Role Of AI In Web3 - Explore The Impact Of Web3 Intelligence

As AI remains a hot topic in the web3 community, many believe that AI will play a significant role in the internet, while others are trying to figure out what AI can do for web3.

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Role Of AI In Web3 - Explore The Impact Of Web3 Intelligence

The first thing that strikes your mind when you heard the word AI is Hollywood movies, where intelligent machines become self-aware and take over the world. Right? But the reality is somewhat more contrasting than this. Whether we realize it or not, AI is becoming more prevalent in our day-to-day lives. By the queue, AI in web3 lets users interact with decentralized applications smartly. 

Besides, these dApps are powered by the Ethereum blockchain and utilize smart contracts to run, hence we can interact on these dApps more naturally with AI. Let's dive deep into the Role Of AI In Web3 and how they revolutionize together with each other. 

Role Of AI In Web3

As AI remains a hot topic in the web3 community, many believe that AI will play a significant role in the internet, while others are trying to figure out what AI can do for web3.

Diverse peoples from their thoughts believe that 

AI assists to develop and experience more user-friendly interfaces for web applications.
AI helps in making decisions on which content needs to display on a website.
AI plays a vital role in enhancing search engine results.

In recent times, there are existing examples of How AI Is Used In Web3. For Instance, the website, Suggesto utilizes artificial intelligence to propose new content to the users as per their Interests. 

Another example is the usage of AI by search engine research that aims to furnish better search results by evaluating the history and personal preferences of the users. 

Since many people begin to research AI in web3, it is evident that the combo will come up with stunning benefits and features in the user’s Internet experience.

AI In Web3 - Layers Of Web3 Intelligence

An integral part of AI is machine learning and the addition of ML in Web3 will spread through various layers of the web3 stack. Here are the three web3 layers that provide ML-driven insights.

1. Intelligent Blockchains

Present blockchain platforms concentrate on developing key distributed computing components that lead to the decentralized processing of financial transactions. Mempool structures, consensus mechanisms and oracles are the key building blocks behind such operations. With these techniques, the next generation of layer 1 (companion) and layer 2 (base) blockchain will combine ML-driven capabilities as the chief components of traditional software infrastructures like networking and storage will become more intelligent.

To mention, blockchain runtime utilizes ML prediction to make transactions in order to create scalable consensus protocols. AI adds security to the blockchain, AI applications can undergo data mining, defect fraudulent activities, predict actions, and prevent attacks. Apart from that, the blockchain will also attain benefit from AI as AI protocol might be able to forecast transactions and develop consensus protocols that can easily scale.

2. Intelligent Protocols

Web3 stack can also incorporate ML capabilities with the utilization of smart contracts with certain protocols. DreFi depicts this trend most prominently. We are not in much distance to see the lending protocols with ML model-based intelligent logic. For Instance, imagine a DeFi platform with an intelligent score that balances loans from various types of wallets.

3. Intelligent dApps

DApps (Decentralized Applications) are expected to be the most fabulous web3 solutions with in-built ML-driven features. To point out, This trend is evident already in NFTs and will persist to grow. The next-gen NFTs will transform from static images to artifacts with the assistance of intelligent behavior. Such NFTs are ready to adapt their behavior to the mood of their owners’ profiles.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Web3


AI in web3 comes with huge benefits. Some of them are listed below.

1. Enhanced Efficiency & Accuracy 

By automating the tasks in web3 applications,  instead of performing them manually, AI can assist in enhancing efficiency and accuracy, overall application quality, and diminishing errors.

2. Extended Usability 

AI let to enhance the web3 applications’ usability by offering more relevant and personalized results to the users. This impresses the users to easily find what they are looking for, which makes the applications more user-friendly.

3. Enriched Security

Security is the most crucial thing for all web applications. By integrating AI into web3 applications, we can experience an additional layer of security that safeguards against the threats like cyber attacks and data breaches.

4. High-End Scalability

With the ability of task automation, AI-based applications can scale more than traditional ones smartly.  This helps businesses to save time and money in the phase of expanding their operations.

5. Better Decision Making

AI helps in making better decisions by providing insights that would otherwise be unavailable. This includes trend identification, understanding customer behavior, predicting future outcomes and so on. 

From those benefits, it is evident that web3 with AI will deliver a stunning internet experience to users with high-level security and reliability. Reach out to the leading Web3 Development Company to know more interesting facts about Web3.

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