchange charges

Benefits Of Zed Run Clone Wallet

Speeds Transaction By 10X
Speeds Transaction By 10X

Z-Wallet has improved transaction speed and loading times, making 1000+ hassle-free transactions per minute.

Improves Loading Times
Improves Loading Times

With optimized wallet algorithms and effective smart contracts, the loading time of the wallet is improved.

Less Gas Or Transaction Fees While Racing
Less Gas Or Transaction Fees While Racing

Z-Wallet has improved transaction speed and loading times, making 1000+ hassle-free transactions per minute.

Use Of Blockchain For Security & Safety
Use Of Blockchain For Security & Safety

Zed Wallet is built upon the Polygon blockchain that provides advanced safety and security to the transaction.

Understand The Work-Flow Of Our Zed Run Clone Script

Stable Creation

Firstly, the user creates a stable with a simple login process or creates an e-wallet account.

Breeding The Horses

The user after creating a stable, he/she starts breeding the racehorse for creating legacies

Racing The Horses

Right after breeding is completed, the user starts racing the horses with a big racing horse.

Become Zed Run Expert

The user can become a Zed Run expert by learning about the progression and the scarcity.

Stable Setup

With a better understanding of progression & scarcity, the user raises a stable of various stock.

Purchase New Horses

The users can now purchase racing horses available in the marketplace.

Secure Payment

After the purchase, the user should confirm payment and transaction.

The horse Appears In The Stable

Finally, after the successful payment, the racing horse will come to light on the stable page.

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