Build Blockchain-based Online Casino Network Like Slotie With DeFi and NFTs

Build a finest NFT Slot Game Like Slotie

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Build Blockchain-based Online Casino Network Like Slotie With DeFi and NFTs

Create DeFi Based NFT Slot Game Like Slotie

Slotie NFT game is a new online game that ties up DeFi with gambling via smart contracts. Both DeFi realms are integrated with casino gambling to enhance the popularity of NFT games in the gambling space. It is a popular gambling project, that holds 10,000 unique Sloties in an electrifying DeFi environment. 

Slotie game holds many fascinating features that have a huge potential to attract gamers across worldwide. Slotie owners can achieve passive income as its growth is inevitable by all means. Now, you could be the next owner by creating your customized NFT slot game like Slotie.

What are Sloties?

Slotie is a gaming character that possesses unique traits with distinct degrees of rarity. The rarity of Slotie defines the rate of revenue share from casino partners. If a Slotie is rare then a gamer gets more revenue share when compared to others. 

Slotie provides access to the DeFi gambling game, by offering benefits of over 150 casinos across nations. Slotie in this NFT slot game is 100% rare and distinct from each other. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and functions based on the ERC-721 standard. 

What Is WATT Token?

The official token of Slotie game is the “WATT token”. A gamer is awarded with this precious token based on how they play the game and what they earn. Every Slotie owner daily gains 10 WATT tokens. After a certain point in time, every owner holds enough WATT tokens that allow your Sloties to breed. Slotie owners are awarded with WATT tokens but it should be exchanged for Ethereum/ other token for withdrawal purposes.

Slotie NFT Gambling : How It works?

Slotie NFTs have a distinct purpose in the gambling space as ten thousand of Slotie NFTs are created on top of the Ethereum blockchain possessing different degrees of rarity. The primary goal of developing Slotie is to offer utility to the gambling industry. This digital collectible is developed based on ERC -721 standard and encompasses DeFi with gambling via solidity codes called “smart contracts”.  

Slotie slot machines in this gambling game allow Slotie holders to become stakeholders of casinos by offering exclusive gaming rewards. An owner can stake NFTs into slot games for earning big rewards. With a continuous staking process, a huge NFT community can be built by becoming a house for 150 casinos. 

Highlights Of Slotie

  1. Every NFT holder in Slotie gains membership access to the Slotie club.
  2. Once a new Slotie theme is added to the slot game at crypto casino, then 12% commission is collected from each member, and the balance 80% is offered as a reward to the Slotie NFT holders. WATT token is rewarded and it can be later swapped to ETH. 
  3. When NFTs are into slot machines then the Slotie community becomes a house for 150 casinos.
  4. Breed Sloties to make a junior Slotie and it becomes a new variety of NFT. Once a holder receives a junior Slotie then their rewards doubles. 
  5. Each and every Slotie owner get 10 WATT tokens on daily basis. It will be enough for the Sloties to breed.

Specifications and Key Features Of Slotie NFTs

Slotie NFT represents a collective of 10,000 individual NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain based on the ERC-721 standard.  The non-fungible assets in Slotie is rare and it is not interchangeable. Below listed ones are the specifications of some Sloties that represent its attributes and perks. 

Skin: 20 pieces
Hats: 21 pieces
Eyes: 31 pieces
Ears: 21 pieces
Teeth: 31 pieces
Clothes: 31 pieces
Backgrounds: 11 pieces

Benefits Of Creating NFT Game Like Slotie

Exclusive Holder Reward - EHR

Exclusive Holder Reward (EHR) is a popular reward, that earns you a Slotie junior based on the rarity of your NFT.

NFT Staking
Slotie community supplies NFTs in 150 casinos and those NFTs can be staked. 

Upto 20% Rakeback
20% rakeback is offered for the VIP members who become the Slotie owners of 150 casinos. 

Breed your Sloties
Slot owners can breed Sloties by creating junior Sloties of NFTs.

WATT Token
WATT is a utility token of the Slotie machines and it is offered as a reward to NFT holders. 
Weekly slottery lets you to earn based on your luck. A Slotie holder has a big opportunity to earn WATT tokens, NFTs, free spins, or other bumper rewards from weekly slottery. 

Revenue Models

Staking Rewards
Slotie NFTs are donated as liquidity to the liquidity pools by the Slotie community members. Once a Slotie NFT is added to the slot games then its value is calculated automatically and conveyed to the NFT holder. Holders can stake NFTs in the slot machines and the value of the staked NFT is their reward share.

Passive Income
Opportunity to earn passive income as the NFT holders joins to have a partnership with multiple casinos. NFT owners gets 80% of the monthly income generated by Slotie owners. Passive income earned by the NFT holders is permanent and holds of no risk. 

VIP Membership
One of the exciting revenue models in Slotie is VIP membership. NFT owners have a big chance of receiving VIP membership at 150+ partner casinos. If an NFT holder becomes a VIP member then he/she can get a guaranteed cashback. It could be more than 20% and in other terms, it is called as rakebacks. It is paid from affiliate commissions by all casino partners. 

Reshape Gambling Industry By Building Slot NFT Game

As per trusted sources, the reports say gambling games are worth millions of dollars. It holds an estimated market cap of about 53.7B USD in 2019, and it further grows at a 11 percent annual rate from the year 2020 to 2027. 

At present, online gambling slot games are attaining their peak of growth by increasing their market capitalization gradually. Surge to create a replica of slot games like Slotie also widens. One who aims to make revenue out of online NFT slot games like Slotie can seek support from a reputed NFT Game Development Company.

Why Prefer Developcoins For NFT Slot Game Development Like Slotie?

We Developcoins is happy to extend our support in the gambling industry by creating high-quality NFT slot games like Slotie. Our technical experts assist you in creating fast-paced blockchain-based online casino games like Slotie. We offer ultra-edge features into your Slotie game by incorporating DeFi with the gambling sector. For more insights, discuss it with our tech team at Developcoins.

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