Custom Altcoin Creation

Basic Information

The name of your coin (i.e. BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin)

Typically 3 or 4 letters (i.e. BTC, LTC, DOGE). 5 is also acceptable, but 6 would be pushing it.

Coin Logo

Coin Type

Please enter a value between 15 and 600.

PoW Parameters

How many coins are awarded for finding a block

The block reward will cut in half every X blocks.

This is dynamically calculated based on the figures you provided above

Additional Features

The testnet is an alternative block chain, to be used for testing. For more info read this.

Maximum block size allowed by the network. If you do not know what this is, leave it at 1 MB.


Rush Processing

These will require a VPS, provided by you, to run on. Average hosting cost for a suitable server is $10-30 (USD) per month. We will contact you after the order is placed to work out the details.

Personal Infomation