Why Need To Create Crypto Token instead of Coin?

Crypto Tokens are cost-effective as well as time-efficient while compared to crypto coin creation alongside other benefits. Know more about that in this blog from the prime token development service provider.

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Why Need To Create Crypto Token instead of Coin?

In this fast-forward world, everything is digitalized and all businesses are growing fast utilizing online industry. And the currencies using in the day to day life is also digitalized and know as cryptocurrency because of its virtual version. 

In the Crypto world, cryptocurrency are used in two different types, they are known as crypto coin and crypto token which is a popular topic and influenced various industries mainly the business world by making mild-stones in it. In the business world, both the crypto folks and non-crypto folks can create crypto tokens and attract to grow the business in different ways.

All those things are explained in this blog by the crypto expertise company, Developcoins.

Moreover, when it is coming to the cryptocurrency industry, people prefer to develop crypto tokens than the crypto coin and why is that and how to develop one is explained in this blog by Developcoins.

Token Development is one of the familiar concepts for the crypto folks and who have well vest knowledge in the cryptocurrency industry will prefer to develop Tokens instead of Crypto Coin. 

And, why is that? - The reason is quite simple and it is explained here in both a common and technical way by the leading Token Development Company.

Table of the Content:

* What is Crypto Coin?
* What is Crypto Token?
* Difference Between Crypto Coin And Token
* Benefits of  Creating Crypto Token for small and medium businesses
* Top 10 Highest Growing Crypto Token in 2021
* Why Crypto Tokens Preferred than Crypto Coins?
* Types of Tokens?
* Top of blockchain platforms for token development?
* Scope of Token Development
* How to create a token?
* Where to Create Best Crypto Token?
* Why Choose Developcoins For Token Development?

What is Crypto Coin?

Crypto Coin is digital money, which is used to buy and sell the products where it is accepted. just like money, it is virtual money and know as cryptocurrency and the famous one among them is Bitcoin. Numerous 'alternative coins' are introduced instead of Bitcoin which are collectively knows as Altcoins.

What is Crypto Token?

Token is a sort of digital asset, it can also be used for buying and selling purposes but the token itself holds some value itself alongside other functionalities with it. And the token can only be used based on its creation purpose. And the best example for the crypto token is ERC20 & TRC10, BEP20 standard-based tokens like Cake, SHIB etc

Difference Between Crypto Coin And Token

We had an outlook about crypto coin and token and now we have see what is the breach about these two.

Basically both are developed from the Blockchain and the functionality too was similar but difference it makes?

The basic concept of the creation i.e., grassroots itself will be varied for both the crypto coin and token. This indicates that both vary from the base through the functionality remains the same with some exceptions. Here some points mentioned about their differentiation,

---> Tokens can be created easily with any existing blockchain platforms while the Crypto coins will be in need of a new blockchain which makes the cost higher than the token development

---> Which indicates the timing too, crypto coin takes a long time while tokens can be created in short period with advanced features too.

---> As per the creation process itself mentioned that there will be a need of new blockchain development for crypto coin creation which means that, the cost will be higher while the Token Creation is cost-effective. 

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There are some similarities too like, 

  • Global Access
  • Can used in any industries where Cryptocurrency is accepted
  • Buy and Sell
  • Highly influenced in Business industry
  • Safety & Security
  • And few more

Benefits of  Creating Crypto Token for Small and Medium Businesses 

Now the preference of Token Development will be aware and how can it will be effective in business field because of its traits. Crypto tokens make any sort of business whether it is start-up, small-scale or medium-scale business into a successful one in short time with little investment.  

Live Example Of Token Benefits in the Business:

Here are one of the live examples, whose business are grown rapidly which is none other than the very familiar and now popular Binance. The Binance is the word was first familiar to the crypto folks but now its token has now grown familiar with non-crypto folks too because of BEP20. 

Here is some of the Reason why business people prefer Token Development than Coin Creation?

Any business people can develop token for their business, for various reasons like, 

  • Fund collection - Fundraise for startup easily
  • Branding - Achieve global branding because tokens are using in worldwide
  • Reputation - Your business Token usage creates a reputation 
  • Rewards - Attract customers by giving rewards in the form of tokens
  • Profit - Easily gain profit by utilizing the tokens in the right way

The purpose can vary but the goal will be same. Tokens can given as Rewards or Bonus Points to customers to attract them and turn them as a regular customer. It can also lead to develop new customers and trademarks in the global market very easily.

