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Asset-backed token development company, Developcoins have the experience and the expertise to build your asset-backed security token with smart contract solutions. Our security token offering STO development company offers a full range of asset-backed token development services and has competence in custom security token development using a major blockchain platforms.

Tokenized Asset Offering

Asset-Backed Token Development Company

Asset-Backed Token Development

Asset-Backed Token Development refers to the process of converting the partnership of real-world assets like gold, silver, diamond etc into various digital tokens.

It is an alternative way for traditional stocks, Shareholders can easily purchase stocks in the form of tokens, this type of tokens offer high liquidity. Asset-backed tokens are backed by the technology called blockchain so that every transaction can be recorded to secure the user asset predominantly.

What exactly is an asset-backed token? In the world of startups, business and large enterprises are dedicated to launching and handling exceptional teams and crypto projects. From traditional marketing to future crypto marketing, an asset-backed token program usually comes with huge popularity, similar to the other crypto projects, where the team pitches their project in front of traders, investors. 

And just like with any other crypto and blockchain project, the chances of securing yourself a place in the asset-backed token platforms are very slim, unless your project is awesome.

Ever since the cryptocurrency industry gained its popularity and blockchain techies suddenly became highly utilizable specialists in the market, more and more private and public sectors have started launching their own asset-backed tokens all around the world. 

If you’re running a startup or a business, you’re well aware that funding is the cornerstone of every endeavor. The asset-backed token development concept can provide you with both fundings as well as a more structured development path. And it wouldn’t hurt to join the competition.

In this blog, we have discussed the Overview of asset-backed tokens and  This blog covers everything from the token development for your new business plan and grows your business in the online market.

What are Asset-backed Tokens?

If it’s your first time knowing about asset-backed cryptocurrencies or security tokens, there are digital currencies that are linked to the value of real-world assets like real estate, oil, energy, minerals and even precious metals like gold, diamond and more.

The asset-backed and security tokens idea created as a solution. This solution uses immutable blockchain technology to issue tokens backed by assets. The value of every token will be tied to the value of the real-world asset, offering investors a reliable investment in a volatile market. All transactions are controlled by smart contracts and available for all to identify on blockchain technology. Investors can also make trades instantly, securely, anonymously and without any third parties.

Blockchain-powered smart contract standards-based tokens can solve the “intermediate problem”, eliminate the middleman, and let the token owner sell their security tokens directly to their investors.

Moreover, smart contract-based tokens may resolve another issue by sharing the revenue between the token holders and the other people involved in the token campaign right at the point of sale.

On top of that, business owners can sell and distribute asset-backed tokens and set up crowdfunding events as per their wish.

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How Do Asset-backed Cryptocurrencies or Tokens Work?

Asset-backed and security tokens are blockchain-based units of value that are pegged to real-world assets, such as company shares, real estate, diamonds, or commodities.

They show a large subcategory of security tokens and allow users to keep ownership rights over a physical and tangible asset in a digital form. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched a document that explains digital assets and clarifies how issuers and investors should handle them. The regulator’s framework is noted as an analytical tool to conclude which digital assets behave as securities and fall under SEC’s radar. When an entire operational legal framework is developed around security tokens, they might instantly replace many of the traditional trade operations by giving more automation and transparency. 

Why would Investors Switch to Asset-backed or Security Tokens?

A utility token provides access to a certain product/service using distributed ledger technology (DLT). It can be identified as an operating resource, giving the business owner access to a platform’s functionalities, adding value to its token holder. Yet, these types of tokens lack a unique value suggestion, given that, they are not encoded to represent an actual legal asset.

That is why the need for asset-backed tokens is on the growth. These tokens are called “security tokens”, simulating the traditional system of investment factors, including ownership and promise of future cash flows. Security Tokens are tokenized monetary instruments that are planned to comply with applicable regulations for securities. They are therefore officially approved securities in token form.

These tokens are offered using a Security Token Offering (STO) or by a public offering of the partial ownership of the asset being “tokenized” according to the use case: If a startup or company wants to raise capital using a worldwide investor base, then it can have the public offering of its digitalized shares through an STO. But, if a company wants to simply provide a project, i.e a real estate property, then it can issue Security Tokens & split the ownership of the specific asset.

Anyway, these Security Tokens are asset-backed, since they are the digital copy of a real-world asset. In fact, these tokens can be, upon registration, known as financial securities according to two of the most important authorities for the global capital markets: the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the European Commission through the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), offering fundamental legal value to holders.

Asset-backed security tokens provide secure, fast and minimum trading costs compared with regular assets while increasing liquidity for traditional securities.

Different Types of Asset-Backed Security Tokens:

  • Equity Tokenization
  • Debt Tokenization
  • Commodities based Asset-Backed Tokenization
  • Non-Fungible Hard Assets Tokenization
  • Non-Fungible Soft Assets Tokenization

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General benefits of Asset-Backed Tokens:

Asset-backed tokens can provide many benefits including:

  • Liquidity
  • Securitization of assets
  • Ownership rights
  • Decreased volatility of crypto assets
  • Definable intangible assets

Do you want to create an asset-backed token that is issued with legal compliance to the respective country regulations?

As a leading Token Development Company, Developcoins have the best team of experts who are knowledgeable about the legal compliance to create an asset-backed token which is pegged by real-world assets like gold, silver, company share etc and also provides Tokenized Asset Offering (TAO) development services to create tokens and market it among the potential investors and helps you in generating preeminent capital for your venture.

Asset-backed Token Development Life Cycle

We, at Developcoins, have complete high-tech support to tokenize your real-world assets and bring profits to you and your venture. Here is the step by step process we follow for asset-backed token development.

  • Verify  the Real-World Asset to be tokenized
  • Auditing the Specific Asset
  • Special Purpose Vehicle or Entity(SPV/SPE) Formation
  • Token development Using Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Token Creation with Smart Contract Standards & Audits
  • Set Up a Price for the Token
  • Investors and Issuer Dashboard Development
  • Listing tokens for Sale & More

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