Hedera Hashgraph Development To Build Your Own Decentralized Applications On Hedera Network

Developcoins, as an efficient Hedera Hashgraph development company provides end-to-end solutions on Hedera Hashgraph network and can help you launch extensive decentralized applications on Hedera.


Hedera Hashgraph Development To Build Your Own Decentralized Applications On Hedera Network

In this digital world, succeeding the popularity of Blockchain comes the ‘Hedera Hashgraph’. Apart from having similar functionality as the Blockcahin networks, Hedera Hashgraph manages to stand out from every other Blockchain networks through various factors. This blog will discuss such factors and will also let you know about the perks in Hedera Hashgraph development.

What Is Hedera Hashgraph And How Does It Work?

Hedera is an enterprise-grade public network that works on a graphical mechanism where all the nodes inside the same architecture interacts with each other. The Storage of every information about such interaction mainly relies on two major protocols as mentioned below.

  • Gossip

  • Virtual Voting

This protocol brings consensus to the network by transferring the data from one node to the other.

Virtual Voting
Due to the Gossip protocol, each node within the graphical structure would know every information that every node holds. This further leads to virtual voting algorithm through which a member can know about the voting information of every other member.

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Benefits Of Creating Applications On Hedera Network

Fairness - Hedera network works on a uniform time-stamping method, thus making it fairer when compared to the other algorithms

Improved Performance - Hedera network offers a high speed transaction system which can carry out around 250,000 transactions per second.

Enhanced Security - This network is a non-concurrent Byzantine Fault Tolerant which specializes in implying that no single module or a member can stop the network from achieving an agreement.

Highly Stable - Hedera is more likely a controlled distributed ledger which makes it more suitable to achieve considerable benefits for every users involved rather than benefiting a specific individual.

Regulatory Compliance - This network enables controlled addition or deletion of files which lets the uses to have complete control and more privacy over their data.

Applications Developed on Hedera Hashgraph

Below mentioned are some of the popular applications that are built on top of Hedera Hashgraph algorithm

  • Sagewise - a finance industry based DApp built using Hedera Hashgraph

  • Carbon - it is a stablecoin built using Hedera Hashgraph

  • Hearo - a Hedera Hashgraph supported music marketplace platform

  • Alto - gaming NFT developed on Hedera Hashgraph

  • Cryptotask - an online marketplace built on Hedera exclusively for crypto payments

Hedera Hashgraph Development

Developcoins, as a leading Hedera Hashgraph development company provides a wide range of customizable business applications on top of the effective Hedera Hashgraph network. Knowing the true potential of Hedera Hashgraph network and it demand in the current market, we have a dedicated team of developers who expertise in developing Hedera Hashgraph applications. Some of our major Hedera Hashgraph network development services are as follows.

Hedera Network Development Services

  • Smart Contract Services

  • Token Services

  • Hedera Hashgraph API's

  • Hedera Powered Cryptocurrency Development

  • Hedera Platform Migration

Smart Contract Services On Hedera

Our Hedera hashgraph development services includes creating Smart Contract for extensive B2B applications and deploy it on Hedera network.

Token Development On Hedera

Using Hedera network, we will help you create Fungible as well as Non-Fungible tokens which might represent extensive applications like governance, digital collectibles etc.

Hedera Hashgraph API's

We help many businesses from start-ups to enterprise grade businesses by launching a product with the best Hedera Hashgraph API.

Hedera Powered Cryptocurrency Development

We build customized cryptocurrency backed by Hedera Hashing platform that enables micro payments, improved performance and sacalability.

Hedera Platform Migration

Our extended Hedera solutions also includes migrating an existing centralized platform or an application into a Hedera based decentralized platform.

Wrap Up:

Now after knowing about such benefits of Hedera Hashgraph network, you would have understood how lucrative it is to use Hedera network. To have more clarity on using Hedera network for your business needs, connect with our Hedera developer now.

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