An Introduction to Whitebetting - World's First European Football Betting Game

An Introduction to Whitebetting - World's First European Football Betting Game.WhiteBetting is a football betting decentralized application(Dapp) platform that enables bettors to bet and win Ether token on the Ethereum blockchain network.

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An Introduction to Whitebetting - World's First European Football Betting Game

Online sports betting game is one of the areas of decentralized applications (dApps) to have seen the utmost development since Ethereum, Tron and other blockchain platforms made the dApp idea possible. More than 1000+ dApps have so far been created, feeding on well-known betting concepts like football and casino to some unique to the world of blockchain game era. 

Most Sports betting dApps claim to be principal to traditional online gaming platforms by offering exactly randomized outcomes based on blockchain hash function and by offering reduced commissions and other extra charges. 

The game industry experts predict that global online sports betting revenues will come close to $600 billion to $1trillion in the year 2020 which includes both the illegal and legal markets of which 75% is achieved through Football Betting which utilizes cryptocurrencies in this area of betting.

If you’re a newbie in the football betting industry and eager to get involved then you’ve just come to exactly the right place. Here we will share with you some basics concepts of betting on football and make sure that you are on the right path from the moment you place to start your first bet. 

Online Football Betting - Trending Concept

Football betting is one of the most popular options to bet on in the most popular team. While it is still behind cricket, casino, football is still very popular globally which makes more curiosity between gamers and bettors.

As you’re apparently aware, peoples love to bet on sports on the online via some trusted decentralized platform, so it should come with many surprises which makes dozens of competitions around the world. No matter if you’re interested in betting on domestic, regional, or global football competitions, there is no lack of places for the football teams to do so online.

How to Improve Your Football Betting Skills?

If you follow football at least wisely closely, have some idea about the related strengths of all the players and teams, and have fascinated the information provided on this page, then you should be able to become a competent football bettor. You don’t really want to know enough else should the aim be to simply have some idea and win some money every now and then.

If you really want an opinion of making regular profits, however, then you’ll need to go a step or two further. You’ll exactly want to learn about all the major factors that should be taken into account when developing selections, and the various statistics that are suitable. Below are just a few examples of these.

  • Team Schedules
  • Current Form
  • Injury Reports
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Passing Yards
  • Yards Per Attempt
  • Individual Rushing Yards
  • Team Yards Per Carry

This is by no means a thorough list, as they're all types of reviews that need to made when the goal is to build frequently accurate predictions. You also need to learn about the various strategies that can be used, and how to use them successfully.

Benefits of Using Online Betting Platforms

Convenience: With the help of online sports betting, you can bet from anywhere and anytime as long as you can access the internet.

Bonuses and Promotion: With online betting platforms, you have the space to earn dollars in terms of bonuses given after you open an account. If you want to bet on betting games online, assure that you take benefits of these bonuses.

Variety of Betting Games: With online sports betting, you can find a game of your choice among other games and place your bet.

Safe: When sports betting online, you will be highly safe because most online betting sites are licensed and regulated apart from that built on smart contracts. An online betting site is a reliable business that has to meet particular needs. You can trust them with your data, and your funds are safe.

Chance to Make Huge Money: One of the good things about online sports betting is that you get a chance to make some cash. It doesn’t matter how much you use to stake, as long as at the end of the day, you can win some money.

Using sports betting platforms to bet on football online is somewhat straightforward. It’s super easy to open accounts at most decentralized platforms, and the majority of them are very user-friendly. Searching and placing bet usually takes minutes of seconds, and can be done from the comfort of your home with just a computer and internet access. You can even use most sports betting platforms from a smartphone or tablet currently.

Please make assure that you use the correct platform though. Most places are pretty good, but there are some that are best avoided. It’s important that you use safe and trustworthy platforms, and you also want to use somewhere that is suitable for football. 

Hope you guys have you got some idea about Football betting, Here I am going to explain one of the most popular and profitable sports betting platforms which are built on Ethereum blockchain! 

Whitebetting - World's First European Football Betting Game

"Whitebetting - World's First European Football Betting Game based on Ethereum BlockChain"

WhiteBetting is the most popular football betting dApp with a unique concept. WB is the whitest betting system around the world. It is a decentralized football betting platform that provides the interface to the Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain, which accepts ETH tokens and transfers changeable amounts of ETH tokens in return, depending on external factors.

First and foremost Whitebetting is Top rated decentralized betting platform which means your betting crypto token is safe and secure with them and they’ll always payout on winning bettors. Secondly, they offer markets on various football leagues which is make mode demand. Finally, they provide commentary on high profile games as well plus there’s in-play betting on all matches with updated game status and scores to bet.

How to Start A Bet On A Whitebetting Platform?

1. Install  A Wallet

  • Users use the MetaMask browser extension on desktop or Trust Wallet on mobile to deposit Ether.

2. Start to Play the WhiteBetting in the following process:

  • Choose a football match:
  1. Select a match that you want to bet. If you want to check more available matches, you can click "Hot Matches".
  • Bet a game
  1. As soon as you're on the page of the game, you can find the pop-up box of Metamask. You have to connect to bet your account with a wallet.
  2. Choose a game that you want to bet.
  3. Bet your ETH
  •  Confirm the result
  1. You have to click "confirm" to bet.
  2. Waiting for Ethereum. Usually, it takes 12sec to 10minutes.
  3. After the confirmation onto Mainnet, you can check your betting.

3. Get the Winner Ether

  • Find the Ether in Your Wallet
  1. Check whether you win or not, If you win, you can find already the increased Ether in your wallet after the match.
  2. They give the prize Ether automatically.
  3. It will settle accounts in about 5 ~ 30 min after the match.
  • Analysis of the game which you've bet
  1. You can visit your account page if you log in to your wallet.
  2. Check the internal transaction of the smart contract on Etherscan.

Key Features of WhiteBetting

  • WhiteBetting(wB) always gives the prize ETH if you have won.
  • All your betting records are Stored on Ethererum Mainnet.
  • Nobody knows who you are - This is the most important feature of Blockchain. There are no names and no society on Blockchain. wB utilizes ETH. No need to deal with credit cards, bank wires, chargebacks, and the like that are common at typical sportsbooks.
  • wB serves the highest odds - Because wB is the global service like Bet365 and Betfair
  • wB has a lot of customers around the world.
  • Over 700+ bettors have enjoyed wB in the last year
  • The average monthly sales are about $15k because there are many small bettings like 0.01ETH yet
  • Whitbetting Platforms is depended on Vuetify, Truffle, Web3, Nginx, Nodejs, MongoDB, EC2, S3
  • And more

Final Thoughts

The dApp betting platforms continue to grow and offer innovative new ways of betting cryptocurrency, the understanding of gambling or betting dApps deployed on Ethereum, Tron, and other major blockchain platforms are likely to grow in the near future.

Want to create your own sports betting platform along with a smart contract? Or want to set up your sports betting platform with a decentralized solution? The Sports betting software consists of Android and iOS apps for bettors with the admin dashboard for managing the whole system. 

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