Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy explains the use and protection of personal information collected by Developcoins. We value the privacy of every individual who visits our website and their information which is intentionally provided by them while inquiring us. Developcoins Website ( is referred to as "Developcoins" On the whole it indicates the organization and representatives. User's personal information is not shared and released unless it is lawfully required. We provide robust security to prevent unauthorized third-party access

User Data Security

We guard our customers' confidential information by enforcing various security measures, such as:


Developcoins encrypts confidential information and makes it unreadable to unauthorized third parties.


Software and hardware systems act as a guardrail between the internet and companies internal network. Thus Developcoins withstands unauthorized access.

Access controls

Our limiting access control decides who can access liable information and whom to process further action with the information.

Risk assessments

Developcoins involves identifying and assessing potential risks to customer information thereby perpetrating controls to diminish those risks.

Regular security audits

Developcoins reviews and tests the company's security system routinely to find loopholes and to fix them.

Data backup

Routine data backup is done to guarantee that customer information can be rescued in case of any security breach.


Deveolpcoins follows ordinances such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS, etc.

Employee Training

A regular basis of training employees on security practices by Developcoins helped in reducing the risk of random data breaches.

Information You Give Us does not collect personal information from users unless an user voluntarily provides it to us by filling up forms on our website while subscribing or inquiring about our services or product demos. The personal information we collect from our users may include email id, name, phone number, country, WhatsApp number, telegram number, and skype id details.

Information We Collect About You

We, Developcoins collect technical information like the type and version of browser used, Internet Protocol(IP) address used to connect the internet, log details, time zone settings, sources from which the users have reached our website which may include google ads, directories, browser plug-in version & types, operating system, and device details.


Cookies are commonly referred to as small piece data files that contains no personal information or private data. Cookies can be enabled and disabled anytime by settings option menu in your browser. Developcoins use these Cookies to differentiate you from other users of our website and they do not deliver any malicious files or viruses.

Acceptance Of Policy

The terms and policies may vary from time to time and are updated frequently. By visiting and inquiring about our services and products, you as a user agree to our privacy policies that are disclosed in this page.