NFT Fashion Marketplace Development - A Lucrative Invasion Into Fashion Industry

Build your own NFT Fashion Marketplace platform with Developcoins to offer a seamless trading of unique clothing and extensive fashion accessories.

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NFT Fashion Marketplace Development - A Lucrative Invasion Into Fashion Industry

Nowadays, the world is going crazy over digitizing almost anything. This obsession has now entered into the fashion industry with the assistance of NFTs. This blog will let you know all about NFTs in Fashion industry and how profitable is an NFT Fashion Marketplace platform.

What is Fashion NFT?

NFTs are unique digital tokens that are used to represent the ownership of digital assets such as image, video, real estate, artwork. 

When it comes to Fashion NFTs, it can be in many forms or shapes but with a prime objective to represent a virtual garment that can be worn by the users in a specific virtual space.

How Does NFT Fashion Marketplace Platform Works?

The working mechanism of NFT Fashion Marketplace platform is similar to the regular NFT Marketplaces, yet this platform is exclusively for fashion designers where the platform users can buy, sell and trade clothing, accessories and any types of NFT wearable. Leveraging the NFTs and web 3.0, to its fullest, the users can try on their desired clothes virtually and the owner of the platform can even host an immersive digital Fashion parade. Thus induces the demand for fashion NFTs among the customers.

Top NFT-Based Fashion Marketplaces

With the increasing craze for digitizing, many popular fashion brands benefited through their sales happened in an NFT Marketplace platform. The Top 5 brands in that list are mentioned below.

  • Nike 

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Jacob & Co

  • Ray-Ban

  • Gucci

  • Burberry

  • Bulgari

Fashion NFT Market Size

The demand for digitization leads to a rapid growth of NFT in the fashion industry. According to some experts, this growth rate of Fashion NFTs could reach a worth of $56 Billion market before 2030. Below mentioned are some of the biggest revenue that has been made so far in the NFT-based fashion industry.

  • The Giant sports brand, Nike has released its first collection of NFT Sneakers and has made about $185 million through sales.

  • A popular Italian fashion brand has made a revenue of about $25 million by its sales made in Collezione Genesi, a biggest event in NFT Fashion history.

  • On this list, the popular brand Gucci has also made to the top luxury NFT brands with a revenue of about $11 million in its NFT sale.

Several other brands like Adidas, Tiffany & Co and many more have also made use of Fashion NFTs and generated revenues in million from their sales happened in various NFT Fashion Marketplace platforms.

Are NFTs The Future of Fashion Industry?

Since several industries like games, arts, real estate etc are has been took over by the NFT, fashion industry is no exception. As the fashion industry enters the virtual world, there comes an opportunity for the designers to expand their creativity without any limitations. With NFT being an aid to the fashion industry, the future holds a lot of benefits for both designers and the customers in many ways. Conceding that, Wear-To-Earn NFT concept has arrived to the market recently. This NFT Fashion based revenue model is currently booming among the NFT ethusiasts and fashion market.

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Fashion NFT Marketplace Development

As a leading NFT Marketplace development company, Developcoins has a vibrant team of developers who can help you in launching your own NFT-based Fashion Marketplace. Our finest NFT Fashion Marketplace development services comes with a wide range of functionalities that includes AR/VR support to enable the users can have an immersive shopping experience.

Features of Our NFT Fashion Marketplace Development

Below mentioned are the unique features that our NFT Fashion Marketplace platform offers.

  • AR/VR enabled purchase

  • Cross-chain functionality

  • Virtual fashion parade.

  • Instant listing

  • Attractive avatars

  • Secured NFT Wallet

Benefits of Our NFT Fashion Marketplace Development

Some of the major benefits of NFT Fashion Marketplace development are listed below.

  • No duplication over any clothing or wearable

  • Global exposure for unique clothing designs

  • Easy acquaintance with world-wide investors

  • Instant access to several exclusive accessories.

Wrapping Up:

After getting to know the above mentioned facts, you would have got a clarity on how lucrative it is to invest in NFT Fashion Marketplace development. You may either own a fashion brand or be an NFT enthusiast, it will be a wise choice to launch your own NFT Fashion Marketplace platform now. To benefit from this million-dollar revenue system, get in touch with the experts at Developcoins.

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