TinyHero Clone Script - To Launch Play-To-Earn NFT Game like TinyHero On Polygon

To Launch your ready-made P2E NFT Game Clone like TinyHero on the Polygon blockchain network.

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TinyHero Clone Script - To Launch Play-To-Earn NFT Game like TinyHero On Polygon

TinyHero Clone Script

TinyHero Clone Script is provided by Developcoins to start an NFT game and a marketplace platform similar to TinyHero. Tiny Hero Clone Software from Developcoins will help you earn more cryptocurrencies with this NFT game you play online since NFTs and markets are becoming increasingly popular for easy money these days. With our TinyHero Clone Script, we'll help you build a strong NFT Marketplace Gaming platform that meets your business needs.

Tiny Hero is Polygon's first player versus environment and player-to-player NFT game, complete with auto reflection and claim protocol. On the blockchain, TinyHero also supports real-time player vs player games. Tikitoken and Safemoon, which increase awareness about the benefits of rewards, have influenced the game Tiny Hero.

TinyHero Clone Script Development

In this script, TinyHero is a game in which you can form a powerful squad to fight other players. Because this is the first-ever P2E game with the Auto claim and Auto Reflect protocol, this involved gaming will reward you TINY! Because $TINY is the largest MATIC token on the Polygon, the Tinyhero game uses a module wait and a unique auto-claim feature. This game is based on Safemoon and Tikitoken, and it emphasizes HODL and RFI as special higher-level rewards.

How to Create an NFT Game like TinyHero?

The gaming industry's business models will be impacted by new business models such as play-to-earn. Many individuals feel that NFT will be the key to making blockchain accessible to the general public. Polygon has also set up a $100 million gaming fund to assist developers in integrating Web 2.0 games with Web 3.0 decentralized technology. We definitely want to be a part of it as it grows.

The mechanism works for holders in the following way: if you buy TINY tokens and keep them, you will receive $MATIC in your wallet every 60 minutes. The number of TINY tokens you have will remain unchanged.

Features of Our TinyHero Clone Script

4 % redistribution 

On every buy/sell, a percentage of 4 is removed from all TINY holders and redistributed in MATIC. (Hold Tiny - EARN MATIC) (with a minimum of 50,000 tokens). 

60 Minute AutoPay

Relax and Earn since the issue with the Earned MATIC claiming process has been resolved thanks to an automatic structure that pays you every 60 minutes directly to your wallet.

4% Auto LP 

In order to maintain price stability, Polydex converts 4 percent of each transaction into liquidity.

TinyHero Treasury 

A portion of the fund gathered as a percentage of each transaction is allotted to TinyHero in MATIC and dispersed to the players.

Keep high trade volume 

Maintain a high transaction volume to ensure that you are paid every 60 minutes and avoid no payouts.


Strength heroes are powerful combatants who can withstand more damage than other heroes. 


Intelligence heroes are masters of spells and abilities. They have far larger mana pools and regenerate mana faster than other heroes.

Why Choose Developcoins for NFT Gaming Platform that Looks like TinyHero ?

Developcoins, the leading industry in Blockchain Application Development, has racked up a long list of accolades as the top NFT Game Development Company. With our TinyHero Clone Script, we will assist you in developing a comprehensive NFT Gaming platform that meets your business needs. We are available to develop personalized features of your requirements.

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The term Tiny hero is entirely used only for marketing purposes, and we are not connected with any of the mentioned companies in any phase. Our product's source code and design are wholly owned by us. We are not utilizing any of their copyrighted materials.

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