Top 5 DeFi Based Business Models

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Decentralized Finance DeFi

Top 5 DeFi Based Business Models

Defi is the most trending topic in the blockchain community and strewing sectors in the cryptocurrency industry. In this blog, we have to see about the Top-most 5 Defi based business models.

What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

Decentralized Finance is known as (DeFi) and it is the fusion of traditional bank services with decentralized technology such as blockchain and importantly Defi can be built under the top of the ethereum blockchain platform. it plays an important role in the evolution of the financial sector and seeks to create alternatives to every financial service it includes savings and checking accounts, loans, asset trading, insurance and more. Users can easily interact with this ecosystem through peer-to-peer (P2P) and decentralized applications (dapps).

It mainly involved in a smart contract and it is a virtual contract that is built by using the blockchain platform for immutability and security purposes and it is faster, easier and reduce the risk for both parties.

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What are now the core benefits of DeFi?

DeFi community should create products and services for a greater share of the population at the end of 2020, DeFi community should create products and services for a greater share of the population. DeFi protocols can operate without regulatory approval due to its decentralized ecosystem. The number of active DeFi projects will expect to increase by more than 50% compared with 2019. The insurance market is closely tie-up with smart contracts to engage their users and also make them believe in their services with smart contracts. DeFi is currently a space of innovative experimentation instead of professional financial operations. It is flexible for user experience, anyone can create DeFi apps and anyone can use them. Users interact directly with the smart contracts from their crypto wallets.

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Defi is an open-source code in which the execution of the contributed code is controlled by Ethereum and its decentralized network. Ethereum is a global, decentralized settlement layer for value on the internet.

Top 5 DeFi Based Business Models:

Some of the business models can form at the outer layer of DeFi infrastructure:

DeFi based Apps:

Compound - It is one of the major DeFi Platform for tokenized lending and collateralized borrowing money market protocol for cryptocurrencies and digital blockchain-based assets, without the need of third parties. This network operates its money market via a smart contract.

MakerDAO is the most popular DeFi based Dapp that allows anyone to get the loan without third parties at a crucial time.

Dharma is a semi-centralized peer-to-peer(P2P) lending/borrowing platform based on ethereum. This platform supports USDC, ETH for collateralization. The interest rate can differ for each coin. It allows users to lend and borrow coins for 90 days at a fixed interest rate.

Border Payments:

Every country has different tax implications According to the tax implication, every country has different tax implications for its lending system. By using DeFi in the lending system, it would be able to reduce the interest and transaction fee rates and store all records under the blockchain. From instant transaction settlement to the ability to collateralize digital assets and no credit checks, DeFi improves international money transfers. Lending and borrowing marketplaces on the blockchain help in reducing counterparty risk, and also makes the entire process cheaper and faster.

Loan management system:

Peoples could not take a loan without the involvement of a bank or similar fintech service; it requires a credit score or banking record in order to be eligible to borrow money. In DeFi, it connects lenders with borrowers more easily, allowing credit checks and digital assets to be transfers quickly and easier. It can be more helpful for the students to take loans for their studies in the Decentralized method.

Decentralized Insurance Projects:

Most of the insurance sectors are ready to adapt in this decentralized finance to provide some insurance to the clients

Nexus Mutual

Nexus mutual is creating decentralized insurance by using Ethereum, This Nexus Mutual is initially launching with smart contract cover and allowing anyone to get insurance on any public Ethereum smart contract, this means DeFi users can easily get protection to their funds.


It is used to build applications for decentralized insurance, it allows anyone to create their own insurance products and it gives some production to the user's crypto wallet and lending collateral protection.


It is the type of exchange insurance, and you can easily protect your funds from hacks on popular exchanges and it product your crypto assets and others.

Decentralized Payments

Decentralized payments ensure under certain conditions of accounts and strengthening of financial control, as well as a simple and economical means of payment and reduced credit requirements. The effectiveness of the decentralized payment system depends in many ways on the nature of the users of the system and the nature of their financial relationship.

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