BC.Game Clone To Build Crypto Casino Game Like BC. Game

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BC.Game Clone To Build Crypto Casino Game Like BC. Game

There is no doubt that the Cryptocurrency has transformed several industries globally and this giant wave has also taken over the casino games. Now with Cryptos involved, the online casinos would reach new heights than ever before. This innovative solution has been made true by BC.Game, a blockchain game that brings the crypto world and online casinos together. 

Now let's have an overview on BC.Game and understand how to Create a Crypto Casino game similar to it. 

What is BC.Game?

BC.Game is a free-for-all crypto casino gaming platform that lets its users undergo the best online gambling experience. This decentralized casino was launched in 2017 by a renowned company, Media Games Malta Limited. 

Why BC.Game is in the Spotlight?

This Blockchain powered decentralized casino offers a wide range of live casinos such as: 

  1. Roulette games
  2. Classic dice games
  3. Spinning Wheel
  4. Black Jack 
  5. Poker and more. 

 Another major reason for this platform to become so popular among the gamers is that it accepts about 28 major cryptocurrencies that includes the top cryptocurrencies as follows.

  1. Bitcoin 
  2. Ethereum
  3. Tether
  4. Binance Coin

Since this platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies, the process of depositing and withdrawal has become more flexible for the users. Above all, this platform also possesses some unique selling points such as 

Special Rewards 

  1. Bonus Codes
  2. Reward Medals

Daily Lotteries

  1. Roll Competition
  2. Lucky Spin
  3. Cashback Faucet

Huge Bonus Points - for every deposit a user makes

  1. 1st Deposit Bonus – Upto 180% bonus
  2. 2nd Deposit Bonus – Upto 200% bonus
  3. 3rd Deposit Bonus – Upto 220% bonus
  4. 4th Deposit Bonus – Upto 240% bonus

Such features have made this crypto casino platform standout from a series of crypto gambling platforms and has acquired a strong fan base and having a successful run since its launch.

How To Create Crypto Casino Games Like BC.Game?

While looking upon the triumphant track record of BC.Game, several entrepreneurs and game enthusiasts are in pursuit of launching their own crypto casino platform like BC.Game. This desire has inspired several Blockchain game development solutions providers to come up with an optimal solution, BC.Game Clone Script. Using this clone solution, anyone can create their own Crypto Casino game similar to BC.Game instantly.

BC.Game Clone Development

Being a pioneer in the Blockchain game industry, Developcoins offers the best BC.Game Clone Script to help you launch your own casino game with extensive gaming genres.  With our expertise in developing games on Blockchain technology, we can help you build a casino platform that includes several popular casino games such as Poker, Slot Machine, BlackJack, Baccarat, Scratch Cards, Roulette and many more.

Special Features of BC.Game Clone

Multi-Currency Support - The crypto casino built using our clone solution will support extensive cryptocurrencies that will enable quick transactions.
Extensive Game Genres - With our expertise in the Blockchain games, we can add a wide range of gaming genres that will make the user experience more intriguing.
Engaging UI/UX - Our proficient developers are capable of coming up with an alluring UI/UX design that delivers a unique gaming experience for all the users.
Special Bonuses - The clone solution we provide includes Players receive an Ability Bonus (spending power), Daily Bonus, Lucky Prize (awarded to 6 active players), and Maximum Bonus. 
Cross-Chain Facility - Our casino platform comes with an interoperability feature that will help the users to access their in-game assets and rewards on a wide range of blockchain technologies.
Highly Secured - Since the gambling platform we build is powered by Blockchain technology, it comes with hi-tech security feature and every transactions here are transparent and completely traceable.

Why Build Your Own Crypto Casino Games Like BC.Game With Developcoins?

Being a professional Blockchain Game Development Company, our expert developers can build your own Crypto Casino Game like BC.Game with several customizable features as you desire. With our unique game development solutions you can easily attract both the gamers and crypto traders in huge numbers. Get in touch with our experts now and acquire a special place in the Crypto Casino gaming industry. 

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