Move To Earn NFTs: Captivating a Simplest Way To Earn Crypto

Developcoins lets you explore in details about what is Move-To-Earn (M2E) NFTs and how does it transforms the Gaming and Fitness Industries.

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Move To Earn NFTs: Captivating a Simplest Way To Earn Crypto

The crypto space with endless possibilities surprises its users with new tech very often. In line with that, a next gen NFT tech called Move-to-earn NFT has become the latest craze among several NFT enthusiasts and crypto investors. In this blog, lets discuss in detail about this hot topic “Move To Earn NFTs”.

What is Move-To-Earn NFT?

The term ‘move-to-earn’ was first introduced by a Web3 lifestyle application called STEPN in the year 2021. The idea of Move-To-Earn or M2E platform is a new gaming strategy that aims to attract the users by giving them rewards in the form of NFTs for just simply moving around. This M2E concept works similar to play-to-earn platforms. Unlike in play-to-earn games, here the players can earn rewards just by walking, jogging, dancing, or by any other simple physical movements.

What Makes M2E NFTs Exciting?

So far NFTs are being considered as the biggest thing in the crypto world. The concept of play-to-earn NFT games is obviously a huge hit in 2021. In succession to that, this M2E platform has made the NFT industry even better. The idea of incentivizing any regular physical movements is the major reason for making this move-to-earn concept a big fuss. 

Top NFT M2E Platforms of 2022:

Below mentioned are the top Move-to-earn platforms.

  1. STEPN

  2. Genopets

  3. Dotmoovs 


STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle application that was built on Solana Blockchain which has several GameFi elements in it. The prime concept of this platform combines a play-to-earn game mechanism with a fitness application which created “move-to-earn” platform. Here the players can buy a sneaker in the form of NFT using which they can earn rewards for walking, jogging, dancing etc. The user of this platform will be rewarded with in-game currency for every physical movement that they poses.


This Genopets is an Move-To-Earn NFT game that similar to “Pokemon Go”. Here the players can mint NFT game characters and play with them virtually. In return to that, every player will be offered NFTs as rewards which can be traded or staked. This M2E platform has reached about $8M in a seed funding that took place recently.


Dotmoovs is a blockchain powered p2p competition platform that enables its users to monetize their sports skills using a simple video that was shot with their smartphone. This platform uses AI-driven algorithm and their own cryptocurrency along with some incredible collectibles in the form of NFTs to revolutionize the way that people look at sports performance. 

Some of the other popularizing M2E games are Step, OliveX, Dustland, Wirtual, Calo Runs and many more.

Future Scope of Move-To-Earn NFTs

In this digital era, the craze for gaming platforms never drops down. With today’s Move-To-Earn technology, apart from the entertainment factor the gamers can also earn for every game they play. Thus attracts a lot of gamers into the blockchain industry. Apart from the gaming industry, this concept of rewarding the users for each physical movement also benefits the fitness industry. This might attract many users from the fitness industry. While looking upon the possible rise in the number of blockchain users, there is a good chance for this M2E concept to rule the blockchain industry in the near future. This has made the Move-To-Earn NFTs a good investment option.

If you plan to get involved with this potential successful NFT tech, then reach out to get assistance from a professional NFT development company.

Move-To-Earn NFT Development

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