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Altcoin Development Company

We help you to create your own Altcoin like Bitcoin with help of our dedicated blockchain developers, by integrating cutting-edge technologies with bank-grade security which enables your users to trade effectively.

What is Altcoin / Cryptocurrency ?

Altcoin/Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is developed to work as a prominent medium of exchange. It is backed by a decentralized system called blockchain and managed through the advanced encryption technique called cryptography. “Bitcoin” is the first cryptocurrency that attained global popularity, since its origin. Many cryptocurrencies entered into the market after the success of Bitcoin and they are considered as the money of the subsequent years. With avant-garde characteristics and high-security features, Cryptocurrency has the potential to revamp any kind of industry. Numerous new Cryptocurrencies are still entering the market and it is the most preferred choice for various business needs such as online investment, transaction, tokenization and much more.

What Is Cryptocurrency
Blockchain Wallet Development

Custom Altcoin Development Company

With vast experience in blockchain technology, Developcoins has become a leading altcoin development company having the unmatchable reputation in providing independent altcoin development services for every business, from start-ups to entrepreneur, to create your own custom altcoin. We develop advanced crypto coin and Altcoin using cutting-edge technology and help you to stay ahead in the cryptocurrency race. Our strength is, understanding your business requirements and develop unique digital currencies, that will add-on value to your business. Our experience and thorough knowledge in the latest technologies, enable us to work with new innovations of blockchain such as Hashgraph and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) and complete your project within the specified time.

Our Full-stack Altcoin Development Services

We are determined to deliver the best altcoin development services, that makes us unique from other altcoin development company. Our wide range of cryptocurrency and altcoin development services includes:

Cryptocoin & Altcoin Creation

Cryptocoin &
Altcoin Creation

As the businesses in the coming years would be dealing in the cryptocurrency world, coin plays a vital role in the cryptocurrency development process. We create customized Cryptocoin & Altcoin while developing highly secured blockchain platform using Cryptographic algorithms, for a secure development process. 

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallet development services can help clients who want to develop their own wallet. At Developcoins, we adept in creating a highly-secure, reliable and scalable cryptocurrency wallet, that will help you to store your private transaction keys and process your transaction or payment easier and faster.

Cryptocurrency Mining Services

Cryptocurrency Mining Services

Crypto coin mining is the process where the crypto coins are created. Cryptocoin creation is an intricate process which needs a lot of hardware and software. We blend our service to provide both, software and necessary hardware tools, to implement mining algorithms and mining different crypto coins effectively.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency exchange software allows you to trade multiple Cryptocurrencies in ease. We are skilled in building cryptocurrency exchange software and mastered in developing you a customized and white-label cryptocurrency exchange software with a major focus on its security and seamless transaction process.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract

The smart contract has control over the transfer of Cryptocurrencies between the two parties. At Developcoins, we focus mainly in creating a smart contract on various platforms like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Neo, to enhance the security and we also help you in developing a smart contract for token Pre-sale and crowd-sale.

Cryptocurrency Application Development

Cryptocurrency Application Development

With the change in trends and tremendous growth in technology, cryptocurrency is gaining popularity in the business world. We build top-notch cryptocurrency application integrated with the blockchain technology, to make your cryptocurrency platform independent, easy, advanced and user-friendly.

Altcoin Development Platform

We develop or replicate almost every type of Altcoin out there, including the following ones.

Our Successful Altcoin Development Model

The Essential Strategies that we follow for a Successful cryptocurrency development Process:

Development Model

Why Choose Developcoins for Your Altcoin Development?

As the technology itself is updating every day, it is important for entrepreneurs and enterprises to be updated with new business techniques, to sustain in this competitive world.

What Make Us Unique?

