How to Create a NFT Marketplace On Algorand ?

Creating an NFT Marketplace on Algorand occurs in a number of ways. Explore in detail with Developcoins.

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How to Create a NFT Marketplace On Algorand ?

Algorand - An Overview

Algorand - The blockchain ecosystem that is functioning with pure Proof-of-Stake(PoS), a unique consensus mechanism. This mechanism in the blockchain let it to process up to 1000 transactions as well as furnish transaction finality instantly without forking. The PoS comprise two sorts of nodes, participant nodes and relay nodes. 

Participant nodes, the name itself symbolizes that it participates in consensus, whereas relay nodes enable a transaction between the participant nodes. In this mechanism, 100o participant nodes are picked randomly to generate a block, among one is selected anyhow to add its block to the Algorand blockchain.

As well, this selection is based on how much algo a participant node has staked. To point out, there are more possibilities to get selected, when there is a high number of Algos staked. 

The Algorand network has three key features.

1. The Algorand Standard Assets –The first layer feature let the users to signify any asset on the Algorand blockchain and furnish security, compatibility and speed to the algo.

2. Algorand Atomic Transfer – These are non-reduceable batch transactions that assure for multiple transactions execution instantly and parallely.

3. Smart Contracts – Algorand furnishes completely customizable smart contracts built directly on the layer-1 blockchain. Algorand smart contracts can be split as Stateful smart contracts and Stateless smart contracts

3.A Stateful Smart Contracts: It holds and updates on-chain values and executes application logic.
3.B Stateless Smart Contracts: It is often used to approve spending or asset transfers, and they manage all transactions from a single account.

Why You Should Prefer Algorand Blockchain to Create NFT Marketplace?

Creating an NFT marketplace on Algorand leads to lasting value, extended opportunity and a user-friendly platform. To mention, Alogrand technology is purposely designed to support and indulge all finance asset types, mainly Non-Fungible tokens,(NFTs). Besides, why NFT marketplace on Algorand blockchain has certain reasons. Proceed further. 

1. Secure, Reliable and Absolutely Decentralized

The decentralized NFT network furnishes assurance of that blockchain's future. Without it, the NFT is at high risk of the blockchain and the risk affects the all-over value of an NFT.

2. Speed, Scalable & Instant Finality

Every transaction on Algorand is in mere seconds at the end, discarding uncertainty in the NFT settlement process, permitting the scale and performance required for successful minting.

3. Fewer Transaction Fees

A platform with low transaction fees assures better creator participation, minting democratization, ownership and NFTs sale.

4. Fractional Ownership

Communizing ownership with access to fractional ownership, so that the high-price asset has shared ownership through an NFT, leads to much more accessibility of a significant cost asset.

Create NFT Marketplace On Algorands

Creating an NFT Marketplace on Algorand occurs in a number of ways.

  • NFTs can be built with Algorand's layer1 Algorands Standard Assets (ASAs) in seconds.

  • Completely customized NFTs with transfer logic can be built with stateful smart contracts.

  • NFTs developed using ASAs can be manipulated with unique logic through smart contracts.

  • NFT configured applications can be built with the integration of ASAs, atomic transfers and stateful smart contracts. 

Besides, there are steps on how to create an NFT marketplace on Algorand. 

Let's Break the Steps In Points

  • Defining The Stateful Smart Contract Interface.

  • Execute Stateful Smart Contract.

  • Implement Stateless Smart Contract.

  • Communication Services.

  • Deployment of Algorand TestNet.

Features You Should Concern While Creating Algorand Powered NFT Marketplace

Creating an NFT marketplace on other blockchain networks may let you attain huge benefits, whereas the NFT marketplace on Algorand will let you to experience the following features as benefits.

Simple Smart Contract Programming Language

Algorand utilizes the TEAL (Transaction Execution Approval Language), Clarity, Reach, and Python programming languages to interact with Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM) and smart contracts writing.

Code Auditability

Auditability is the major contrast between Algorand and solidity programming language. The code audits of ETH smart contracts are more exclusive, (i.e. It exceeds upto six-figure costs in USD), but in Algorand, the quotes are much lower which let you save a good few dozen thousand dollars.

High Transaction Speed

This blockchain records transactions in a few seconds, which makes it as a super fast blockchain. Generally, it takes just .5 seconds for a block proposal and the finalization time for the new block is 2.5 to 4.5 seconds. To mention, this is the user perspective transaction time.

Low Transaction Cost

We all know that Ethereum has certain gas fees but algorand does not involve any gas fees. Meanwhile, the transaction needs certain money as per its size. It may be the minimum fee just as 0.0001 Algo depending on the current Algo prices.


The network becomes highly scalable, with the Proof-of-Stake mechanism leading to around 1200 transactions per second. 


The network is absolutely energy-efficient with a negative carbon footprint. Algorand PoS generates 0.0000004kg of carbon dioxide to mint a single NFT.

7 Algorand NFT Marketplace

The 7 successfully existing Algorand NFT Marketplace platforms are listed below

  • Algogems

  • AB2 Gallery


  • Rand Gallery

  • Abris

  • Dartroom

  • ZestBloom

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