We help you to build your unalterable smart contract on popular blockchain platforms includes Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Chaincode (Hyperledger Fabric) and R3 Corda.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development Company

The Smart Contract is a virtual contract which is built using blockchain platform for immutability and security purposes. This smart contract can be signed between two parties without third party involvement, terms & conditions are drawn according to the authority people. Once, when those terms & conditions are met, then funds are automatically transfer from one party to other. Smart Contract data are stored in the ledger which enhance it is security. Theses tempting traits made smart contract to stand out of the box as well gained various industry attention.

As a leading smart contract development company, Developcoins provides comprehensive smart contract development, security audit services and solutions based on client’s requirements. We ensures the security of your smart contract by complete assessment of your smart contract architecture and code-base. Our team of skilled developers has the expertise of developing all types of smart contracts on various blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Binance Chain, Hyperledger, EOS, and Corda, and languages including Solidity, Golang Vyper, Truffle and more.

Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract Development
Smart Contract Development

We understand the potential of smart contracts and have a team of developers, experts who can provide the 360 degree smart contract development solutions that helps to create and adapt the smart contract protocols with customized and outstanding features. We develops smart contract based on major blockchain platforms like Ethereum, EOS, Tron and more.

Smart Contract Audit
Smart Contract Audit

A smart contract audit involves developers analysing the code that is used to underwrite the terms of the smart contract. We have developing and auditing smart contracts on major blockchain platforms. Our experienced audit team check the smart contract security vulnerabilities with help of first-rate manual and automated audit test.

Smart Contract Optimization
Smart Contract Optimization

Smart Contract transaction held without third party. And during the deployment and implement of smart contract, it will consume some gas cost which will reflect in the cost of smart contract. To overcome these issue, our expertise optimize the smart contract which solve the gas problem as well as changing protocol and reducing network congestion

Smart Contract for Dapp
Smart Contract for DApp

A Decentralized application has its own backend protocol called smart contracts that can be deployed to a major blockchain platforms like Ethereum. A smart contract specify the logic of the entire DApp. Our team of developers provides the smart contract solutions that ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the Dapp.

Smart Contract for DEX
Smart Contract for DEX

Our development of decentralized exchange smart contract for major blockchain platforms covers privacy of end-user data , private key architecture, business logic, data maintenance to assure the safety in exchange business at decentralized ECO systems.

Smart Contract for Digital Wallet
Smart Contract for Digital Wallet

By using blockchain smart contract on digital wallet allows credible transactions without a third party, our team of developers have expertise in developing Multi-signature digital wallets which can store and secure digital assets as well as transaction via smart contract.

Industries We Serve

Smart Contract for Gaming
Smart Contract for DEX
Smart Contract for Real estate
Real estate
Smart Contract for Education
Smart Contract for Healthcare
Smart Contract for Insurance
Smart Contract for Rental
Smart Contract for Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance
Smart Contract for Warehouse
Smart Contract for Charities
We Build Smart Contract On Popular Blockchain Platforms

Our Smart Contracts Development Process

Smart Contract Development Process

Benefits Of Smart Contracts For Your Business

  • Data Secured
  • Trustworthy
  • Automated Monitoring
  • Irreversible
  • Reduce middleman cost
  • No hacking
  • No Paperwork
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Automatic
  • Efficient
  • Transparency
  • Storage & backup
  • Clear communication
Smart Contract Based Business Models

Developcoins supports all types of Smart Contract based MLM business plans and offers 100% bug free MLM software. We provide high-level programmed tools for your MLM business requirements to build your Smart Contract based MLM website!

Smart Contract For MLM
Smart Contract For MLM

Build your own decentralized and transparent platform for Multi Level Marketing (MLM) structures based on the major blockchain platforms. By using smart contract in MLM platforms, the distribution of funds automatically distributed between the participants without the involvement of third-party. Developcoins supports all types of Smart Contract based MLM business plans

  • Smart Contract based Bitcoin MLM Business Plan
  • Smart Contract based Unilevel MLM Plan
  • Smart Contract based Affiliate MLM Business Plan
  • Smart Contract based Advanced Unilevel Investment MLM Plan
  • Smart Contract based Binary / Board MLM Plan
  • Smart Contract based Entrepreneur Matrix Ecommerce MLM Plan and more
Smart Contract for Game
Smart Contract for Game

Smart Contract demand is started to raise in all sort of industry including gaming. By using smart contract, Developcoins build blockchain based games and decentralized application that empower automatic transaction between players and game owner without involvement of third party. We create high end gaming platform which can be successfully developed and implemented on the various blockchain platforms like Tron, Ethereum, EOS, Waves and so on.

  • Build trust among gamers & owners
  • Build decentralized eco system around your games
  • Build Dapp that enhanced the security of smart contract
  • Allow automatic & faster transaction
  • Game completely run on blockchain
  • Highly scalable & reliable
Why Developcoins for Smart Contract Development?

We provide complete functionality services for dominating Smart Contract that eliminate third party activities, knock out fraudulence, reduces costs and provides transparency during verification of digital records.

Our adapt team has industry leading experts to uphold the smart contract development by analyzing market strategy

Our well-knowledge and trained developers works on developing the smart contract in various blockchain platforms as per our cherished customer requirements

100% bug free smart Contract security code is provided with assured safety and flexibility

Our professional peeps offers smart contract services for all major industries

We is specialized in providing 360 degree smart contract development & security audit services at competitive market price

Our seasoned team of developers helps in launching the immutable smart contract app without bugs and deploy the code in your desired blockchain platform based on your requirements.

Speciality of Developcoins is guiding and assist our clients to note every minute details of business system and network in all aspects, including to identify the development of smart contract and security threats. 24/7 online services can be available and flexible as per customer needs.

Why choose Developcoins for Smart Contract Development

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