Top Use-Cases of DAO - Get To Know What's New

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Decentralized Autonmous Organization

Top Use-Cases of DAO - Get To Know What's New

According to expert research, there are approximately 1.7 million governance token owners and 497k active voters in the DAO ecosystem. The top 5 DAO tokens have a market cap of approximately $13.2 billion.

Do you have a passionate desire to learn more about decentralized autonomous organizations? Then, this blog will teach you all about the importance of the DAO and its use cases.

What is DAO?

One of the most ground-breaking blockchain innovations is the concept of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). A set of rules that are shown as a computer program serves as the organization's representation in order to maintain transparency and provide all members with control while fending off outside pressures like the central government.

DAOs are distinct from traditional businesses run by boards, committees, and executives, hence uses a set of coded rules that is enforced by the network of computers running a shared program. Thus opposes the ecosystem to being governed by a small group.

How do DAOs work?

The core of a DAO is its smart contract, which holds the group's funds and determines the organization's rules. Only a vote will permit changes to the conditions after the contract has gone live on Ethereum. Any attempt that deviates from the logic and tenets of the code will be unsuccessful. Furthermore, no one is allowed to use the money without the group's approval because the smart contract also creates the treasury. Therefore, DAOs are independent of a central authority. Instead, the group as a whole makes decisions, and when votes are favorable, money is delivered right away.

This is possible as the smart contract on Ethereum network is unbreakable once they are live. Since everything is disclosed, it is impossible to unilaterally alter the DAO's rules without everybody noticing.

Some fascinating DAO statistics to be aware of:

  • Approximately $21 billion was the market valuation of all DAO tokens.

  • The largest DAO token by market cap, Uniswap, was valued at $6.75 billion.

  • The top five DAO tokens, with a combined market cap of almost $13.2 billion, are Uniswap, Aave, Maker, Curve DAO Token, and Dash.

  • The DAO raised $50 million from close to 17000 donors in a matter of days.

Use Cases of DAO:

Let us explore the key uses of a DAO

Proposal Voting:

In this DAO ecosystem, every token owner will have the privilege to influence future choices that are about to be made within the community. Various web3 protocols, including Curve, Uniswap, and others, implement this. For instance, each UNI holder will have one vote, if Uniswap wishes to raise the switching charge from 0.3% to 0.6%, every UNI holder will have a say in it.


Crowdfunding is another area where DAO may significantly contribute to build a community. The project team will ask a huge number of people to contribute money when a project needs investment. DAO tokens are handed to the investors, and it is with these tokens that participation is possible.

If the fundraising project is profitable and successful, the price of the token increases, offering investors a high return. In this case, DAO gets rid of the many issues that the Principal-Agent relationship raises. DAO eliminates the possibility that the agent's self-interest could lead him to make decisions that aren't in the principal's best interests. Choices are no longer solely within the control of one central authority. Investors can make all the decisions regarding the project.


One area where DAO growth is changing the game's rules is the metaverse. Metaverses are becoming investment platforms, and as these platforms grow in size, it becomes more important than ever to guarantee decentralization and transparency. DAO has become a front-runner in the race to democratize these game economies and foster decentralized trust. It takes advantage of all the benefits that blockchains are praised for as it is firmly built over one.

Furthermore, it enables joint ownership of virtual property in the metaverse. As a result of the sharp rise in virtual land values, participation is now essentially out of reach for the average investor. DAOs enable users of metaverses to participate in shared land ownership programs, making these programs open and inclusive to all kinds of investors.

Gig DAO:

By creating a DAO that focuses on finding gigs for its members, many DAOs today attempt to benefit from one other's networks. The concept is on pitching to the web3 projects about various services (content, design, strategy, etc.) that DAO can provide and then giving these members the work. SuperTeamDAO is one illustration of such a DAO.

NFT-based Investment:

NFT-based Investing also uses the DAO governance model to establish group ownership. One of the DAOs for NFT-based investing is the HeadDAO, whose members collectively hold blue-chip NFTs. DAO provides a fantastic environment that is transparent and devoid of trust where a group of members can decide together on matters pertaining to the NFTs they own.

DAOs, like ConstitutionDAO, which garnered $47 million from 17,000 bitcoin enthusiasts, have also been used to buy assets. Contributors received governance tokens called PEOPLE, which gave them the ability to cast ballots on all matters pertaining to the project. Implementing proposals necessitates a fair participatory environment and high levels of trustfulness due to the absence of trust among blockchain network participants, and DAO has succeeded in this regard.

Governance of dApps

Another significant area where DAO is demonstrating its ability to provide true decentralization is dApp governance. Due to the tremendous scalability of DeFi solutions, the platform urgently needs reliability injection. When used with dApps, DAOs give a decentralized platform autonomy, transparency, and trustfulness.

Boardrooms will also undergo a comprehensive overhaul. Future corporate governance could be significantly changed by the DAO. The management profession is becoming more democratic, just like entrepreneurship. Information processing and flow inefficiencies are blamed on agent architectures and even conventional hierarchies. DAO can therefore assist large organizations in eliminating inefficiencies that typically remain hidden in procedures, personnel, rules, and regulations. It won't be too far off when DAO organizations fully run everything without a CEO or a boss.


I hope you should now have a clearer understanding of what DAO is, how it operates, and some of its use cases due to this post,

Now it's your opportunity to put your business ideas into action using the best strategy for quick business growth.

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