What Are AI Tokens? - Analyze the Potential of AI Tokens

AI tokens are creating a force. Get to know about the newly evolving AI tokens.

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What Are AI Tokens? - Analyze the Potential of AI Tokens

Recently, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has increased drastically. AI is a cutting-edge technology with the possibility to change numerous industries including crypto. Researchers say that artificial intelligence is a critical part of new financial and social networks. It's nothing unexpected that many crypto projects are interconnected with the characteristics of AI.

What Are AI Tokens?

AI tokens are also cryptocurrencies that make use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance security, scalability, user experience, and other factors also. Theoretically, the trained AI can be used to automate and boost security in cryptosystems. The AI tokens are digital currencies that can be used in AI-powered apps and projects. This includes AI-based investment protocols, decentralized marketplaces or exchanges, image or text generation services, etc.

The Introduction Of ChatGPT

Since the advent of ChatGPT, the business world, the crypto sphere, and many other industries have been buzzing about ChatGPT. ChatGPT gained more attention and popularity at the end of 2022. It is a chatbot built by OpenAI which has been developed for creating human-like text, and multi-language tasks like answering queries, processing data, and more.

The potential for ChatGPT in the crypto space is ultimately huge. For example, Justin Sun, maker of the Tron blockchain and token, has illustrated a potential AI-powered decentralized payment system based with respect to and supporting the chatbot.

Maybe, this unexpected universality of ChatGPT has started a new interest among both crypto enthusiasts and those who are inside the community of AI technology. 

Microsoft has announced to invest 10 billion dollars in ChatGPT's developers, OpenAi to enhance the interest. So, some of the crypto tokens have gained 75% and more rise in late 2022. 

The total market value of all AI tokens was 1.6 billion IS dollars as on Feb 2023 which is small compared to the crypto space. But still, this is a rapidly growing thing as investors are marching towards AI.

Benefits Of AI Tokens

The advantages of AI tokens include, in-build decentralization and security is attained with the help of blockchain technology and endless possibilities for the rise of new applications and use cases.

Growth opportunities are also high in the AI token market which includes the potential for innovative solutions like AI-driven DAOs. The demand for innovation increases as the market evolves.

Some Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tokens

Following are some of the AI tokens that have benefited alongside ChatGPT. 
Let’s have a look at some use cases from existing projects.


AGIX is one of the popular AI tokens. It is the native token of SingularityNET which is a decentralized platform. Open source, decentralized blockchain is offered by SingularityNET. This allows users to buy and sell many types of AI-based products and services. One of the vital elements of this stage is that it permits exchanges of models, information, and different instruments used to further develop AI via training. SingularityNET is a stage both controlled by and intended to help artificial intelligence.


FET is a medium for exchanging in the Fetch.ai network. Fetch is a decentralized platform that is used to develop intelligent, autonomous software and tools. Through this, it is possible to launch prediction bots, decision-making, and data analysis.


NMR is a token related to the Numerai AI-based decentralized mutual funds. Numerai is a model for how man-made consciousness might be utilized to illuminate speculation choices. It uses a crowdfunded set of expectations from data scientists all over the planet as it thinks about potential investments. Supporters of those expectations are compensated with NMR tokens for the right forecasts.


ALI, representing Artificial Liquid Intelligence, is a token utilized by the Alethea image generator. Alethea utilizes Artificial Intelligence to make pictures based on the requirements of clients. It is named for CharacterGPT, an AI protocol that utilizes text portrayals to create intuitive AI-based characters. ALI tokens are utilized in the character NFTs as well concerning updates, incentives, and transactions.


Hera is a token attached to the pathfinder algorithm of a similar name. Hera helps members in the DeFi environment to focus on the most productive, more profitable exchanging ways on decentralized trades. It uses machine learning algorithms that examine costs, liquidity, exchanging volumes, and different information. Hera tokens permit clients to take part in the governance of the project and share the protocol revenue.


The future of AI tokens looks promising in the crypto market as of many expert predictions. The AI tokens have the power to mold the decentralized AI marketplace, AI-based autonomous organizations, and portfolio management. 

The invention of OpenAI's ChatGPT is associated with Microsoft, and their investment significantly says that AI is here to stay. The combination of artificial intelligence with cryptocurrency is still not entirely set in stone, yet it will be captivating to perceive how these advancements cooperate to shape the world. As a token development company, Developcoins is already into deep research on AI token development and soon may provide extensive business solutions based on AI tokens.

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