Airchains - A Web3 Company Normalizes The Use Of Blockchain In Public Spaces

Airchains - A Web3 Company Normalizes The Use Of Blockchain In Public Spaces

DateAug 09, 2023

Regardless of the crypto market's status, India remains dedicated to integrating blockchain technology across various public domains. Web3 middleware startups are effectively closing the gap between Web2 institutions and blockchain protocols. Some web3 based startups are increasingly collaborating with Indian state governments, municipalities, and local authorities to not only digitize data but also to align it with the blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, immutability, and security.

Airchains, a web3 company founded by Ankur Rakhi Sinha and Kritarth Agrawal, is at the forefront of providing solutions for institutions, enterprises, and developers seeking seamless deployment of smart contracts on blockchains. Through its partnership with NKDA, Airchains is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to introduce 500,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), symbolizing ownership of an expansive 27,000-acre land area.

With the advent of the blockchain-powered NKDA solution, Airchains consolidates all facets of this process into a single unified platform. The deployment takes place on the Polygon network, and these NFTs are designed to establish an impregnable digital framework, serving as irrefutable evidence of land ownership for every property within the jurisdiction of NKDA.

Additionally, one of the co-founders mentioned that Airchains is actively engaged in a new round of fundraising, building upon the momentum generated by a pre-seed funding round secured in recent months from a group of undisclosed investors.