Decentralized Exchange Development Company

Developcoins is the leading decentralized exchange development company in India. We provide the custom based white label decentralized exchange solution for your business.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Decentralized Exchange Development Company

Are you looking for the decentralized exchange solution for your business? Or Need to build a decentralized exchange platform? But, Are you still searching for the custom white label decentralized cryptocurrency exchange software development company to develop your secure exchange website? Don’t worry, Now you get reached the right and best-decentralized cryptocurrency software development company, who are fully dedicated to developing your decentralized cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange website from the scratch to end. 

Before that, here we will explain what is a centralized & decentralized exchange? What are the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchange? Where to build a decentralized exchange website effectively?

Let’s start, 

Bitcoin, yeah the mysterious money got more popular few months before during "WannaCry" - the ransomware attack for an unauthorized transaction, hence hackers also got benefit from bitcoin. So if we turn anywhere, bitcoin will be playing a hyper role in the business market. Therefore all the cryptocurrency entrepreneur coming forward to set up an innovative and highly secured Decentralized Exchange Model.

Why DEX become so important than CEX? 

You may also ask why all the Business people going for DEX than CEX, though the centralized exchange model has benefits. Most of the business people think the decentralized exchange Model would create an advance exchange business model in the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore if you want to make your footprint in this racing bitcoin market, proceed your first step with the complete Bitcoin analyzation. 

There are two types of exchange model one is centralized exchange model another is a decentralized exchange model. Overview of Centralized Exchange model Vs Decentralized Exchange model.

Centralized Exchange Model: Centralized exchange model is a trading platform which will act like a traditional bank or a stock market, where all of your transaction details will be stored in the central server. For your Clarity consider a central bank where they will mint and distribute the currency to the user, and they will act as a central authority to monitor the flow of currency and the transaction details between the users. Likewise in Centralized cryptocurrency Exchange, there will be a middle-man who will handle all your private key and public key, and then all of your cryptocurrency transaction details will be saved in a central cloud server. so it is less secure.

Special Features of Centralized exchange Model:

* Higher trade volume and Liquidity. 
* Users can exchange fiat currency in exchange for cryptocurrency and vice versa. 
* Payments will be accepted through debit and credit for Fiat currencies. 
* Government intervention is possible. 
* Transparency is high (I.e )they can disclose their locations and ownership details. 
It is easy to use and access advanced trading functionalities.

Why isn’t everyone using Centralized exchange Model? 

All your Private key will be stored in a central server. 
Easy to hack all your details, so security is less. 
For a stable transaction security matters a lot, but in central cryptocurrency exchange model, it is highly lagging. So everyone moving forward to the decentralized exchange model.

Decentralized Exchange model -The Best Alternative Cryptocurrency Model. 

In Decentralized Exchange model the transaction occurs between peer to peer user using their wallet keys like a public key and private key. Both public and private keys are not kept in an admin panel hence it reduces the chance of hacking. As the Decentralized exchanges use blockchain technology, the transactions information will be distributed to all the user. In short, Blockchain is the technology where you can expect high security that is Before every transaction, there will be a tough verification done through a puzzle in the name of the blockchain, and after every solved puzzle, you will get a reward in the name of bitcoin called bitcoin mining.

What Speciality does DEX have? 

* You may experience high security. 
* No need to transfer your funds to any third party. 
* Fast and Secured hence not easy to hack anymore. 
* The absence of KYC procedures with complete privacy. 
* As Blockchain is a decentralized technology, that is without any central Authority here a global network of computers jointly manage the database. 
* Transparency is high. 
* All transactions are Anonymous.

Are you looking for the decentralized exchange solution for your business?

Developcoins is the leading decentralized exchange development company in India. We provide the custom based white label decentralized exchange solution for your business. We are One-stop shop to build your customized white label decentralized exchange software to facilitate secure and fast transactions and also provide the complete decentralized exchange development services such as Matching Trade Engine, Multi crypto Payment Gateways, Multi-sign Wallet & API Integration, Advanced CMS Panel.

We deliver customizable and high-quality robust decentralized exchange software development in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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