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What is ICO? And How To Launch an ICO a Detailed Guide for Beginners?
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What is ICO? And How To Launch an ICO a Detailed Guide for Beginners?

What is ICO? And How To Launch an ICO a Detailed Guide for Beginners?

ICO Development - Overview

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is one of the best ways for startups to raise initial capital for their crypto-based business opportunity. The possibility of ICO is basically the same as IPO (Initial Public Offering) where investors buy shares of an organization. continuous cryptocurrency project by purchasing newly mined tokens in return for a legal tender. ICO is also a kind of decentralized fundraising platform called a crowd sale. The investors can purchase ICO tokens during an ICO crowd sale as a method for investment in the organization.

Developcoins is a Leading ICO Development Company, that helps to Increase fundraising opportunities for your project with ICO development. We also helped many startups with their ICO Launch services and helped them successfully raise millions. In this blog, we have to see how to create your own successful ICO and how to find investors for it!

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Before getting into the topic, let see the quick definition of ICO:-

Overview Of ICO:

ICO is referred to as a fundraising mechanism for a new project and also for a startup business, It is used to raise funds for developing a new crypto token by launching ICO tokens to the public. In an ICO investors can hope and also expect that the company will be successful, driving demand to increase the value of tokens, and also they hope good Return on investment(ROI) for their particular cryptocurrency project.

How To Create / Launch Your Own Successful ICO? 

Developcoins helps you to set up and launch a successful ICO, Here's below we have listed the process of how to create/launch your own successful ICO.

Business Plan & Idea:

Before ICO Creation, You must have a plan or idea based on which your token will be developed. The first thing to do is analyze and finalize the idea then proceed to the actual development work. The detailed summary of your idea and project and get it announced in major teams to get the initial reviews from investors and people involved in the development and marketing. Fix your target audience, based on which you can proceed to prepare the business model.

Make a Good ICO Team:

After planning and an overview of the project, you know exactly how many people need for it. A successful ICO, need a team of skilful developers, strategists and legal specialists. The ICO projects are usually full of risk and should be confident so need a team that is trustworthy and reliable.

Market Research

Before you start developing your own product, you have to research other ICO projects, why they failed or succeeded, their strategies and approaches, etc, to gain an insight into this business.

These help to choose the right technologies, blockchain, environment, software, etc to choose for your ICO project.

Prepare Whitepaper

A whitepaper is a research guide that provides total information about the project.  So that it is important to make Whitepaper for your ICO Project.

Here’s mention the structure of an ICO white paper document,

  • Introduction
  • Market Research
  • Business Plan
  • Product Concept & Idea
  • The Audience
  • Technology & Benefits
  • Phases of ICO Development
  • The Cost
  • The Tokenomics
  • The Roadmap for development
  • The Team involved with expertise
  • Privacy Terms
  • FAQ

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Launch ICO Website:

The website must need the below information, Here,

  • Introduction (Video/Content/Image) 
  • subscription form
  • Roadmap and Product Description 
  • Team Members 
  • PR/news
  • Partners
  • ICO Details
  • Link to the whitepaper and other documents
  • social channels
  • contact 

Preparing Offer And Terms For Investors

If the ICO website is ready you need to decide whether choose ICO sale or a pre-ICO as well. Then, finalize other details such as the ICO timeline, token concept, max token cap, distribution system, acceptable currencies, bounty program terms, etc.

ICO Launch

The final step is the launch ICO campaign. Need special attention to the security of your ICO website as it will be exposed to hack during the sale. Create all the legal, technical, and monetary infrastructure in place, and Smart Contract. Finally, your ICO is ready to launch.

Benefits of Our ICO Development,

  • No set criteria for investors.
  • No third-party inclusion or direct deals are offered
  • An open ICO-based platform is accessible for each investor.
  • Gives an extraordinary chance for investors across the globe
  • Helps an organization to develop cryptocurrency with token/coin sales in the initial stage of fundraising.
  • The return rate for the expected investment and token sales for the investors.
  • An expansion in the worth of circulated tokens/Coins leads to a higher profit return in the future. 

Why Did You Choose Developcoins For ICO Development? 

As a leading ICO Development Company, Developcoins is the perfect place for your ICO Development, our team of developers is expertise in blockchain technology that enables us to provide optimized and stable ICO Development solutions as per your requirements. We also have an expert who can work dedicatedly to provide you with consultation services on each step of your ICO process, Nowadays many Business people choose ICO Fund Raising because it's rising up investors’ interest. We have successfully launched your Tokens/Coins within less than a minute using different Blockchain networks for clients’ ICOs, we will take care of everything that’s associated with your ICO.

We provides,

  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Skillful blockchain developers
  • Multiple token standards
  • Increased security
  • Quality assessment

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