Top 5+ Blockchain Platforms For dApp Development

Are you looking for the best blockchain platforms for dApp development? Check out how to choose the best blockchain platforms for dapp development with our expert pros and cons list


Top 5+ Blockchain Platforms For dApp Development

Blockchain technology is one of the best solutions for individuals and small businesses to create a decentralized application (dApp) with outstanding features. However, choosing the best blockchain platform can be tricky for beginners.

There are so many blockchain platforms on the market, how do you know which one is the right solution for your dApp development project?

In this blog, we'll help you choose the best blockchain platform by going over the benefits of the most popular options.

Understanding of Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Blockchain is fast growing with developing decentralized applications (DApps) frequently being built. These blockchain revolutions serve efficient needs for users worldwide, obtaining huge popularity and mainstream discussion. 

Decentralized applications (DApps) are open-source software running on blockchain technology. This innovation was developed with the vision to solve real-world complications and to give people digital freedom with its advantages over traditional applications including distributed, flexibility, and transparency. 

DApps are commonly Split up into Two Types:

  • Web3 DApps are those that can be obtained via a web browser without need users to download onto their devices.
  • Native apps are those run on iOS/Android. Users can frequently install it from App Store or Google Play Store.

Interesting Facts About dApps

  • A dAppʼs frontend code and user interface can be coded in any language that can build calls to its backend.
  • Its backend code runs on a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain network (like ethereum, eos, tron, etc), and all records of the applicationʼs operation are stored on a blockchain.
  • In most cases, the entire code base is Open Source which means other people can access the code and build on top of it, but no one person “owns” the application it means, they are free to be used, improved, and built on top of by anyone in the community.
  • The collection of users of the dApps are free to govern themselves. This term is called “autonomy.”

How DApp Empowering Blockchains?

Decentralized Application developers have the option to create applications on different blockchain platforms to meet their business and other requirements. 

Most of the blockchain platforms allow developers to build dApp which supports for both web-based and iOS/Android native apps from the relevant blockchain platform. Ethereum, EOS, Tron, ONTology, and Binance Chain, ranked o the top position in dApp world

We will be comparing the following blockchain platforms in this article. If you are interested in a particular blockchain platform for dApp development, then check out below:


Unbreakable & secure decentralized applications that handle personal and business transactions without any third-party or agency controlling the process. Decentralized applications, or Dapps, do just this, transporting power to users. The Ethereum blockchain platform provides the tools you required to build Dapps, covering an advanced “smart contracts” model and Solidity, a Dapp-aware JavaScript-like programming language.

Ethereum is perhaps the best platform for creating dApps. Ethereum has its own language, Solidity which allows developers to form smart contracts using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Key Factors of Ethereum dApp Development:

  • Create new types of money and digital assets
  • Web apps that are unstoppable and uncensorable
  • Build decentralized firms, property, or virtual worlds that are governed collectively

How to build dApp on Ethereum Blockchain Network?

  • Install Truffle Framework
  • Generate the boilerplate code
  • Start the development environment
  • Compile the contracts
  • Deploy the contracts
  • Run the DApp
  • Modify DApp code
  • Run our simple DApp

Check Out Top Ethereum dApps

  • CasinoFair (FUN) - Gambling
  • Kyber - Exchanges
  • Compound - DeFi
  • - High-Risk
  • Forsage - High-Risk
  • Axie Infinity - Games
  • IDEX - Exchanges
  • 1inch - DeFi
  • Aave - DeFi
  • Tokenlon - Exchanges
  • HEX- High-Risk
  • My Crypto Heros - Games
  • Balancer - Exchanges
  • CryptoDozer - Games
  • OpenSea - Marketplaces

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EOS is also one of the best blockchain platforms for decentralized application development. When compared to other blockchain platforms EOS.IO an advisable and efficient blockchain platform for DApp development. EOS provides dApp developers with a simple solution for application hosting, executing smart contracts, and other operating systems like services.

EOS offers the capability to develop full-fledged dApps. It works as a decentralized platform which means that anyone can build a dApp and let it run on the EOS blockchain platform. It works akin to App store with only one difference of decentralization. Actually, dApps utilize smart contracts to power themselves. But, with EOS, smart contracts are not needed. On behalf of, it uses dApp transactions which are more active than smart contracts.

Benefits of EOS Blockchain:

  • No transaction fee included
  • It is highly scalable
  • It has an efficient bug recovery system
  • It also has innovative Smart Contract deployment
  • It allows inter Blockchain communication.
  • Ease of use for developers 
  • And more

Key Factors of EOS dApp Development:

dApp Development: EOS is an excellent platform for dApp development as it splitup the confirmation from execution. 

Free Transactions: EOS blockchain does not need any fee for the transaction; however, to use bandwidth, computation & storage, a sender required to pay EOS tokens.

Plugins: EOS platform supports plugins to manage the blockchain data integrate with another system. 

