How to Create Token on Polygon Matic?

Developcoins, a leading Polygon Token Development Company offers complete guidance on how to create your own token on Polygon network.

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How to Create Token on Polygon Matic?

The process of developing and deploying a token on Polygon network might look like a complicated process that only a blockchain expert can do. But the fact is, anyone without having a prior programming experience can also easily create their own token on Polygon network. 

In this blog, we will take you through the entire process of how to create token on Polygon network with ease.

What is Polygon Matic?

Polygon Matic is a blockchain network that was built with a prime objective to create an interface among the Ethereum compatible blockchain networks in order to improve the scalability and adaptability that is offered in an Ethereum blockchain. The transactions in this network is a lot more quicker and cheaper than the other blockchain networks as it supports a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

How Does Polygon Matic Works?

Polygon network has a series of side-chains which act as an extension for the main blockchain. These side-chains function on its own algorithm thus helps in accessing the tokens and several other crypto assets on multiple blockchain networks securely. This usage of several individual blockchains in the form of side-chains has reduced the work load of the main blockchain thus makes it time and cost efficient.

Can You Build Token on Polygon?

Anyone with mere knowledge of crypto ecosystem can easily build token on Polygon network. However before getting started on how to launch a token on Polygon network, there are a few essential things that have to be lined up in order to create a polygon token successfully.

Obtaining a Polygon Node

If you are about to create a token on the Polygon network, then ensure that you are connected to a Polygon node. 

Get Linked with MetaMask

It is important to get connected to a MetaMask wallet so that you can easily access the polygon network and can easily purchase MATIC tokens using your MetaMask account.

How to Create Token on Polygon?

By following the below mentioned steps you can get to know how to create your own token on Polygon network with ease.

Steps to create token on polygon:

                       1. Use Remix

                       2. Access OpenZepplin

                       3. Create Smart Contract

                       4. Compilation and Deployment of Smart Contract

Let us explore each step in detail below.

Use Remix

In order to create a token of your own, first you have to create a new smart contract. Go to Remix, an integrated development platform where you can easily create a new smart contract for your token. After getting logged into Remix, click the “Contracts” option on the top-left corner of your screen and click the option “Create new contract”.

Access OpenZeppelin

OpenZeppelin is an open-source website that offers a lots of smart contract templates for free which have been used in countless successful crypto projects. Once the template has been chosen, then you should import the file to your Remix account just by copy pasting the link from the OpenZeppelin into your new smart contract.

Creating Your New Smart Contract

To create your new smart contract, copy the line of code from OpenZeppelin that specifies the Solidity version and paste it on the imported file of your chosen smart contract template. Then you have to mention the name of your token on the constructor line along with the ticker fixed for your token. A ticker is just to represent your token with a maximum of four characters.

Compiling and Deploying Your Smart Contract

Before the final deployment of your smart contract, it is important to compile it to make sure that the smart contract you have created is bug-free and can be successfully deployed. To do so click the compiler “Compiler” option in your Remix account and then just click “Compile”. At the end of a successful compilation, you will be notified by a green tick image on the left side of the screen and then you can deploy it by selecting the option “Deploy and Run Transactions” on the left-bottom of the screen.

How do I add a token to my Polygon wallet?

After a successful deployment, you would be notified from your MetaMask account to “Confirm” that the tokens is being sent to the right wallet address along with the gas fee for transaction.

After reading the above mentioned steps, you would have a clear understanding on the process to create your own polygon token. However, if you are new to the crypto world and having plans to launch your own token on Polygon Matic, then it is advisable to hire a professional Polygon token development company so that you will have the required guidance to make your crypto business a huge success.

Why Entrust Developcoins With Polygon Token Development?

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