Utility Token Development Company | Launch Your Own Utility Token From Scratch!

Developcoins is the best Utility Token Development Company that provides End-to-End token development services and solutions. We have become an expert at developing custom utility token on smart contract over the various blockchain platform, based on our client’s requirement.

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Utility Token Development Company | Launch Your Own Utility Token From Scratch!

We are now on the peak of the crypto space, when corporates and customers really learn and begin to use the crypto technology for a routine life, useful purposes that will change how companies, applications and users interact. According to reports, the 2020s will be the decade when crypto and blockchain technology will leave Proof-of-Work projects behind and makes its easy way into the operational structure of international corporations. Over the next couple of years, crypto technology will expand into a number of real-world use cases in payment processing, data sharing, equity trading and contract/document keeping and tracking and more.

Get into 2020, there are different notable trends and movements in the crypto token and blockchain platform to watch. A first crypto prediction is that in 2020 many start-ups will succeed in the crypto market race for their production projects via blockchain technology. An ordinary start-up with the use of the crypto utility token will be able to get as high support as it compared before.

Most of the specialists and large companies are aimed accurately at finding new business opportunities for utility token deployment. 

So behind the success of Utility token, new tokens coming to the market will be increased and will all be more advanced. It is expected that the majority of openly listed tokens will be activated and/or will be trading successfully.

In 2020, most of the startups and business owners should step inside the blockchain and crypto space and create their own utility token. Because the reason is utility tokens are completely credible, reliable and suits for all business needs. Still, Initial Coin Offerings ICOs have also maintained their value and gained popularity to raise funds for crowdfunding.

This blog provides you with the importance of Utility Token Development. 

All that You Know About Utility Token:

A utility token has an immense functionality than a coin. Utility tokens do have value, but they cannot be treated as a crypto coin.

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Utility tokens can provide profit to investors in multiple ways. They give users utilize to a future of product or service.

Mostly, a tech startup develops an online product or service and initiates an ICO. Over the ICO, the company sells utility tokens. Investors can purchase these tokens and use them as a means of payment on the platform developed by the releasing company.

For example, An Uber token could be utilized to pay for a ride with Uber cab but we can’t use this token directly for other purposes. If you required to use the Uber token to buy any other product or service, you should have to exchange it against either fiat money or a crypto-coin such as bitcoin.

What is Utility Tokens?

Utility tokens are a form of digital token that gives users access to a product or service on the blockchain network. It varies from a security token in that it’s not treated an investment, but can still turn out a profit if the company’s product or service increases in value over time.  This allows the entire business to gain interest from investors, but avoid the regulations and fluctuations of the larger market.

  • Utility tokens totally differ from Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • Utility tokens are not mineable
  • Utility tokens depended on third-party blockchain
  • When compared to crypto coins, utility tokens are valued only for their innate functions and properties.

Important note - Mostly utility tokens are developed on the Ethereum platform. However, it is possible to build a unique utility token with a lot of various blockchain platforms.

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Most of the blockchain platforms that provide decentralized application development like Ethereum, Tron or Minter are also providing the service of the establishment of dapp utility tokens.

Benefits of Utility Tokens

By using a utility token you can often earn benefits, rewards or discounts within the platform it's built for.
When a blockchain platform is created, a token is often created to enhance the platform. There are a number of utilities these tokens can provide that raise user experience. As such, it is often adorable to use or hold a suitable utility token if you are a regular user.

Utility tokens much like loyalty points in online stores. If you have a lot of loyalty points you can qualify for bonuses, upgrades, discounts and more. By owning a utility token you can enable many of the same things, and thanks to the power of crypto there are a few unique benefits that come from having a utility token. 

Highlights of Utility Tokens

  • Utility token gives the right to enter and use the products or services in the relevant ecosystem.
  • Utility token moves mechanisms to prevent the token price from dropping on exchanges.
  • Utility tokens are payment tokens used in a specific sector and utilized as such.
  • Utility token has an understandable, realizable and real use case that is combined into an efficient protocol.
  • The token provides some bonuses, upgrades, discounts for its users.
  • The token has an engaged community, reputation, and adoption.
  • The token has a fixed supply amount.
  • Utility token potentially accepted for all ecosystems.

Why do you need to launch a utility token for your business?

If you want to launch your own utility token for your business purpose then you may attract your investors or users via utility token. There are so many benefits. The potentiality is endless. 

Here are some of the major utilities you’ll find based on your business requirements.


The real use cases are turning the utility token into the native currency of the ecosystem. This means that all products and services are paid for with the native token. Payments are either inspired by providing a discount or they are forced by making the token the only possible payment method. If the products or services are in high demand this can work well in the market.


One of the primary utilities is access. By having the token you get access to the platform. Without the token, you can’t able to use the specified products or services.

Loyalty Programs

Having the token can earn you particular benefits within the ecosystem that are usually either discounts or exclusive access. 

Earn money

Being a token holder can be an easy way to earn a passive income. Whether it’s staking, a revenue share or something else, sometimes it pays to be a token holder.

Voting rights

Some networks give token holders voting rights. This means that the more tokens you purchased, the more say you have on anything that is being voted on within the network or ecosystem. 

How to create your own Utility token?

Before we move on to gain knowledge about needed things to create a Utility token, the main thing is all the token are built in a different blockchain platform, based on the business needs. When it is coming to the Utility token development, the Ethereum blockchain is the best one.

Here is the list of basic things needed to create, is mentioned below as follows,

  • Create a Product
  • Draft a Quality White paper
  • Develop a Token on the various blockchain platform
  • Gather Some Legal Counsel
  • Build and Maintain an Engaged Community

Does Your Business Need a Utility Token Development Service?

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