The other regular benefits offered by crypto tokens are mentioned below,

  • Cost-effective
  • Time-effective
  • High Security
  • Easy Usage
  • Advanced features
  • Global access
  • Secure payment

And various benefits too available when it is utilized in the business industry. 

Top 10 Highest Growing Crypto Token in 2021

Since we have already discussed about crypto-token in detail and its benefits. Lets we can have lookout about the top 10 highest growing crypto tokens in this era, which are listed below, 

Tether (USDT)
Uniswap (UNI)
Chainlink (LINK)
Polygon (MATIC)
Huobi Token (HT)
FTX Token (FTT)
PancakeSwap (CAKE)

And still there are many other tokens are in usage in the crypto market.

Why Crypto Tokens Preferred than Crypto Coins?

The reason is now become obvious that why Cryptocurrency Tokens are preferred than the Crypto coins. The main reason is the cost-effective and time consumption. The other reasons are like,

  • Mining
  • Mintable
  • Fungible 
  • Non-Fungible
  • Utility Token
  • Security Token
  • Equity Token

And much other functionality and types of tokens are available for the crypto folks usage and most of these functionalities are not available in the crypto coin. This is the basic reason why cryptocurrency Tokens are preferred than Crypto Coins.

Types of Tokens?

As said before there are numerous crypto tokens are in usage and they are broadly classified into the following categories,

  • Utility Token
  • Security Token
  • ICO Token
  • Asset-Backed Token
  • Non-Fungible Token
  • Fungible Token
  • Mintable Token
  • Equity Token

Under these categories numerous tokens are created and used in various industries. the tokens are developed in different blockchain platforms based on the need or as per interest.

Top of blockchain platforms for token development?

As mentioned above the tokens can be developed using any existing blockchain. Here are some of the famous blockchain platforms which is widely used to create crypto tokens in the easiest way for various purposes, they are,


And still there are other blockchain platforms available to create new crypto tokens.

Scope of Token Development

As now well aware about the Token, the scope of the Token creation and development is conspicuous. There is no wonder that Token Creation became an evergreen concept in the crypto world so its influence in the business world. 

There are various types of tokens that can be selected and utilized as per need or industry. Since, there is no need of creation of new blockchain to create a token and the respective tokens can be mined based on the crowdfund of the token. 

From the basic Token like Ethereum ERC20 Token to NFT, the marketplace is still in intact and the business is growing each and every day. The other best example for that is, BEP20 Token Development - which market rate is facing new peak in global market.

So, the future of Tokens is clear as a crystal now, that is it is an everlasting one. The tokens can be created easily and also can be used on time across the globe on time. It made the business people to meet the index profit on time. This became the enhanced advantage of the future of the Crypto Token.

How to Create A Token?

Creating a Token is now become easy just by utilizing the well-trained and knowledge developers. Who are widely available in the famous token development company, Developcoins. Hence the base of Developcoins is the token development, it made obvious that end-to-end token development service can get easily here with advanced features utilizing the latest techs and tools. The token development solution in Developcoiuns is provided by in an reasonable cost.

Where to Create Best Crypto Token?

Now wondering how to create or develop your own token for business with advanced features. The best company to create Crypto Token is which also has the ultimate experience in the blockchain development industry because blockchain is the base for both the crypto coin and token creation, mainly for the Token Development because its created utilizing existing blockchain platforms like Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain Network, etc.

Here is the best place to develop create token for the business as well as for the other purpose, it is Developcoins. It is one of the best token development company in the global market provides complete token-related services with high-tech functionality with the aid of well-trained developers.

Why Choose Developcoins For Token Development?

Developcoins - It of a supreme token development company that provides complete token creation to launch services from scratch. It is one of the best token development service provider because of long-last industry experience in the cryptocurrency industry. That aid to provide the Ethereum based token to now trending NFT's alongside high-tech features. And there are other important factors that also should be noted for preferring Developcoin to develop Crypto Token. They are,

  • Cost-Effective
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Input of knowledge developers
  • Influence of Crypto Industry Experts
  • Involvement of experienced business peeps
  • 24/7 support
  • End-to-End Token Development Service
  • Provide Service from scratch to launch

                Create Your Own Token on Popular Blockchain Platforms!

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