Developcoins takes pride in being a leading cryptocurrency development company with futuristic developers to give you a complete Cryptocoin and Altcoin development services, powered by blockchain technology. We provide an unbeatable and much needed wide range of cryptocurrency development services, to build your own Cryptocoin as well as utilize smart contracts to protect every transaction and make your work-flow highly efficient. We have a dedicated team, who are well experienced in creating reliable and flawless cryptocurrencies and render custom cryptocurrency development services which include coin creation, cryptocurrency application development, exchange software development, smart contract development, Altcoin mining services, White-paper Creation, Dashboard Setup, Wallet Setup, Coin Drop and so on. Our experience in cryptocurrency development services enables us to cater to cryptocurrency services with groundbreaking features, at the defined time.

Blockchain Application Development
Choose From a Variety of Hiring Models

We offer two types of hiring models for your cryptocurrency project.

hire dedicated Blockchain development team

Hire ODC Team for Altcoin Development

Strengthen your Cryptocoin creation idea, as you hire a dedicated ODC team, enriched with in-depth knowledge on the futuristic tools and technologies. We will be a reliable partner in providing cryptocurrency solutions for your business needs, by simplifying the cryptocurrency development process. Hire ODC team from us on the hourly/full-time basis, to stay ahead of your industry.

  • Direct access to Technical Resources
  • Permanent Hire Till the Project is Over
  • Flexible Office Hours Based On Timezone
  • Project-based long term outsourcing
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Daily / Weekly/Monthly Reporting Via Email
Hire Dedicated Cryptocurrency Developer

Hire Dedicated Cryptocurrency Developer

Our dedicated and seasoned cryptocurrency developers deploy your Cryptocurrency development projects and provide reliable support for the entire process. We help all types of industry from start-ups to large enterprises, to achieve their business requirements by providing blockchain and cryptocurrency developers with attitude, skill & knowledge for hire.

  • Direct access to Technical Resources
  • Permanent Hire Till the Project is Over
  • Flexible Office Hours Based On Timezone
  • Project-based long term outsourcing
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Daily / Weekly/Monthly Reporting Via Email

FAQ About Our Altcoin Development Services


About Our FAQ About Our Altcoin Development Services

Questions & Answers

Yes and your own business plan can be executed based on your requirements

Yes! Altcoin are cryptocurrencies that came after BTC with few modifications done for user perspectives. Development of Altcoin involves stages like whitepaper creation, Code development, wallet setup, deployment and listing in various exchanges

Altcoin creation, wallet development, Complete Source code delivery and Deployment

We can create altcoin with advanced coding using an advanced algorithm.

We use Agile methodology to reduce risk in the software development.

We will give support initially for a month once developed, Inorder to provide additional support we will charge accordingly based on your requirements.

Charges may differ from one to another, Based on the algorithm and consensus mechanism used we will be charging accordingly.

Probably around 35 business days, it may differ based on your requirements and the technicalities involved.

We have been into blockchain development for the past 9years and Developcoins is one of our products. We have hands-on experience on bitcoin, altcoin, name coin, mega coin, aurora coin, quark coin, peer coin, prime coin, feather coin etc.,

Yes we can or you can also hire our developers in dedicated mannner.

We will update the status of our development in skype/whatsapp group you can track there based on your comfortable time zone.

No worries, we will be following transparency in our payment collection so that there won’t be any hidden cost.

If you want additional features apart from the agreed scope, then we will cost you based on your requirements.

It depends on the user base and the marketing you do for your coin. The coin should reach it’s right target audience

Yes, you can! You can hire our developers based on requirements we will be charging accordingly The dedicated resource will work only for your project.

Truffle - ethereum based apps Solidity - programming languages

Metamask - ethereum address development Ether.js - ethereum ecosystem

Technology - Blockchain etc.,

ERC standards, Tron, Neo, Eos etc.,

We have been into blockchain development for the past 9 years and Developcoins is one of our products. We have hands-on experience on bitcoin, altcoin, name coin, mega coin, aurora coin, quark coin, peer coin, prime coin, feather coin etc.,

We will provide your project with utmost security from our end, or else we can also sign NDA documents with you for your transparency

Obviously we can discuss the scope and the pricing details over phone call, we will list the features list discussed over a phone call, after getting confirmation we process accordingly

We will offer seasonal discounts.