Crypto Banking - A Solutions To Modernize Banking System

In this digitized era, there is a way to make everything better with technological enhancements and innovations. Right?


Crypto Banking - A Solutions To Modernize Banking System

Crypto Banking Solutions

In this digitized era, there is a way to make everything better with technological enhancements and innovations. Right? Such innovations are serving the individual, institutions and organizations in their day-to-day lives. One of such facilitating innovation is Crypto Banking Solutions, an arrival to overcome the traditional banking challenges

Before stepping into crypto banking, let us figure out the glitches faced in traditional banking as points.

(i) Centralized

All the banks are centralized and include any central authority for asset management and control which makes the people feel insecure with centralization.

(ii) Third-Party Controlled

The money and custodial assets in the traditional banking system are under intermediaries' control that requires their approval for each transaction, resulting in lengthened process.

(iii) Availability

Traditional banking requires the direct availability of the individual for each transaction. This results in inconvenience for the people to proceed with traditional banking services.

(iv) Lack of Flexibility

The current banking system is very complex and non-flexible in transactions and this seems to be harder for working individuals to stand in a long queue for making a single transaction.

(v) High-Interest Rates

The traditional banks charge high-interest rates on each loan, financial transactions, cross-border transactions, and mortgages with high autonomy. Such limitations make people move toward digital banking solutions. 

Crypto Banking - An Overview

As Process - Crypto Banking. A process through cryptocurrencies flows continuously into the market and can be exchanged for all sorts of transactions.
As Institutions - The banking institute that manages digital money-related activities like deposits, withdrawal, saving as well investing in a wide range of markets. 

In short, Crypto Bank is a platform that let crypto holders to store and exchange their crypto assets for their routine payment utilization.

The stunning phase of crypto banking is the availability crypto wallet that manages crypto banking processes entirety like savings, deposits, transfers and much more. 

Benefits Of Crypto Banking

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency benefit the banking sector in several ways. Some of the benefits of using crypto banking over traditional banking are listed here.

  • Diminished costs for all banking processes

  • Enhanced security with blockchain

  • Improved data quality with simple retrieve options

  • The lower level of fraudulence and hacking

  • Simple and rapid reconciliation and error handling

Additional benefits of crypto banking solutions are as follows.

  • Quick and borderless  transaction

  • Peer-to-peer focus

  • Higher accessibility

  • Accountability

  • Simple access for mobile payment

  • No banking fees

How Does The Crypto Bank Work?

Crypto banking work with two wallets as custodial and non-custodial wallets that are present in many reliable cryptocurrency applications. Most users favor non-custodial wallets because they give them total control over their money. But how exactly crypto banking works are as follows.

  • To start a transaction, a user must enter a private key that was given to him at registration much like a PIN in traditional banking.

  • There won't be any involvement of a middleman or third party, hence, exorbitant interest rates are eliminated.

  • Since it is a cryptographic transaction, the parties involved should exchange public keys.

Other banking procedures such as lending and borrowing in cryptocurrency banking, don't need any middleman to complete the loans. So, at any time, we can lend or borrow our crypto assets using collateral like bonds, real estate, or anything else.

The lending and borrowing procedure is handled by smart contracts which is safe and prevent from high-interest rates. These "smart contracts" automate all financial transactions in a fraction of seconds, diminishing the time it takes to process loans and lending.

This is how cryptocurrency banks function more effectively than conventional banks to offer clients quicker and simpler financial solutions.

After grabbing such benefits and highlights of crypto banking, desiring to launch your crypto banking software and seeking the right crypto banking solutions provider? Developcoins provides the best crypto banking solutions as per their client's requirements. 

Features Of Our Crypto Banking Solutions

  • Completely interconnected banking components that guarantee efficient banking operations.

  • Our crypto-friendly mobile banking solution includes every feature that your customers look for in a bank. It is designed to fulfill all of your customers' needs.

  • API management solution to guarantee smooth communication with a third party.

  • Complete banking features such as customer onboarding, customer accounts, trading, loans, and payment to make sure your customers have a stunning banking experience.

Our  Crypto Banking Solution

Developcoins offer crypto-friendly core banking solutions in terms of digital asset technology with the following criteria.

Bank Account: You need to open specific accounts to allow payments for your customers.

Debit Card: Give your debit cards that they can load with fiat and cryptocurrencies which can be used at stores and online merchants all over the world.

Credit Card: By offering contactless cards that are similar to Mastercard, you can allow your customers to spend crypto and fiat currencies in real life. Since Mastercard is accepted everywhere 

User-Controlled Wallet: Provide your customers with a private cryptocurrency wallet so they may transfer and receive various coins. Your customers are the sole owners of their private keys and have complete control over their money.

Merchant Payment Gateway: Create a platform to trade finance that permits the user to transact in business from everywhere in the world.

Cryptocurrency Trading Desk: We provide a trading platform so that your customers may use their bank accounts to buy and sell bitcoins.

Remittance: Getting a decentralized remittance platform that enables you to swiftly, securely, and effectively carry out cross-border remittances.

Payments: The payment network enables you to conduct borderless transactions by accepting Point of sale (PoS) payments in both cryptocurrency and fiat money.

Future Of Crypto Banking

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are on their way to attaining security and safety that makes the adoption of crypto-related implementations and innovations in the future. Hence, the global acceptance of crypto banking is on its way that tends to furnish simple, fast, safe as well as transparent financial and banking services for all the individuals of the universe.

Popular Crypto Banks Ruling Crypto World

Here are some of the familiar cryptocurrency wallet apps and P2P lending apps that support cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Coinbase 

  • CEX.IO

  • Coin Loan

  • Trust Wallet

  • Exodus

Countries That Adopted Crypto Banking

Listed here are some of the topmost countries that support cryptocurrency exchange and crypto banking.

  • Japan

  • Singapore

  • Switzerland

  • United States

  • Canada

  • Vietnam

  • Thailand

  • Malta

  • Russia

  • India and more.

Why Developcoins For Crypto Banking Software Development?

Developcoins is a prominent cryptocurrency development company that primarily focuses on crypto, NFT, DeFi, and Blockchain solutions. to the delight of clients. We offer comprehensive services and solutions for building crypto-related businesses with specialized features. Grab the knowledge and skills of our adroit professionals to provide your customers a comprehensive digital asset banking solution.

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