EarnU Clone Script to Launch Play-to-Earn Sports & Esports Prediction Game Like EarnU

Guide To Launch A Lucrative Sports Prediction Game Like EarnU

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EarnU Clone Script to Launch Play-to-Earn Sports & Esports Prediction Game Like EarnU

EarnU Clone Script

Developcoins provides the service of  EarnU clone script to launch a sports game similar to EarnU.  EarnU clone script will help you to start this online sports game and this market is becoming popular for making money with ease. With our EarnU clone script, you can build a strong sports prediction gaming platform that meets your business needs. 
Players can profit by controlling their favorite teams and making wagers on their game predictions. Accurate predictions will earn BETU tokens to the players. EarnU clone operates on a weekly time scale, and players can make regular predictions.

Features Of EarnU Clone Script

  • EarnU clone websites now include a variety of advantageous and intriguing features, and players can take advantage of these promotional elements to obtain a variety of advantages to keep them entertained. 
  • Whichever you want, you will be able to discover betting platforms that provide it. When you visit these websites, you will have the opportunity to wager on the country's most popular sports prediction game.
  • Of course, the aspect of enjoyment and amusement is critical, as this is what sports betting is all about in the first place. 
  • The entertainment aspect should take precedence over what you hope to accomplish or get from the exercise.
  • Because that's what it's all about in the first place, and if you have more fun doing it, you'll have more control over what you do.

EarnU Clone Development

EarnU clone development recreates a  e-sports predicting blockchain game exactly similar to EarnU on the BSC network. EarnU allows players to predict the result of the most popular e-sports game like leagues of legends, FIFA, Dota2, and so on. Players can make money by managing their favorite teams and placing bets on their predictions in the game. BETU tokens will be awarded for correct predictions.

Players can make weekly predictions and EarnU clone works on a weekly time frame. New rounds begin and end every Tuesday. The players receive the prizes at the end of each round. When players start a new round, they are given points based on the number of BETU tokens in their wallets.

Players can make predictions on a single game or multiple games in any of the sports or e-sports leagues that are available. Different markets may offer various point payouts, but at the final moment of the round, all points are transformed into BETU tokens and distributed to players. 

Overview Of EarnU

EarnU is a blockchain-based sports and e-sports game that uses the BSC  network to exchange BETU coin. In the game, players make predictions about sporting events and are rewarded with cryptocurrency if their forecasts are true. BETU token holders can play a game for unlimited access. 

EarnU gamers can win cash in this free mobile gaming app that allows users to earn coins by participating in free games, quizzes, and tasks. Convert your coins into cash or a gift certificate. There are no in-app purchases, and you don't have to pay for winning. 

How Does EarnU Clone Script Work?

Users can win cryptocurrency for correct predictions on major sports and e-sports on the platform. The game is free to play for BETU token holders. Users can keep their BetU tokens, which are irreplaceable, and participate in weekly rounds on the platform under any sport of their choice.

To make accurate predictions, the user earns points. They gain points for correct predictions, which can then be turned into BetU tokens. Users can withdraw their winnings as BetU tokens, or they can exchange them for ETH, BNB, or USDT and then withdraw their earnings using any of these cryptocurrencies.

Why Prefer Developcoins For EarnU Clone Script?

Developcoins is a leading industry in developing e-sports blockchain games. With our EarnU clone script, we will help you in developing the comprehensive e-sports blockchain game that meets your business needs. We are available all the time to help you for developing customized games based on your requirement. Our skilled developers are experts in providing Blockchain Game Development solutions.

  • Dedicated technical support team
  • All-time customer support 
  • On-time delivery of your project
  • Cutting edge solution

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