Stablecoin Development Company

Stablecoin development service of ours helps you create your desired stablecoin and make a fortune by empowering the world to avert the risk of crypto-volatility. Stable coins are the most sought-after business in the crypto world as it promotes better safety among crypto traders.

Launch your stablecoin and elevate your crypto business

Roughly around 5.8 million people use cryptocurrencies all around the world. However, every single crypto trader faces the risk of price fluctuation (or) volatility, every day. In 2014, bitcoin's price spiked from $444 to $612 in just a month. Thus, volatility is one of the reasons why retail stores refuse to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. This risk of losing out funds is sorted by the emerging stablecoins, which peg the value of any underlying asset (or) commodity to the cryptocurrency thus making it immune against heavy price fluctuations. This is considered a good medium for crypto traders to store funds and the best possible currency for common people to facilitate cross-border payments and other local transactions at a minimized cost. Considering all such impossible benefits, stablecoin is deemed to be the next big crypto business model.

Stablecoin development company, Developcoins having 7+ years of industry experience in providing robust stablecoin development solutions across 30+ countries using immutable blockchain technology. We provide futuristic stablecoin development services to help our clients increase their return of income. The organization's quick success is much attributed to its pool of cryptocurrency developers and blockchain architects.

From emerging start-ups to established enterprises, Developcoins has collaborated with every organization across various industries like e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, gaming, fin-tech, and a lot more.

Stablecoin Development Services

With our unparalleled stablecoin development services, we promise to create your stablecoin of superior performance that suits your business specific needs.

Fiat-backed Stablecoin Development

Fiat-backed Stablecoin Development

Create and peg your stablecoin to local fiat currencies through our fiat-backed stablecoin development services and help your global users bypass the dangers of unforeseen price fluctuations in the crypto market.

Crypto-backed Stablecoin Development

Crypto-backed Stablecoin Development

Crypto-backed stablecoin development service helps you promote higher liquidity with your own stablecoins where users would over-collateralize cryptocurrencies to borrow or earn your stablecoins for lending or staking respectively.

Commodity-backed Stablecoin Development

Commodity-backed Stablecoin Development

From gold, silver (or) diamond to real estate lands, tie your cryptocurrency with any tangible asset. Through our commodity-backed stablecoin development service, let your users secure their investments with complete stability.

Non-collateralized Stablecoin Development

Non-collateralized Stablecoin Development

Develop your non-collateralized stablecoins that conform with the Seigniorage Shares system, an algorithm that alters the coin volume based on the supply and demand through decentralized smart contracts.

Asset-backed Token Development

Asset-backed Token Development

Create asset-backed tokens that track the value of its underlying real world assets. Be it real estate, shares, diamonds (or) any other commodity, asset-backed tokens are users’ favorite as they offer optimum stability.

Token Distribution Platform Development

Token Distribution Platform Development

Traditional stablecoins fail because they just stay put after launch. Our token distribution platform development service aims at marketing your dream stablecoin globally through your exclusive ICO, MLM (or) STO platforms.

How do Stablecoins Compound Your Revenue?

Here are the major modes through which stablecoins generate income for your business.

Transaction Fee

Though users shift from the conventional cryptocurrencies, by using your stablecoins they are still levied a good deal of transaction fee for averting the danger of volatility and securing their investment.

Trading Volume

Once you launch your stablecoin and distribute it all over the world, your customer base tends to grow. As your customer base tends to grow, trading volume and fee increases. Thus, trading volumes boosts your revenue.

Cross-border Payments

Stablecoins’ target audience is common people (or) crypto traders who happened to be separated from their families and live in distant land. Since their trading volume is high, the income yielded is also high.

Currency Conversion Fee

No matter how much users trade between countries (or) continents, they tend to satisfy the objective of a stablecoin - to convert the coins into local currencies. Hence, currency conversion fee is also a part of your income.


As soon as you deploy your stablecoins and it begins to popularize in the crypto market, you are guaranteed to attract global investors. Through their investment and with support, your business can scale heights.


The ICO (or) MLM platform we create to distribute your stablecoin gains popularity and revenue as well in a short span of time. MLM has the opportunity to continue for life, thus you can earn lifelong income.

Scope of Stablecoins

Your future with stablecoins is bright, profitable, and stable.

Stablecoins in DeFi space

Presence of stablecoins in DeFi has been garnering attention of late due to the decentralized system of operations. Global players like MakerDAO and Synthetix exceed millions in market cap with algorithmic stablecoin functionality.

