What is Trezor Hardware Wallet? - A Complete Guide for Beginners!

To know about the Trezor and its complete process, read this Blog. It is an understandable one for beginners too. Just to explore more about the Trezor and to find the best integration developers, contact Developcoins.

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What is Trezor Hardware Wallet? - A Complete Guide for Beginners!

Developcoins have worked on numerous projects based on cryptocurrency, which earned the customer satisfaction peaks and also got a name as a trusted one in Industry. Now their eyes fell on the most trending concept on Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet. They analyze and provide the most successful supporting integration for all sorts of a hardware wallets and currently Trezor wallet in trend. Here we can have the complete guide of Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet.

Tables of the content:

  • What is Trezor?
  • Why Trezor?
  • Origin of Trezor 
  • Types of Trezor
  • Trezor One 
  • Trezor Model T
  • Advantage of Trezor Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Initialization Process in Trezor
  • Working of Transferring Process to the Wallet
  • Cryptocurrency supported by Trezor

Let's explore now…

What is Trezor?

Trezor is a type of crypto wallet, which comes under the classification of Hardware Wallet. Now, Trezor grabs the compete for cryptocurrency industry interest to itself and also peeked the people's interest in this predominant hardware wallet because of it is unique features. The hardware wallets have gained the certainty of peeps because of it is safety measures. These wallets are not directly attached to the web or online, so they avoid hacking and loss plus this hardware wallet beauty is enhanced to no extension with the aid of supreme traits.

Trezor is one among them and it stands out from them because of the privacy and safety offered by it. Simple steps are only made to secure in Trezor and its very user-friendly one, but when coming to the third person the security precautions become a complicated one.

Origin of Trezor:

Trezor hardware wallet is launched at SatoshiLabs in 2014, at Crech Republic.

Why Trezor?

Trezor is known for lee, that’s the main reason why everyone starts to prefer Trezor among crypto hardware wallet. This security of the wallet is ensured by the 24 words seed and it can be generated only by the authorized person of the wallet. In this wallet, the cryptocurrency is stored virtually in the physical form of trezor. It is also a multi-cryptocurrency wallet, where you can store and transfer Bitcoin as well as all sorts of other crypto coins and tokens.

The main reason for Trezor to attract every people, entrepreneurs and organization are, it is not alone multi-wallet but also a hybrid one. It is used in all devices from PC’s to Apple gadget, just the mandatory is the internet connection. It also can be addressed as an HD wallet because of the usage of Hierarchical Deterministic.

Types of Trezor

The amazing privacy and secured featured cryptocurrency hardware wallet is Trezor, where its traits are escalated day by day. Such type of Trezor has two types in the market, they are 

  • Trezor One             
  • Trezor Model T

Trezor One: 

Trezor One was the first type introduce by Trezor. Some of it is features are mentioned below.

Display: It has appeared with two buttons and an OLED screen with 128*64 pixels and not a touchscreen. Where six lines text is displayed.

Colour: And only two colors is an available while and black.

Compatibility: It is a USB 2.0 device compatible and supported by platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS(10.8 or higher). 

Security: U2F security token is used with display, to ensure and notify about the transfer.
Connectivity: Micro USB connector is used to connect both the computer and mobile phone. 

Trezor Model T:

Trezor Model T is an advanced model in the cryptocurrency hardware wallet and it popularity reached a peak. The reason can be found by its features, they are

Display: It has no buttons and only a screen which is a touchable one. It is an LCD display with 240*240 pixels.

Colour: Black color is widely used.

Compatibility: It can be used on all platforms. 

Security: U2F security token service is also available in this Trezor Model T. 

Connectivity: USB-C connector is used to connect both computers and mobile phones.

Advantage of Trezor Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet

The popularity and the usage of Trezor will become obvious if we went through this wallet advantage. There are enormous advantages of Trezor, which tempts the cryptocurrency users to use it and the wise people's choice became Trezor. Here are a few advantages mention, which is raised the popularity as well as the usage of this wallet.

Prevention: This wallet is waterproof, fireproof, shockproof. It is because of the Billfold in the device. And to forget that it also a tamper-proof, which improved the security level to reach it is top. 

Immune: This wallet is immune to the computer virus because it is detached from online and store digital assets offline. Plus it against keylogger, so none of them hack the key either online or offline. 

Security: The safety and security became a default one in this trezor hardware wallet. That is because it is the protection step. The cryptocurrency in this wallet is secured by the aid of 24-words of recovery seed. This is generated only by authorized people. And the passphrase protection is used at the time of recovery to avoid the hacking. This passphrase can also recover the recovery seed if it's lost. The 4-10 digit pin code is used before entering the recovery seed.

Firmware: Firmware updates are provided for the device to protect against the malware.
U2F mode: This mode is to ensure the safety, it works as, when the pin is entered online, it should also be confirmed in the device of the display. 

Capacity: Trezor is a hardware wallet, therefore the storage capacity blindly becomes a tremendous one. 

Initialization Process in Trezor

The initialization process of the Trezor is as follows,

  • Connection
  • Adding extension
  • Firmware
  • Plug & Unplug
  • Pin Setup

Connection: Plug the wallet to the USB port of PC for the usage. Once it is connected to the device, the lock screen will appear with the respective website. Go to the website for guidance and also for features usage.

Adding Extension: To establish the connection between PC and wallet, a chrome extension should be added to the respective device or the software can be downloaded.

Firmware: Then the next blind setup is the installation of Firmware. To protect from existing and upcoming threats, the firmware update is the must one.

Plug & Unplug: After the firmware installation, the wallet should be unplugged from the device. To complete the setup and generate the pin, its wallet must be plug-in again to the same device.

Pin Setup: After replug in, the connection can be reestablished by going to the website. Then the name of the wallet and 12-24 word seed must be generated to secure the virtual coins and tokens in the wallet. This password key can also be stored in the wallet. Then, there will be a recovery seed card, to note down the phrase of the password.

The passphrase is an optional one. To ensure more security, this passphrase can be used. It is a word or letter or phrase or can also be a sentence, up to 50 characters long. This increased the beauty of the security by recovering the password and also making immune to the keylogger.

Explore here more - Trezor Setup with Trezor Manager for Android 

Working of Transferring Process to the Wallet

Step by step the transferring process of cryptocurrency to the new Trezor wallet is given below.

Step-1: Once the wallet is connected with the device, enter the recovery seed in lock screen and open it via the chrome extension or through downloaded software.

Step-2: Then there will be a drop-down box at the top corner, after entering the extension. Select the cryptocurrency which has to be sent to the trezor wallet. Then a unique address code will be generated.

Step-3: Copy this address code and paste it in the wallet, after selecting the receive option.

Step-4: Then the funds will be transferred to the respective wallet of the assigned address. 

Cryptocurrency supported by Trezor

Following cryptocurrency are supported by Trezor,

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Zcash
  • DASH
  • NEM
  • Gogecoin
  • Vechain
  • DigiByte
  • And so on

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