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Cosmos DApp Development Company | Cosmos Dapp Development Services

In today’s technologies-dominant world, if you wish to grow your business, you cannot ignore building DApps on the Cosmos network. It is a great idea you have decided to create a DApp on the Cosmos network. Now you should also be aware of what it takes to make a great impression on the individual with a DApp before you figure out what exactly Cosmos Is? How Cosmos Works. So we are gonna explore the complete knowledge about Cosmos & Cosmos dApp development today!

Cosmos – Cosmos is a decentralized p2p network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms such as Tendermint consensus. As a solution of the Cosmos network which following to serve as a mediator between separate blockchains running on its decentralized network.

The Cosmos platform is developed to help communication, scaling, and interoperation between separate chains. Announced as “the Internet of blockchains”, the Cosmos explores to bring together various blockchains within a single platform and fix several primary issues plaguing this technology from the outset:

  • Scalability
  • Interoperability
  • Usability
  • Sovereignty

The Cosmos network was created on what is the blockchain equivalent of an operating system, a consensus algorithm called Tendermint, Cosmos is like the world wide web (for blockchains) built on top, and the Cosmos Hub is a unique blockchain that occurs in the system that can be used to combine other blockchains.

Note: Bitcoin and Ethereum are both blockchains. And Cosmos is a network of many of these blockchains running in parallel with one another.

Why Cosmos has been Introduced?

Before the launch Cosmos Network, blockchains were siloed and can’t able to communicate with each other. They were hard to create and could only manage a small number of transactions per second. Cosmos solves some of the toughest blockchain problems of scalability, usability, interoperability, and more.

About Cosmos (Atom)

Cosmos (Atom) was one of the best performing digital currency shortly after it was listed on the popular exchange platforms like Coinbase. On an everyday basis, the coin gained volume shortly after it was listed on the exchange. 

Ref - Cosmos Network

Cosmos (ATOM) is the crypto coin which I powered by a decentralized ecosystem of independent blockchains. It was developed by All In Bit Inc and concern to form the future of the digital world. The company behind the ATOM focuses on offering all the factions in the blockchain ecosystem. This will enable interoperability and the Internet of Blockchain (IoB). The coin is used for staking as well as tokenizing transactions taking place in the decentralized ecosystem. To make this development, the team behind the ATOM is running on the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol and Tendermint Core. These two components form the Cosmos Network.

How Does Cosmos Network Help to Deal with the Scalability?

The Cosmos developers explain the existing Proof-of-Work protocols as slow, pricey, risky to the environment and lacking in the scalability potential. In the case of Ethereum, for example, decentralized applications built on top of it are defined as being limited by the beat amount of transactions that can be processed in a second, along with the dApps which have to fight for resources on the blockchain. 

Cosmos is clearly the cutting-edge technology for enabling the next generation of transactions within a growing group of peoples for various business sectors. It aims to resolve these issues by utilizing an array of tools at its disposal, such as:


Tendermint Core is a Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithm that is offered to feature a 1 second block time and handle the transaction volume of 10,000 transactions per second for 250byte transactions. By ignoring the Proof-of-Work and developing performance around the vertical scalability, the Cosmos developers hope to land at the point in which the application itself will become the only scalability bottleneck. 

Creating decentralized applications on top of Tendermint is set by approaching the development as the blockchain application itself. One only requirement to define the transaction types and transition functions that the application in question literally needs, thus developing its performance in the process.

Cosmos SDK

It is a latest-technological tool well-set designed to explain the process of developing secure blockchain applications on top of Tendermint. 

Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)

It's connected with Tendermint, the IBC allows heterogeneous chains to exchange value (like tokens) as well as data among themselves. By having numerous chain architectures run the same applications and a common validator set, the blockchains are achieved infinite theoretical scalability which the Cosmos team explains as the “horizontal” one.

How Cosmos Network Works: Technically

To explain how Cosmos network works, let us  explore the blockchain architecture behind the Cosmos network

The architecture of Cosmos consists of Three layers:

  • The Cosmos Consensus Layer
  • The Cosmos Networking Layer
  • The Cosmos Application Layer

The Cosmos Consensus Layer

Blockchains in the Cosmos network utilize the Tendermint consensus algorithm. Tendermint is an open-source project that was born in 2014 “to address the rapid speed, scalability, and solid issues of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work consensus algorithm.”

Tendermint is an “application-agnostic consensus engine.” Actually, this means any blockchain application can use it to power its consensus layer. The algorithm is Byzantine Fault-Tolerant and uses Proof of Stake as its Sybil resistance mechanism.

The Cosmos Networking Layer

As we explained above, the consensus in Tendermint is achieved by validators voting in rounds. In order to do this, nodes must be allowed to communicate and pass messages to each other to assure everyone in the network is seeing the same data.

So like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tendermint uses the gossip protocol to bring peers up to speed on the most recent state of the blockchain.

The Cosmos Application Layer

The Tendermint Core consists of the networking layer and the consensus layer. The networking layer is important for propagating transactions across all computers in the network, and the Tendermint consensus algorithm assures the state on every state machine is the same.

The Cosmos application layer is responsible for:

  • Explaining and submitting the transactions that require to be added to the blockchain.
  • Afterward updating the blockchain state after a transaction gets committed by the consensus layer.

How to Create Dapp Using the Cosmos SDK?

The Cosmos SDK gives developers a framework to build secure blockchain-powered decentralized applications on top of Tendermint Core.

Remember, a blockchain is simply a state machine where the same state is repeated on every node. Cosmos SDK helps to build the actual state machine that you’re repeating across many nodes. 

The SDK gives you the functionality and tools required to define the state of your application, transaction types, and state-transition functions.

Features of Cosmos Dapp development:

  • A statically typed, compiled programming language (Go)
  • A well-architected blockchain framework
  • Modular architecture
  • Highly configurable
  • Built-in governance

So if you want to build your own Cosmos dApp on top of Tendermint Core then you have reached the right place!

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