Are you An Instagram User? Now You Can Earn High With Instagram NFTs!!

Meta has expanded NFT support on Instagram and is testing a way to mint and sell NFTs on Instagram. Explore how it works and in what way it is beneficial to all the creators.

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Are you An Instagram User? Now You Can Earn High With Instagram NFTs!!

NFTs Are Coming To Instagram

The dynamic entry of NFTs in this digital world is now advancing towards Gen Z’s favorite social Media Platform, the Instagram. In fierce competition with Youtube and some other social media giants, the Instagram is not lacking innovation. Proving that, Instagram has now decided to leverage the NFTs, the mainstream tech in this blockchain world. 
Now let us explore what kind of changes does NFTs hold for Instagram. And also this blog will give you a gist on how does the NFTs on Instagram serve useful to the creators as well as the platform users.

What are NFTs on Instagram?

The new integration of NFTs with Instagram allows the users to showcase their own NFTs on their Insta feeds. And also the creators can pin their self-created NFTs in line with their other images posted on their Instagram account. 

How NFTs Work on Instagram?

Every Instagram users can connect their Insta account to their crypto wallet, then they will be able to easily showcase their own NFTs on Instagram. Currently, the Instagram might support a few popular Crypto wallets like Coinbase, Metamask, Trust wallet, and Rainbow wallet. And this testing phase only supports the NFTs built on Ethereum, Polygon and Flow networks. 

How To Post NFTs on Instagram?

As mentioned above, posting an NFT in Instagram is pretty simple. All you have to do is connect your wallet to your Instagram account. But what really matters is your current location.

According to the Meta CEO, about 100 countries that falls within Asia, Middle-East and Africa can use this Instagram NFT. But as of now, this new Instagram NFT feature is said to be fully accessible only to the users within the United States that too for a selective creators. Even the users in European region can’t integrate their wallets, but they can still see the NFTs on Instagram posted by other users.

Soon this Instagram NFT feature is expected to be entirely available for the users in several other countries.

Whats Next: Will Instagram Users Be Able To Mint and Sell NFTs

Meta has officially said that the testing phase for NFT minting and trading on Instagram is under progress. Once the testing phase is completed, people might be able to mint their own NFT on Instagram itself and can also trade their minted NFTs on the same platform just like done in many traditional marketplace platforms.

Eventually this concept of Insta NFTs is not just going to stop there. This adoption NFTs on Instagram might lead to several other intriguing features as mentioned below.

  • Insta Rewards

  • Instagram Digital Collectibles

  • Instagram NFT Marketplace

Insta Rewards - Next to the minting and selling phase, Meta has planned to add several new features using which the creator can make easy money in the platform itself. Conceding that, there is a word out there about adding a new feature called ‘Gifts on Instagram’. It will let the users to send a gift to a creator while watching their post. Soon this feature might support the users to reward a creator of an NFT which is displayed on their Insta feed.

Instagram Digital Collectibles - Introducing NFTs on Instagram might obviously pave way for storing unique digital collectibles. Storing a digital collectible as Instagram NFTs, might tag its creator or collector automatically, thus enabling every users to identify either the creator or the collector of a specific NFT. 
Instagram NFT Marketplace - A few months back, the CEO of Instagram has made an announcement about his intention to change Instagram into an NFT Marketplace platform. But, his plans to do so remained unveiled. 

When the entire Insta user community has access to Instagram NFTs, there is a good chance that Instagram will officially become a dedicated Marketplace platform for its own NFT.

These above mentioned factors are expected to come soon into practise. Apart from these, it is pretty difficult to disclose any other such possibilities at this early stage.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that reading the above discussed facts about NFTs on Instagram would have been an enlightened experience for you. If you are intrigued to grab more insights about the wonders that the NFTs yet to bring on Instagram, connect with Developcoins. As a leading NFT Marketplace development company, we keep out our eye on the NFT Market and are aware of every trending technologies.

Stay tuned with us for more updates on Instagram NFTs!

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