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If you’ve been crypto-curious you’ve probably overheard people talking about ERC-20 Token Generator. In case you’re still wondering what that is or why it is important, we’re here to explain a light on the topic.

Table of the content:

  • What is the definition of the ERC-20 token generator?
  • What is the purpose of the ERC-20 token generator?
  • How ERC-20 token generator platform works?
  • Where to build the ERC-20 token generator platform?

What is the ERC-20 token generator?

ERC-20 token generator is nothing but it's instant token generator platform, it allows you to create your own token instantly without coding. Before we are entering the topic just clarify yourself like "How to create your own Ethereum token?" 

Most of the peoples are wanted to create their own token for fun, to learn, or for a business that they’re creating but they don’t know how to start..The challenge with coding in the Ethereum blockchain network is that there aren’t a ton of resources out there for how to do things. Here I will explain in simple steps how to create your own token on the Ethereum platform?

Step 1: Decide what you want your token to be - In order to create an ERC20 token, you need the following:

  • The Token’s Name
  • The Token’s Symbol
  • The Token’s Decimal Places
  • The Number of Tokens in Circulation

Step 2: Code of the Contract
Step 3: Test The Token on The TestNet & Watch The Custom Token
Step 4: Verify the Source Code
Step 5: Get it on The Main Net
Step 6: Get it Verified on Etherscan

To create a token is not a simple thing, but you need to learn Solidity, you need to set up your own environment and code and deploy your token using an Ethereum network... We are all well known about how Solidity is important? Solidity programming requires thought and understanding of various data types, structures, and understanding the technology that programming languages were built to serve. So before you create your tokens you must consult with Solidity developers or consult with the right token development company who are offering complete token creation services and solutions. 

Ok, Let's come to the topic!

So if you are struggling to create your token then the ERC20 token generator platform is the best option for you. Yes, you can create secure, highly utilized ERC20 tokens with help of token generators and it is a profound understanding of combined multi-strong effects that is essential for token creation.

The major challenge is to create a token is to optimize the source codes and environmental requirements but with the help of the ERC-20 token generator, you will able to create your ERC20 token in less than a minute. 

Benefits of ERC-20 token generator:

ERC20 Token Development Made Easy - You don't need to be a developer to build ERC20 tokens. Just use the ERC20 Token Generator Platform. We develop an ERC20 token generator platform that creates instant tokens for you. ERC-20 token generator platform that doesn't require in-depth knowledge.

Token Development Speed is Everything - Whether you're looking to develop the tokens for your ICO's & other businesses, the ERC-20 token generator platform built you tokens without delay.

The ERC20 token generator helps to create tokens for various business scenarios. It builds the tokens around a business concept in different directions, providing stimulating solutions that will further strengthen the concept. To use the ERC20 token generator effectively, the starting point should be clearly laid out about token.

A simple explanation of how the ERC-20 token generator platform works? 

See 4 simple steps for how the ERC20 token generator platform has works to provide secure and reliable ERC20 token instantly...

Below the requested information required when you are creating your own ERC20 token:

STEP 1 - First you must select whether you are looking to develop your token on fixed supply or mintable basis...

If you are choosing the fixed supply ERC20 token then it contains a set of features which includes 

  • Total supply set at token development
  • Get 100% ownership of generated ERC20 tokens
  • Custom token name, symbol, and an initial supply
  • No coding skills required
  • Verified and published contract source code
  • Industry-standard token accepted by most exchanges 

Otherwise, if you are choosing the Mintable ERC20 token section it contains:

  • Add new tokens to supply at any time & anywhere
  • Get 100% ownership of generated ERC20 tokens
  • Custom token name, symbol, and an initial supply
  • No coding skills required
  • Verified and published contract source code
  • Industry-standard token accepted by most exchanges

STEP 2 - Enter your preferred token name and symbol. Insert also decimals (as said usually this is 18).


STEP 3 - Then enter token initial balance (the initial number of tokens to be generated in your wallet). Select to enable transfer during deploy or enable it manually later. You can choose the Network where do you want to create your token.

STEP 4 - Confirm your payment transaction and then wait for your token to be created.

Where to build ERC-20 token generator platform?

Best ERC20 token generator platform that helps you to create advanced and secure tokens. If you have an idea to develop your own ERC-20 token generator platform? then you have reached the right ERC-20 token generator development company to create your own ERC-20 token generator platform securely and easily.

Developcoins is an expert in ERC-20 token generator Platform development!

About Developcoins:

As a leading ERC-20 token generator development company, Developcoins provides complete ERC-20 token generator development services and solutions. We have all set of desired token developers with in-depth domain knowledge and rich experience, who provides Incredible development solutions to begin your crypto business journey. Whether you want to build your ERC-20 token generator platform from scratch or to leverage ERC-20 token generator development solutions, we can help and assist you. We provide customized ERC20 token development solutions to help you accomplish your business goals and make a way for your long term success.

Outstanding Features of ERC-20 Token Generator Platform includes:

  • Easy to Use
  • Totally Secure
  • Fully Responsive
  • No Using Limits
  • Frequent Updates & more

Why Choose Developcoins For Your ERC-20 Token Generator Development Services?

As the latest technology itself is updating day by day, it is important for startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to be updated with new business techniques, to sustain in this competitive world. Developcoins takes pride in being a leading ERC-20 Token Generator Development company with futuristic developers to give you a complete token generator development services and solutions.

  • We have made sure about the security glitches while coding the ERC-20 token generator, so you will never face any security issues with the token generator. 
  • We had to make sure about the responsiveness of the ERC-20 Token generator, you can use the generator in any device you want and build tokens.
  • Our experience in ERC-20 token generator development services enables us to cater to ERC-20 token generator services with groundbreaking features, at the defined time.

Do you require an ERC-20 token generator platform to be developed from scratch?

We’re a bunch of developers who provide the best solutions to your dream project and would love to provide end-to-end development services from scratch. 

Build your Own ERC20 Token Generator Platform with Developcoins!

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