What is Minter Network (BIP)? and How To Create a Own Cryptocurrency On Minter Blockchain Network?

What is Minter Network? & How to create a new cryptocurrency using Minter Blockchain Network? A Step by step startup guide for beginners! Minter is a blockchain network that allows you to create own cryptocurrency with advanced technology.


What is Minter Network (BIP)? and How To Create a Own Cryptocurrency On Minter Blockchain Network?

We Developcoins, Leading Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development Company can help you in creating a crypto coin with an advanced Minter blockchain network that best suits your business. Our cryptocurrency developers provide complete cryptocurrency-based business solutions and always find the smart way to create your own cryptocurrency with the advanced blockchain network.

If you are new to Minter Blockchain Network then this beginner's guide should help point you in all the right directions while making you aware of this advanced technology.

In this starter’s guide you’ll learn:

  • What is Minter Network?
  • What are the Benefits of Using Minter Network?
  • What is blockchain Instant Payment (BIP)?
  • What is Minter Application (MApps)?
  • What is Telegram Open Network (TON)?
  • What is MBank?
  • How to build new cryptocurrency using Minter Blockchain Network?

Let’s start,

As announced by News BTC, Minter Network is in the process of launching a project that will take the cryptocurrency industry to the next level of success.

What is Minter Network?

"Minter is a blockchain network that lets people, projects, and companies create and manage their own coins and exchange them at a fair price with absolute and instant liquidity."

Minter is a next-generation currency that allows users to build their own coin and set its price. The coin created can be transferred and/or exchanged for other coins immediately and unlimited. Minter network allows the creation of coins that are for use regularly, coins that are quickly transferable and give value providers the ability to be their own banks.

The Minter blockchain itself is developed with the Tendermint Consensus Engine inside, the technology behind Cosmos Network that makes Minter network undoubtedly suitable with many ongoing and upcoming projects of this promising ecosystem.

The distributed ledger or blockchain technologies change the way people interact with one another, while the Peer-to-peer (P2P) economy is just at the point of the new era of specific money, where everyone has something to offer. Absolute and instant liquidity is the key competitive advantage of cryptocurrencies run with Minter, as users can buy, sell, and swap coins in seconds without the need for exchanges.

Created with very simple and robust API, the Minter blockchain can support lots of client-side apps developed with SDK, for example, iOS/Android wallets, Chrome extensions, desktop, and mobile web applications.

Features of Minter Network:

  • Entire transactions are processed every five seconds
  • All type of coins can be exchanged for one another and also for Bitcoin, Ether, and USD
  • Everybody can create their own coin and set its price on their own wish
  • The DPoS consensus algorithm establishes high reliability, which means both validators and delegators will profit from maintaining the network
  • Thousands of transactions per second without delays or additional confirmations needed
  • An extensive choice of applications, ranging from wallets and the console to full-fledged cryptocurrency exchanges and other exchange services
  • Full documentation and open-source software
  • A large community of users and developers
  • Transaction fees below $0.01

Minter Blockchain Network comes with many unique features that can benefit companies in multiple ways.

Some of the unique features are:

* Transparency and Stability
* Decentralized Business Model
* Data Integrity
* Elimination of Third Party or Middleman
* Enhanced High-end Security & more….

Minter Network Launched The Next-Generation Cryptocurrencies - BIP

The native token of the Minter Network is called BIP, which stands for Blockchain Instant Payment.

The Minter Network will fulfill the real-world need for a fast, efficient, and dependable medium of cryptocurrency exchange.

To reach that goal, the Minter Network will create a new cryptocurrency, BIP and coin minting. These advanced Cryptocurrencies will give content creators, local businesses, and community leaders a chance to issue their own BIP backed coins to clients actively.

At any time, every BIP coin generated will have a unique value and all users in the blockchain ecosystem will be able to exchange it for other Cryptocurrencies that will be issued inside the Minter Network. As specified earlier, it will also able to exchange the coins with other major and globally accepted Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Minter team of developers are developing a structure that will simplify the exchange of Minter Network-based coins and BIP Token for conventional fiat currencies such as USD and Euro. Established sources from the company announced that transactions will be done in less than 5 seconds and users will benefit from low transaction fees, less than 0.01 USD. 

"Unlimited and instant liquidity are other key benefits and highlights of this unique blockchain network"

Minter Apps (MApps)

Minter apps (MApps) are applications developed for the Minter network. MApp is integrated into a mobile app or a website. It will let users sign transactions, create, and recreate coins among other outstanding features. Minter will enhance common trends with unique features such as open and permissionless networks, transactions that are fast, and the creation of coins.

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Minter Network with TON :

"TON which stands for Telegram Open Network. The First Blockchain Project to Integrate with Telegram Open Network (TON)."

Minter Network team announce the integration with TON as Minter’s primary target for the year 2019. And they have already come a long way. Minter emerged thanks to DeCenter, the biggest Telegram community covering the business of cryptocurrencies. Thousands of people help minter network team to improve their product and find the best solutions. 

Minter did also become the first-ever blockchain project to fully switch to Telegram Passport in managing its KYC procedure. They will also hold the largest airdrop on Telegram—users will receive BIPs and Minter-based coins worth almost 1,000 BTC.

Below is a step-by-step approach they will take in 2019 to integrate Minter with TON:

  • Transfer of Any Minter-Issued Coin to TON
  • Telegram Open Network’s smart contracts
  • TON’s Decentralized Username Registration
  • TON Storage for User Data
  • TON for Micropayments
  • Exchange of Coins

See more: Minter Network with TON

What is MBank?

Minter network will introduce an additional option to the users to buy BIPs offered by the validators via the Validators’ Decentralized Bank (MBank) to make trades as stable as available. 

Traders or users will be able to exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum for BIP by instantly sending one of the world's two largest Cryptocurrencies to the MBank’s address, having their order filled in the cheap-to-expensive order.

Minter Network allows network participants to exchange BIPs and other coins of their own network for fiat currencies through MBank so that they could purchase goods and services in a familiar environment — using debit/credit cards, cash, or electronic systems like Apple/Android Pay.

Ref - Minter Team

How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Using Minter Blockchain Network?

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