Billion-dollar market cap

In just three months, stablecoins’ market evaluation climbed up to $20 billion just in the nascent phase of cryptocurrencies. Imagine its explosive growth in the upcoming years!

Facebook’s Libra digital coin

Facebook’s native cryptocurrency, Libra, is all set to act as the medium of transactions within the social media network. Following Facebook, other social media networks would also unveil in the future.

JP Morgan’s stablecoin

JP Morgan is the world’s first bank to introduce its first stablecoin - JPM - to facilitate commercial payments. This is performed based on careful consideration of the future potential of blockchain technology.

Stablecoin Development Workflow

Analyze the various phases involved in developing your stablecoin.

Stablecoin Development Workflow

Supplementary Stablecoin Solutions

A list of other major perks you can enjoy only with us.

Stablecoin Consulting Services

Reach out to our blockchain consultants with your stablecoin development idea. They’ll help you out in strategizing your business model based on the current scenario in the crypto industry to boost and stabilize your revenue for the future.

Stablecoin Whitepaper Creation

A tier-1 white paper of professional standards has the ability to lure in investors and promote trust and confidence among your users. Developcoins’ content writing team specializes in crafting white paper that showcases your business model globally.

Smart Contract Development

Beyond coins, stablecoins can also be developed in the form of tokens that conform with the Ethereum based ERC-20 standards. Hence, we create your tokens that function on smart contracts without the intervention of any third party sources.

Stablecoin Marketing Solutions

Our stablecoin development solutions go one step ahead of the deployment phase to the marketing phase in which our digital marketing team helps you popularize your stablecoin in the global crypto market.

Develop your stablecoins on top blockchain networks

Select your desired blockchain platform to launch your stablecoin.

Why should you choose Developcoins for your stablecoin development?


Developcoins’ technically proficient pool of stablecoin developers possess 7+ years of experience in crypto industry projects.

Global clients

Have successfully collaborated with more than 600 clients across 130 countries in stablecoin development projects.

Off-shore hiring policy

You can hire our resources exclusively for your stablecoin development project to work with keen attention to detail.

Technical collaboration

Collaborate directly with the project manager assigned for your stablecoin development and keep tabs on your project.

Supplementary solutions

Beyond stablecoin development, developcoins assist in white paper creation and business consultation.

Marketing services

After launching your stablecoin, we build ICO (or) MLM platforms to distribute your coin, and also market by listing in other exchanges.

Stablecoin Development - Resource Hiring

Hire our resources and develop your stablecoin with utmost focus.

Hire ODC Team for Stablecoin Development
Hire ODC Team for Stablecoin Development

Strengthen your stablecoin development idea by hiring a dedicated ODC (offshore development centre) team and get access to world class technology. We are a reliable partner in delivering cutting-edge solutions for all your business needs by simplifying the development process. Hire an enthusiastic blockchain ODC team from us on an hourly or full time basis, to build scalable and high-quality blockchain applications and stand out from the crowd.

  • Direct access to Technical Resources
  • Permanent Hire Till the Project is Over
  • Flexible Office Hours Based On Timezone
  • Project-based long term outsourcing
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Daily / Weekly/Monthly Reporting Via Email
Hire a Dedicated Stablecoin Developer
Hire a Dedicated Stablecoin Developer

Hire an individual expert from our pool of stablecoin and blockchain developers and deploy your stablecoin in the crypto industry. The chosen developer is guaranteed to provide reliable support throughout the entire process. We help all types of industry, from start-ups to large enterprises, in upgrading their business by letting them hire our resources.

  • Direct access to Technical Resources
  • Permanent Hire Till the Project is Over
  • Flexible Office Hours Based On Timezone
  • Project-based long term outsourcing
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Daily / Weekly/Monthly Reporting Via Email

FAQ About Our StableCoin Development Services


About Our FAQ About Our StableCoin Development Services

Questions & Answers

Stablecoins help you in generating revenue through the following ways.

  • Trading fee.
  • Trading volume.
  • Heavy cross-border transfer.
  • Currency conversion fee.
  • Investment from investors.
  • Stability against price fluctuation.
  • More liquidity in your platform.
  • Enlarged global customer base.
  • Effectively hedge risks.

In just three months, stable coins’ market evaluation climbed up to $20 billion just in the nascent phase of cryptocurrencies. Imagine its explosive growth in the upcoming years!

The time required to build a stablecoin depends on your requirements. Hence, it’s subjected to vary from one project to another.

Sure. From developers to digital marketing analysts, you can hire our resources exclusively for your stable coin development and marketing activities.