Easy Upgrades and Bug Recovery: EOS blockchain platform is robust enough to fix bugs as it allows the block builders to replace the account’s code without hard forking the whole blockchain

Smart Contracts: Smart Contracts in EOS uses Web Assembly(WASM) for compilation. WASM is supported by different languages like Rust, Python, and Solidity. However,  EOS uses C++ for its Smart Contract development as it gives high performance and security.

Programs and Tools: Building dApps on EOS is easy. Developers can adroitly use web toolkit, database schemes, and other functions. All these make it easy to develop dApps.Performance

Inter Blockchain Communication: EOS can support Inter blockchain communication with Proof Of Action flow. These proofs could be mixed with an application architecture to interact with other blockchains.

Check Out Top EOS Dapps

  • Casineos - Gambling
  • Crypto Dynasty - Games
  • Upland - Games
  • YUP - Social
  • Newdex - Exchanges
  • Chain Clash - Games
  • VIGOR - DeFi
  • Dice - Gambling
  • Sense Chat - Social
  • WhaleEX - Exchanges
  • Boid - Others
  • EOS Microloan - DeFi

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TRON is one of the blockchain networks like EOS, Ethereum, and Bitshares, built with smart contracts. It completely differs from other cryptocurrencies, because its infrastructure is designed for entertainment decentralized investment platform. It was innovated with specific intention and has some specific protocols, blockchain explorer, own cryptocurrency Tronix (TRX). TRON DApp development is the process of developing DApp using the TRON Blockchain explorer.

Why TRON Is The Best Fit DApp Development?

TRON is the best blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a cost-effective decentralized application that removes third-party activities. 

Benefits of Tron Blockchain:

  • Scalability
  • Highly Effective
  • Security Confirmation
  • Equivalent рrоfіtѕ
  • Data Ownership

How To Build DApp on the Tron Blockchain Platform?

Tron is an open-source blockchain platform that lets developers build smart contracts and DApps.

  • Creating Smart Contract.
  • Setting up TronLink for Deployment of Smart Contract.
  • Deploy Smart Contract on Mainnet or Testnet. 
  • Creating a client-side application for interacting with our smart contracts like fetching data from smart contracts and writing data to smart contracts.
  • Coordinate TronLink to our application so that users can interact with a smart contract using their accounts. 

Check Out Top  Tron dApps

  • 1cent - Gambling
  • Bank of Tron - High- Risk
  • GooseBet - Gambling
  • BeeHive Fast - High- Risk
  • Tron Cash - High-Risk
  • Tron Holding - High - Risk
  • WINk - Gambling
  • RocketGame - Gambling
  • Tron Worlds - High-Risk
  • Xdapp - Gambling
  • Poloni DEX - Exchanges
  • CryptoTree - Collectibles
  • IOI game - Games
  • - DeFi
  • Video Poker - Gambling

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NEO is the best blockchain platform which simplify the development of smart contracts and digital assets. It aims to use smart contracts to become a decentralized, digital, and distributed platform for non-digital assets. Its clear-cut goal is to become a digital alternative for asset transfers that are currently non-digital.

The NEO platform is equipped with various developmental mechanisms and tools to support the creation of decentralized applications (dApps). To develop DApps on NEO network you require to do two parts of work, the development of smart contracts and integration with the blockchain. If you have already completed the development, testing, and deployment of your smart contracts.

Benefits of NEO blockchain:

  • It offers secure smart contracts that do not need specific knowledge of programming & coding languages.
  • It has built-in proof-of-stake systems that help save computing power.
  • Crypto Coins can be interchanged for free on the NEO network as no fee is charged.
  • It helps people digitize real-world physical assets.

How to build dApp on NEO blockchain platforms?

  • Set up a network environment
  • Run a Neo node
  • Develop your smart contract
  • Integrate your DApp with blockchain

Check Out Top NEO dApps:

  • OxRacers - Games
  • Switcheo Network - Exchanges
  • Nash - Exchanges
  • Blockchain Cuties - Games
  • Tavala - Other
  • Ryu Games Layer-2 - Other
  • NEOLAND - Games
  • BLOCKLORDS - Games
  • Moonlight - Other
  • CryptoFast - Games
  • XPET - Games

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Cosmos is a decentralized p2p network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms such as Tendermint consensus. As a solution of the Cosmos network which following to serve as a mediator between separate blockchains running on its decentralized network.

The Cosmos SDK gives developers a framework to build secure blockchain-powered decentralized applications on top of Tendermint Core.

Features of Cosmos Dapp development:

  • A statically typed, compiled programming language (Go)
  • A well-architected blockchain framework
  • Modular architecture
  • Highly configurable
  • Built-in governance

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You may also want to see out another list of blockchain platforms that help you build your dApp.

  • Stellar
  • Corda
  • Hashgraph
  • Waves
  • IOST
  • Ontology
  • ThunderCore
  • VeChain
  • WAX
  • Steem
  • Hive
  • BORA
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • And more

We hope the list of blockchain platforms reviews helped you choose the best blockchain network for your dApp development project. 

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