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DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Development Company - Developcoins

DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Development Company - Developcoins

Do you know about the blockchain-powered system DAO?  Nowadays, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) sound loud. It is nothing but an effective way to work with like-minded people throughout the world.

Let us discuss more about DAO and the best DAO Development Company in detail. Proceed further. 

DAO - The Chief Objective

DAO is mainly for the three following reasons.

  • To collaborate with the internet users in a safe way

  • To commit funds for a specific cause safely

  • Member-owned communities without admin leadership

DAO’s - An Overview

An open-source code work platform that is self-sustainable and automated in nature. Let us discuss DAO with a scenario. You are wishing to start an organization or a business with like-minded people, but you don't know anything about them. How do you trust each other, who will be the authority, and how do you make decisions? The only solution for these queries is DAO.

With DAO the internet-native business is collectively owned and managed by its members with built-in treasuries where no one has the authority to access without the group’s approval. Decisions are governed by the voting and proposals for ensuring everyone in the organization has a voice. There is no chance of dodgy and no CEO to authorize spending as per their own whims. 

Everything is out in the open and the rules around spending are baked into the DAO via its code. To be decentralized absolutely, DAO was unaffiliated with any certain authority or nation-state, whereas it uses the Ethereum network for the seamless process. 

Why DAO?

Establishing an organization with someone who indulges in funding and money needs a lot of trust in the people you are working with. But it is hard to trust someone since you have interacted with them only via the Internet. With DAO you don’t need to trust anyone in the group, But the DAO’ s code is absolutely transparent and verifiable by anyone.

The chief characteristic of self-sustainability in DAO comes with the new potential for global collaboration. To point out, the structure of DAO is open and accountable fundamentally and it rewards its members through serving the ownership economy. 

Not only with the stunning attributes, the need of DAO embellishes because of its benefits. Let us know the fundamental benefits of DAO.

Benefits of DAO


DAO is an open-source platform that symbolizes that its code is out there which lets the people engage on DAO to work and enhance the platform. To point out, these open-source platforms are much more reliable since developers throughout the world assist with the platform.

In such a way, the DAO’s mechanism gets enhanced with better involvement and transparency from all the participants. 


The significant benefit of DAO is, it is trustless in nature. While working in a DAO, you don’t need to trust anyone including the manager or CEO. No matter, if the developer quits working on the project or the funding stops, the entire organization will continue without any iteration.

To point out, DAO is not independent to any single person; rather it works collectively and dynamically with the members’ individual interests.

No Shutdown

Another stunning benefit is, there is no shutdown in DAO. For instance, DAO will never give up, if any leading government organizations like the CIA, FBI or other government bodies interfere.

Besides, it never gives any data to these organizations. As a result, no government or no authority can cross the proposal and vote in DAO, it cannot be randomly shut down on anybody’s order. 

How Does DAO Work?

The smart contract is the backbone of DAO which examines the organization’s rule and holds the treasury of the group. No one can change the rules except by voting, once the contract is live on Ethereum.

If a person tries to violate the rules and logic in the code, it will fail. Since the treasury is defined by the smart contract, it is impossible for anyone to spend the money without the groups’ approval. 

This symbolizes that DAOs don’t need any central authority or middlemen. This is possible with the smart contracts because they are tamper-proof once they go live on Ethereum.

As a result, no one can just edit the code without people’s knowledge, since everything is public.

Ethereum & DAO

It is evident that Ethereum is the perfect foundation for DAO because of the following reason.

The consensus of Ethereum is distributed and established that is quiet enough for the organizations to build trust on the network. 

Once the smart contract code gets live, no one including the owners has the ability to modify it. This makes the DAO run by its programmed rules. 

Smart contracts can send/receive funds. Without this, you need to trust an intermediary for managing the group funds. 

DAO VS Traditional Organizations - The Contrasting Facts


The traditional organization is usually hierarchical whereas the DAO is usually flat, and fully democratized.

Decision Making

As per the structure, changes that need to be done are instructed by the sole party, voting may or may not be provided. In DAO, decisions are made by the voting to implement any changes.

Process Handling

Traditional organization requires human handling and central controlled automation, whereas, in DAO, services are automatically handled in a decentralized manner. 


In traditional organizations, activities are limited to public and typically private. In DAO, all activities are public and fully transparent.

After grabbing all the beneficial traits and benefits, you are seeking the best DAO Development Company to make your thoughts true. Right? Developcoins, the leading DAO Development Company will gratify all your requisites with the adroit professionals and deliver you a seamless experience with the service. 

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