Hedera Token Development - Configure, Mint & Manage Tokens On The Hedera Network

You can create blockchain-free tokens with Hedera Hashgraph. So What is hedera hashgraph and why it is for token creation

Token Development

Hedera Token Development - Configure, Mint & Manage Tokens On The Hedera Network

Developing tokens on various blockchain networks is fine. Can you create tokens without blockchain? Is it possible?

Yes, you can create blockchain-free tokens with Hedera Hashgraph. So What is hedera hashgraph and why it is for token creation?

This blog will make you get cleared for all those queries!

What Is Hedera Hashgraph?

Hedera is the most utilized, sustainable public network for the decentralized economy that let individuals as well as businesses to develop powerful decentralized applications.

It is specially designed to be more sustainable, efficient and to eradicate some regulations that older blockchain-based platforms uphold.

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Why Hedera For Token Development?

Preferring hedera for the token development comprises several stunning factors.  Some of them are listed below.


Fungible and non-fungible tokens deployed with the hedera token service furnish native programmability, like atomic swaps and proposed transactions for on-chain functionality.

Native Tokens

Tokens issued with the Hedera Token Sevice are Hedera native. They remain the same performance, security and efficiency as habr.

Diminished Fees

Hedera token services on the network furnish less and more predictable transaction fees. It charges less than 1¢ USD for transferring a certain tokenized asset.

Configurable Adherence

Key and token configurations at the account level furnish flexibility to meet adherence needs that include KYC verification, managing token supply and token transfer.

Enterprise Governance

The decentralized governing body of Hedera assures the network’s stability, decentralized decision-making and no-fork guarantee.

Security Audit

An Independent third-party audit conducted by FP completes the hedera token services and hedera ledger software.

Hedera Token Services

The hedera token services let the token configuration, token transfer happen on the public hedera network. The hedera token service furnishes extremely high-throughput, diminished fees and compliance adherence. Additionally, there exists API integrated on-chain programmability for atomic swaps, royalties as well as for complex programming.

Why Hedera Token Services?


Hedera Token Service provides an opportunity to grasp the public DLTs payment disruption in a secure, compliant, and performant manner.  This hedera network let for payments in the form of stablecoin and cryptocurrency with high security.

Financial services

With this service, the way of ownership will change and the exchange value reach the extent with the Tokenized assets. The process occurred on the fungible and non-fungible assets like minting, and transferring are the symbolization of physical and digital goods. 

Supply Chain

This phase is to verify the physical or digital items’ authenticity and trace the products with the supply chain. To point out, non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens are configured, distributed and handled natively with the hedera token service. 

Energy And Sustainability

Sustainability and collective business impact are more vital than ever. Hedera token services come with greater efficiencies, and diminished reductions for renewable credit marketplaces and platforms that enable companies to meet their sustainability goals.

How To Create Tokens On Hedera?

There are two ways to create tokens on Hedera, They are the following

1. Through using the hedera SDKs
2. Through using solidity smart contract

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