Cryptocurrency Development Company in Malta

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Cryptocurrency Development Company in Malta

Malta is one of the newest and fastest-rising hubs for crypto companies this year, it is the most popular Crypto-Friendly and become the first country to have its regulatory framework for Cryptocurrency, So it is considered to be a Global leader in Crypto Regulation. Malta has taken a very much progressive to approach cryptocurrencies. Malta is quickly becoming one of the top places for crypto entrepreneurs to launch their crypto projects.

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  • Cryptocurrency Regulations and Legislation in Malta
  • How to Buy Bitcoins in Malta
  • The Business Benefits of Cryptocurrency in Malta
  • Bitcoin ATMs in Malta

Cryptocurrency Regulations and Legislation in Malta

Malta parliament has described three essential acts for cryptocurrency regulation they are

  • Virtual Financial Assets Act(VFAA)
  • Malta Digital Innovation Authority(MDIA)
  • Innovative Technology Arrangement and Services(ITAS)

Virtual Financial Assets Act(VFAA)

The Government of Malta introduced a VFAA Law, this act will come into force in Malta on the 1st November, Virtual Financial Asset(VFA) is a form of digital medium recordation that can be used as a digital medium of exchange and store a value of the digital asset.

This Act will help in conducting crypto and blockchain-related business in Malta. It aims to find a way of regulating and strengthening the cryptocurrency industry and also ensure that financial investment protection for virtual currency users. Virtual Financial Assets Act(VFAA) it applies to several operation entities such as crypto exchange services, crypto wallet providers, Blockchain protocol analyzers and more

Malta Digital Innovation Authority(MDIA)

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority(MDIA) this act will help to develop and regulate cryptocurrency business in Malta and also issuing specialized licenses for companies, start-ups, and individuals, etc. MDIA monitors the trends and events, this means any periodic changes made to any of the cryptocurrency governing acts would be initiated and executed by the authority.

Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services(ITAS)

It will support the registration of technology and blockchain service providers and mainly crypto-exchanges. This licensing legislation will operate similarly to the Disturbed Ledger Technology(DLT), it will help to be a framework for blockchain and Smart-contract and this act is considered to be the backbone for the overall cryptocurrency regulation process.

All three acts commonly work on the same goal, these acts will help us for understanding the regulations and legislation in Malta and also guide the start-ups and entrepreneurs to start their crypto-based business in Malta.

How to Buy Bitcoins in Malta it is the only exchanges that allow buying Bitcoin on Visa, this platform can be registered with US Fincen Authority and the UK financial authority because they are the safest possible choice for your Bitcoin purchase via Visa. has a free cryptocurrency wallet to store a Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it has been built-in cryptocurrency exchange to trade and sell your Bitcoin as well. Since 2013 it is of the oldest and safest places to buy Bitcoin using Visa.


It is the world largest crypto exchange platform, they recently moved their headquarters to Malta from Hong Kong, because of the crypto regulations in Malta, this crypto exchange presently supports dozens of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies and alt-coins for crypto exchanges.


Okex has also moved its headquarters to Malta and it is the largest digital asset exchanges it offers crypto traders to invest their cryptocurrencies by using blockchain technology, also provides fiat to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, Tokens to Tokens and more.


Paxful is the best place to buy bitcoin instantly in Malta, with any payment method, so you can trade your bitcoin to any payment method in a fast, easy and secure method


It helps to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency in Malta.

Cointracking, CoinBundle, eToro’s, bitsquare, Kraken, cryptonit, BitKonan are also supporting you to buy Bitcoins in Malta


The Business Benefits of Cryptocurrency in Malta

Malta has continued to attract new business and one of the most leading emerging industries for online gaming companies that accept and facilitate payments with cryptocurrency, by the technical nature of the industries in Malta so the openings are also increasing with the I.T sectors, Developers are being recruited to work with crypto and Blockchain frameworks. Decentralized Ventures was one of the crypto exchange platforms they provide advisory services around blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies, also provide end to end support to crypto companies to launching ICOs and security token sales in Malta.

Bitcoin ATMs in Malta

Sliema and St Julian's are the major cities having Bitcoin ATMs in Malta. Malta installed its first Bitcoin ATM in 2017 which was located in Sliema on Blanche Huber street it allows users to buy Bitcoin and check their e-wallet balance using QR codes displayed on their smartphones.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport becoming the first European airport to offer cryptocurrency exchange options via an ATM.

Malta is a haven for many crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and it will provide a stable framework to the cryptocurrency market, so there is a tough competition for choosing a Cryptocurrency Development company in Malta because of every company is welcoming the Maltese Government Regulations and Legislation.

So every start-ups and Entrepreneur are want to start their crypto-based business very effectively.

Developcoins is the topmost Indian and Malta-based Cryptocurrency development company with professional Cryptocurrency creators to encourage the people to create their own cryptocurrency in Malta and also focused to deliver the cryptocurrency and blockchain development services, the team of developers has experience in providing the best cryptocurrency development services and solutions based on business needs

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