Developcoins Streamlines Blockchain Applications Development on Aptos

Developcoins, the leading blockchain development company, leveraging the Aptos blockchain to bring new standards and solutions on creating custom blockchain applications.


Developcoins Streamlines Blockchain Applications Development on Aptos

Recently, the Aptos Blockchain is creating a huge hype among the blockchain fanatics as it has been built with the main aim to address the limitations faced in several other existing blockchain networks. In this blog, you can grab more insights about Aptos Blockchain and know whether this new chain can live up to the expectations that the market has on it.

What Is Aptos Blockchain?

Aptos is a L1 Blockchain network that is developed by Aptos Labs with the prime objective to offer the most secured and scalable blockchain network suitable for Web3 solutions. Based on the official Aptos Whitepaper, a team of 350 global developers were involved in creating this latest Layer-1 Blockchain. This new chain has some unique and effective upgrades in extensive components like consensus, smart contracts, system performance and its security. Such factors has made Aptos standout from other blockchain networks.

How Does It Works?

The working mechanism of this chain involves a wide range of new and novel features.  

  • To begin with, an unique native programming language called Move has been developed by Aptos team, which plays a major role in improving security and salability of the network. 

  • Another major unique factor is that Aptos Data Model. This enables highly transparent transactions and offers a trustworthy user experience.

  • Next feature in the list is that implementing a pipelined and modular approach which helps in achieving high throughput and low latency. Thus improves the accuracy of parallel execution and overall hardware efficiency.

  • With this modular architecture, the Aptos chain supports instant upgrades. As this network is experimenting with the future scaling solutions, such a feature comes handy since any new technological innovations can facilitate new web3 use cases with ease. 

Is Aptos Worth Investing?

Calculating from its launch, within a very short period Aptos Blockchain has recorded about 6.8M transactions. And a total of 2,25,000 NFTs has been sold within this Aptos ecosystem. Along with this, there are about 30+ live projects are in progress. In addition to that, a popular Indian Web3 Social Media App named "Chingari" has now planned to launch its new version in Aptos network. Even though Aptos is still in its early stage of development, considering the above mentioned stats it is an obvious fact that Aptos has the potential to be next to Ethereum network.

Developcoins Doing Research and Development On Aptos Blockchain

Foreseeing the possible importance of Aptos in the blockchain world, Developcoins, a pioneer Cryptocurrency development company has took an early initiative in researching about Aptos chain. Now our dedicated team of blockchain experts have understood the true potential and capability of Aptos blockchain and have come up with several possible blockchain solutions powered-by Aptos.

How can we assist you with Aptos Blockchain solutions?

With our immense knowledge and observation on Aptos network, we can help you with the below mentioned solutions.

Token Development On Aptos Blockchain

Being a new L1 Blockchain, Aptos is equipped with a brand new language using which we can design a relatively new token that inevitably differs from several other existing tokens of various popular Blockchain networks like Ethereum, Solana etc.

ICO Development On Aptos Blockchain

We offer effective ICO development services leveraging Aptos blockchain has the ability to solve various problems such as safety, reliability and usability.

Aptos Blockchain NFT Marketplace Development

On top of Aptos Blockchain, we can help you exclusively build an NFT marketplace platform supporting instant updates facilitating innovative web3 use cases as you prefer.

NFT Minting Platform On Aptos Network

With our expertise in NFT development, we design and develop customized NFT Minting platform on Aptos Blockchain that will help you with a robust minting of Non-Fungible tokens as you desire.

Wrap Up:

Hope, you have gained more knowledge about Aptos Blockchain, how and why it is used, its features, benefits and so on. If you want more interesting things about the blockchain, reach out to the leading Blockchain Development Company and stay connected with our experts!

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